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October 8, 2014

Low Hanging Fruit

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Not just wimminz, so much as people generally…. they go for the low hanging fruit, every time…

Not for them the tilling the soil, planting the seed, tending the crop, and harvesting a year later, too much hard work, too little immediate gratification, too distant and tenuous..

Nor do I think anyone is immune from it, we all do it to some degree or another, what has changed is that in our efforts to create a technologically based civilisation, we have created one that pandered to our tendency to grab low hanging fruit.

Nobody makes any effort, because for too many things they don’t have to, so for those things that just turn into shit when nobody makes any effort, which turns out to be a hell of a lot of stuff from interpersonal relationships on down, everything has turned into shit.

I’m sitting in a fucking hotel cooling my heels, a bullshit course during which I will learn NOTHING AT ALL, what the fuck am I supposed to learn from some cunt who writes on the whiteboard about the “PA RISK” chip…. I shit you not…

The fucking swinging scene up here midweek is *dire*, as in, yes it is a much bigger population centre than where I live, but that just means a lot more assholes only interested in low hanging fruit, and of course they have all, individually, met a lot of assholes only interested in low hanging fruit, which is why places like new yoik and londinium got so iniquitious before everywhere else, the population density doesn’t just mean there are more assholes per square mile, it means everyone living there has met more assholes than anyone living anywhere else.

And of course the “low hanging fruit” is relative, swinging is / should be all about low hanging fruit, certainly when compared to dating or picking up some bint in a club, but where the population density is higher, the quality of the low  hanging fruit is lower, because everyone else has met too many assholes.

It’s the same for self advancement, I’m trying to make my new business work, and as anyone who has tried it knows, it is all uphill against the flow, but, on the other hand, it’s the only way, it won’t fall into your lap any other way, and yet…. and yet, trying to find people prepared to even understand that, much less do it… no, they are all too busy picking low hanging fruit.

So pick some random wimminz, doesn’t matter how good she looks, or how ugly, or anything else, you’re never going to get past the low hanging fruit syndrome, nobody is going to make an effort, why should they, every time everyone has done it in the past they have been shit on… or call it the spirit of the age… or the tragedy of the social commons.. or the collateral damage of feminazism and western so called capitalist policies.

It’s the same trying to find an employee, or an employer, or anything.

Someone wants me to laser some shit up, but he doesn’t know what font he uses for his shit, because someone else did that for him, mates rates, and it’s been three weeks and that particular question hasn’t been answered, which I can dig, but they haven’t said fuck it and just chosen a new or similar font and fuck the mates rates and the mate and re-do the whole fucking company branding thing, because it’s obviously shit they way it was done.

Someone else wants me to put some branding on some exotic high end PC gaming shit, laser engraved baby, but fuck it, 5 bucks per item seems like a lot, nobody is gonna look at that shit anyway, so how about we go for the low quality 2 buck a pop shit.. take a fucking hike mate, I’m only as good as my last job, and if I do that 2 buck a pop shit, my last job will have been shit, and I’ll have 100 bucks to show for it…. not… fucking… happening…

Low hanging fruit, can’t even find sluts any more, used to be NWA, niggers with attitude, now it’s SWA, sluts with attitude, hell, everyone with attitude, me too.

Not seeing how that is anything but a bell that once rung cannot be un-rung.

So no matter what you do nowadays, such as trying to get a business off the ground, it’s all very much like wading in shit, and maybe, for me at least, however crap that is, it is better than just standing in shit, or floating around in it, being carried around by whatever currents there are.

So all the independent sluts who didn’t want to know six months ago, now they suddenly need a job or this or that or car fixed or something, well, coulda helped out bitch, yeah, low handing fruit, you keep my balls empty I’ll do something for you, but now that’s all gone, because, after all, we all know, you got no intention of doing shit to get what you want, and I got no intention of doing shit to get what I might like, at least not up front, maybe after I see you making some effort… there’s a hole in my bucket, dear lisa.

Enjoy what’s left of 2014 folks, I think the rates of change and starting to pick up, round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows… not now dogs in spain get ebola, and people in ukraine don’t get gas, and so on….


  1. 😉

    Comment by hans — October 9, 2014 @ 3:10 am

  2. Nice that you still have a little time to write with everything else going on. The post brought up some thoughts about personal situations I’ve come across recently.

    A coworker of mine was relating to me how his sister was asking for money to fix her water heater. His sister went to college, married right away, got preggo, and bought the biggest house she could afford the payment on. She doesn’t do any budgeting and lives paycheck to paycheck without saving anything for even a small hiccup in reality. He agreed to help her, but only after she cancelled her TV cable subscription, her cell phone plan, and traded in her new SUV for a compact car. She balked obviously, so he didn’t give her the money, and now he is the asshole since hes an engineer who has money but doesn’t “help out” his only sister. At least I can give her credit for not lieing and saying “I’ve already done all that” regarding cancelling her luxury payments.

    A woman I’ve spoken with who runs a salon with her sister was stressed out because their salon doesn’t have enough customers and is losing money. I told her she needs to analyze the cash flow of the business to figure out where all the expenses are going, where they can cut costs, and what is bringing in the most profit. She said she doesn’t like math so she’s not going to do that.

    I was considering investing for a while, so instead of throwing my money at the stock market as is recommended, I decided to read a few books on investing by Benjamin Graham. I wanted to understand what gives stock inherent value and what makes certain stocks more valuable than others. After learning how to evaluate value, I looked at a number of stocks and decided that it’s probably a bad time to invest. With all the excess liquidity, gaming of P/E ratios with buybacks on margin, and a low yield environment, stock prices just don’t seem to make any sense right now. Maybe I’ll be proven an idiot and stocks will continue to rally uninterrupted for the next decade, but it’s not something I’ll bet on.

    Comment by freeman — October 9, 2014 @ 2:19 pm

  3. Also, this reminds me of a point you made in an earlier post: As society begins to collapse and cannibalize itself, it is always the most upstanding and chivalrous members of society who are targeted first. They are the low hanging fruit, because their nature is trusting and selfless, and they are willing to tolerate a great deal if they are told it is for the betterment of society. More taxes will be piled on their shoulders, more liberties and assets stripped of them, and the demands will never cease.

    But I think the low hanging fruit have already been decimated and we are feasting on the seed corn. Even the most selfless members of society have been screwed over so hard, or seen their loved ones screwed, that everyone is cynical. The only carrot that will work now is self interest, and that is a bleak foreboding for the future.

    Comment by freeman — October 10, 2014 @ 4:19 pm

  4. Speaking of asset stripping.

    Comment by freeman — October 10, 2014 @ 6:34 pm

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