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October 14, 2014

Absinthe mkes the heart grow fonder.

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You learn by making mistakes, that’s how life is, that’s how learning is.

Caught myself today, cos it’s been a bit quiet on the emptying my balls into some skank front, thinking of a couple of past skanks, hmm, could do with that right now…. SKREEEECH…. comes to a shuddering halt, proverbial tyres smoking.

Fuck it, it’s the warm meat I’m thinking of, not the so called personality inhabiting it, sadly one comes with the other, and history is history for a reason, and those lessons don’t need re-learning.

Course, on one level I’m exactly the same as the delusional psycho skank ho’s that pass me up because Clooney is sure to get divorced real soon now and get back on the market, , as in, item fucking unsold, and on that level that’s all there is, and I really am exactly the same as them, left on the shelf.

Would I date me? Good question, not sure I know the answer, it’s going to be a possibly / probably area of the spectrum though, which tells a story all by itself, if I’m not sure I would date me, it’s no wonder I’m on the shelf.

On the other hand maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the nature of things, but lately, eg 2014, I appear to have turned into a scam magnet, eg wimminz wanting something, usually cash, up front, on the promise, or at least the hope, of some gash later on, if I’m a good boy, and all kind and generous like…. yuh, baby I’d help out, but all my money is invested in a 419 ebola diamond mine.. as soon as it pans out…

But it’s the nature of things that once you open doors mentally…. so I have been on and off reviewing shit, relationshit wise, past relationshit wise… I coulda done this, I coulda done that, I coulda coulda coulda. cos, you know, it’s a fucking one man band.

Yeah, things I coulda done, fo sho, but nobody tied those wimminz hands to their sides or nailed their feet to the floor either, they all coulda done more, fo sho…

So anyway got my first customer today, only a small job, but considering you still can’t find me on the first three pages of google and the business cards still haven’t landed 9well, only ordered em yesterday..) it’s small beginnings, but still…. so, as it says up there, you learn by making mistakes, and I made a mistake, kinda fucked the job up, to my eyes anyway, show them and they are delighted, sighs, show them the fuck-up on the job that they haven’t noticed yet, they lean forwards, look at it, look at me, look at it again, look at me again, they don’t give a shit, they don’t even get what I’m on about, they are delighted… ah well…  I give them a tenner off, because I learned something doing it, and that’s the trick.15938755195074865785

Slashdot discussion about spam and spammers yesterday, they still haven’t learned, it isn’t about 1 in 1000 buying fucking fake viagra, the spammer already got paid, by the person punting the viagra, like the fucking leafleteer already got fucking paid, by the double glazing jerks.

The double glazing and viagra jerks never connect the dots, because that was 1% of the advertising budget and campaign, and nothing they do is fine grained like that, nuke Riyadh, sure, you’ll get some raghead terr’rist organisers, mission accomplished… it’s all glass and krispy kreme on the ground, so no way to tell terr’rist from collateral, but who gives a fuck, y’all already got paid.

That’s how the wimminz and niggerz be fucking up, modern western society is bereft of any logical analysis and following chains of cause and effect, yeah baby, I did gangbangs LAST fucking year, THIS year I say I wanna be with you and you alone, so what’s your fucking problem…

My problem is what I see, and what you’re trying to sell me, two different things bitch.

And ain’t that the truth, about anything and everything in modern western marketing and economies.

It’s a version of bait and switch, bit like the three cups and one ball game, except the cunts are all using transparent plastic cups, and getting pissed when you don’t keep laying your money down and then picking one of the visibly empty cups.

It’s gonna be by far the biggest problem I face with this new business, it’s the same fucking problem I face in getting a decent wimminz (yeah yeah, I know, that makes it sound like I’m looking because I iz in-com-plete and inadequate without a wimminz of ma own…lol.. but bear with me, the analogy holds good) and that problem is I set my stall out straight, what you see is what you get and no bullshit, and I don’t want any bullshit from potential customers either, you got the fucking money or take a hike.

It’s not a winning strategy, not when everyone else is playing musical chairs and bait and switch and nickel and diming everything to death, but then again, it depends on your definitions of “winning”, if it is sufficient unto me, to keep me alive and healthy and sane and independent….  well, it’s close enough to winning.


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  1. winning has many levels…

    Comment by mysterian — October 18, 2014 @ 3:36 am

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