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December 8, 2014

Same shit, different year.

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So one day last week I’m balls deep in this fat 25 year old skank ho single mom, and she is professing love for me, a desire to do anything I want, preferably something involving abusing her, and she wants to be mine, be my property, for ever.

Being an old hand, it came as no surprise whatsoever when the next day, less than 12 hours after leaving her in a wet bed with a dreamy smile on her face, I get a text… “I’ve been thinking” she says, yeah, that would be a fucking first.

Same shit different day is it doesn’t matter what you are or how you treat the skanks, it’s always wrong.

There is literally nothing further I can say about this, or production line dating, or skanks with multiple profiles on multiple sites (eg swinging and dating) single moms or anything else.

I’ve covered it all, and going back over some of that old stuff / posts, covered it well.

The play-book doesn’t improve your play, when every game available is rigged.

Go to Vegas and only bet dimes in the slots, for the complimentary drinks and snacks, while you chase the cunt… hell, even that isn’t offered any more… that went with the never-ending free coffee refills in the diners.

Meanwhile everyone is trying to get Putin to do a Sudetenland in the Ukraine, but it seems he has other fish to fry, he’s like the guy who only played dimes in the slots at Vegas, he don’t got no skin in the crap table or roulette wheel of the markets, not enough to matter anyway.. Putin is taking a lesson from current day skanks, who used their cunt as an amex black card, because there was always someone who wanted some of that, no matter what, always someone who wants russki resources.

Nor is it any kind of fucking accident that there is almost no cutting edge high tech industry in Russia, it’s way too fragile and the russkis got no use for nothing that cannot be re-built and re-grown using entirely local resources and technology, which they do have, in fucking spades, unlike almost everyone else.

Those following the UK news will know that the well known about for decades sexual perversions and deviancies of the ruling political elite are getting to the point where the carpet they always get swept under is getting increasingly threadbare, and in a society where anyone can make allegations of sexual abuse that apparently happened 40 fucking years ago, and still get people dragged into court and convicted (fuck knows how) the old “unthinkable” suddenly becomes thinkable and commonplace, and the wheels start to fall off the wagon… a sure sign we are nearly done with the present system.

The only reason the wheels haven’t already fallen off this particular wagon is that most (eg >99%) of the alleged victims of this decades long sexual abuse by the elite were all little boys, who got buggered, and some who got killed in the process.

Time was, I’d have said 25 year old cunt beats 45 year old cunt any day of the week, time was that was all about cock count and body image, last weeks 25 year old cunt, well, meh…. the fat fugly 37 year old who took her place had a far nicer to fuck from the feel of it cunt, probably down to a much lower cock count, a claimed two before me, god knows she is fat and socially inept enough for it to be true…. nowadays the only cunt that is fresh enough to be attractive and have a minimal cock count is young enough to be not just jail bait, but jail, sure as shit.

Only the pure shit is illegal, none of the legal shit is pure, just apply that to everything in modern western societeee…

The fecking laser business is starting to move, slowly slowly, looking at the paperwork I’ve made 5% of the purchase price of the machine so far, it ain’t a living wage all by itself, but since I paid cash for the machine… and early days… can’t say I’m upset or worried.

The day job is still the day job, I don’t expect any change there until the expected unexpected day when we are all fired by email due to a corporate takeover or some other shit… but if I keep my nose clean there should still be a job with whoever picks up the pieces, though my fucking age counts against me…

Far Cry 4, what can I say, yeah, I paid the fifty to play it, hell, on a per hour rate it works out at cheap entertainment, there sure ain’t any films or anything else to download any more.

Used to like Chip Foose and Overhaulin, guy has serious fucking talent and they actually rebuilt shit properly, bare metal resto shit, this new series, couple of fucking skanks front and centre all the time, fucks the program right up, ah well, another one bites the dust. Shan’t be watching it ever again.

Bearings in my old washing masheen (sic) are dying, priced em up, 50 quid, and a lot of fucking hassle, and 5 quid for a tube of decent silicone to seal the drum again, and no doubt another tenner in bits that break or fall off or need renewing while I’m in there, versus 179 quid for a brand new one, guess which I’ll be doing, yeah, the new one, my time is too valuable to me to fix old crap, and when that dies it’ll be done by hand.

Got a fucking electrosux upright vacuum for the domestic parts of this place, hardly ever use the cunt, sweeping brush does just a good job, is silent, and does all those places a vacuum can only dream of getting at, tops of kicker boards, edges of sofa, you name it.

old skool brother, old skool, it always comes back to old school, and only some of us older fuckers know anything about old school.

2014 coming to a close, so if I don’t post anything here for a week or two, y’all have a good one, very very very fucking few of us face 2015 with equanimity and the prospects of a standard of living on a par with the year just gone by.


  1. Congrats on the laserstuff.
    And getting rid of the broken stuff (pussy & formerly useful house appliance) while it´s still possible.

    My current worry is how to isolated my damn paper thin outer wall of that hole the radiator is standing in without creating a mildew farm.
    Looks like this effin winter is actually going to be true to his name while my dumbass did his usual procrastinating.

    Happy next fucking year right back.
    I´m sure this month will express run through like lately all others do.

    Comment by hans — December 8, 2014 @ 3:34 am

  2. Who cares about the whores. I enjoyed your previous posts on them, and if you no longer want to waste words on them, that’s fine. I like your political and social analogies, and the relationships you spot between seemingly unrelated subjects, and the new perceptives you give.

    Comment by T — December 8, 2014 @ 2:18 pm

  3. You might want to try Elite Dangerous as another form of cheap entertainment, if you liked the original elite from 1984. The new one comes out next Tuesday. The UK needs a political enema in the next general election. Those who seek political power in this day and age are all compromised scum. keep up the blog, I enjoy it.

    Comment by Djay — December 9, 2014 @ 9:51 am

    • Heard it was pretty much useless unless you used an actual flight stick with this game.
      Also the “shitstorm” because of single player getting axed is about the most pathetic gamer whining I have heard in quite a while.

      Comment by hans — December 9, 2014 @ 10:01 pm

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