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December 17, 2014

Blind curves ahead, and the ship of fools.

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I have said before, 90% of an event takes place in the last 1% of the duration of the event.

I have said before, to assume that those “in power / control” actually know what they are doing is to build supposition on supposition.

Recent events on the world’s economic and political stage with regard to the markets and the Rouble and Russia may have awakened you to this.

Anecdotally I have a friend who imports high end high quality tech hardware from China, in the past two months everything, across the board, has gone up in price by 60-75%, he is a native Chinese speaker, his suppliers tell him yeah, partly its to do with rising costs in China (it’s not the exchange rate or shipping or taxes, they haven’t altered much) but the fact is Europe isn’t so hot a market any more, nor is the good ole US of A, more and more of their output is being sold locally, and now they are starting to sell in Russia too.

Nevertheless, there are those who believe that everything that is happening, is happening strictly according to some script or plan, and secret hands are firmly on the tiller.

In my own humble opinion, nothing could be further from the truth… sure, there are powerful players with their own private agendas, but there are other powerful players with opposing agendas, and others with still different agendas, then there is everyone else, all with their own agendas, in short, a chaotic system, with many hands fighting for control of the tiller, and nobody in control of the elements, and nobody at all in charge of ship maintenance… a ship of fools, as Plato said…

The paraphrase the comment about democracy being the worst way to run a society, with it’s only saving grace being that it was better than all of the alternatives, the chaos of the ship of fools is at least preferable to some numbnuts getting their hands on the tiller temporarily, they *will* ignite WW3, whereas the chaos merely might.

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