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October 5, 2014

Early Decline

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I’ve said it many a time, when I was 15, the age of 40 seemed an unimaginably distant stretch into the future, and at no point was I ever imbued with any notable instincts to preserve myself for future long term health etc.

At times I have indulged drink and drugs to considerable excess, for sustained periods, at no time have I ever adopted any kind of healthy eating, healthy diet, or health or exercise gig of any kind… I also detested and avoided any kind of sport, especially at school.

Irrespective of how well or badly I am doing now, and I can’t be doing that bad, when I have a Monday to Friday 9 to 5:30 day job, and I am out back in the workshop most evenings until gone 10 or 11, and all day Saturdays, back when I was a mouldy young late teen or mid twenties young lad, I was a lot better than I am now.

So, imagine my WHAT-THE-FUCK…

See, there’s this young girl, and by young I mean early to mid twenties, she’s 24/25, and she has a mouthful of bad teeth, I mean, seriously so, apparently she hasn’t ever done much in the way of drink or drugs, it’s largely a diet of Coke, the soda drink… she reckons.

Now me, between the booze and the speed and physical damage via impact, I can’t say I had a great set of gnashers by the time I was 40, I certainly didn’t have a complete set, I’d had about 5 or 6 molars out that got broken up, and many of the rest were frankly the worse for wear, so I said fuck it and had the fucking lot extracted, and got a complete upper and lower denture, not for me implants or any of that shit… best thing I ever did.. apart from get glasses instead of laser surgery.

However, I was in my forties when I did this, and on the day I went in, my teeth looked ten times better than this skanks;, and she is at least twenty years younger than I was then.

Nor does it end there.

Her podgy fat body tells the same tale, and I haven’t seen her naked much less fucked her, but I suspect it would be even worse naked, with the smelly cunt and ass syndrome of all fat bitches everywhere, because they can’t reach to wipe properly, and because the flesh is always touching and sweaty and never exposed to the fresh air, unless she is on her back legs apart, just in case you need somewhere to park the bagger.

What I am talking about here is an across the board sort of decrepit and decline and decay, but to find it in one so young, you’d think they’d been mainlining ebola and krokodil since they were sixteen, I mean, how the fuck else do you fuck up a human body so fast?

It’s not like the basic human DNA in this region can have drifted so far in two generations, so, something the fuck is going on here.

To be sure, there are plenty of twenty-somethings walking around here I’d fuck shitless in a heartbeat, university town after all, but, there are also vast numbers like the skank in question.

It’s not just their flesh that has decomposed either, their brains are the same way, yeah, my smile may well be artificial, but it’s presentable and clean and healthy, ditto my artificially enhanced spectacled eyes, apart from that, going more than a bit thin on top and bits of grey appearing, but, fuck it man, mid fifties, I ain’t complaining.

But no, not that I fancy the skank, sure, if it’s for free I’ll empty my balls into it doggy style, but that ain’t saying much, but she assumes that because I’m talking to her I’m trying to chat her up and fuck her, and the thing is, she don’t fancy me, like I is a mingin’ old fart innit grandpa, who’d wanna fuk u? Not her…


And they all like “bad boys”, but when they are talking about bad boys all I can see are assholes and parasites, couple of years ago this subject came up in a pub, guy I’d knows since forever was there, some knob says some shit about skinny fuckers like you (he’s looking at me) getting pushed around by aggressive types in the workplace, the asshole manager from hell thang, guy I’d known forever snorts beer out through his nose, has coughing fit, poked this guy in the throat, jabs a thumb towards me and says “Have you any fucking idea how many times this cunt has been arrested, and never made it to court because they couldn’t pin it on him?”

Knob looks all blank, looks at me, looks at guy I’ve known forever.

Guy I’ve known forever adds, “.. and it wasn’t all for littering either, plenty of very heavy shit in there”

And I remembered that incident talking to this girl, see, the reason I was talking was because the po-po were a few doors down, mob handed as usual, so she couldn’t go there, it was where her mate lived, so we were talking, and she tells me about her experiences with the po-po, and she’s had many, living with so called bad boys who are good for a bit of house burglary and driving without documents and that’s about it.

And I remembered it because these young cunts, they talk to da man, even when they claim they ain’t saying nuffink, they’re talking, and imparting in fo mashun…

Back in our day, it was give your name and address, cos the bastards had to have something to put on the files or they’d hang on to you, and you prolly had something on you with a name anyway, and ask for a brief (lawyer) and shut the fuck up… and I mean shut the fuck up, not saying “I’m not saying nuffink mate”, I mean keeping it fucking zipped.

They voluntarily go to social services, probation, social security, facebook, and impart information, for NOTHING in return, and when you try to tell the cunts that no good can POSSIBLY come from talking to da man…. they just look at you, and say yeah, I can see your point, and then carry on doing it.

See, even the young ones whose bodies haven’t fallen apart by the time they hit the end of puberty, the fucking minds have, so you can’t even harbour any illusions of sexual allure, because the rancid little cunts have opened their mouths and destroyed any illusion of intellect.

I was about to type “I have had fucking dogs that were smarter than these cunts”.. but on reflection, I have never had a dog as dumb as these cunts, and that’s not the same thing at all.

Is it processed foods like Coke, is it the pill, is it pthalates, is it feminazism, I don’t have a fucking clue… what I do know is that the moment you move beyond a pornographic still picture, almost everything is a boner killer, I rode a harley in the eighties because everything else was less, as the saying went… I don’t ride young skanks now (not that I’m turning down offers every week mind ewe) because everything else is more… and that is soooooooo fucked up.

What really fucks me with the young ones now is they hate my ass, and think I am bigging up myself long past the point of being totally full of crap, the reality is, there isn’t a single thing that they can utter, that I have not forgotten more about than they will ever know, so, too bad if I come across as a smartass who thinks he knows everything and who corrects everything you say, and too bad if it pisses you off.

I’ll look at you, skanky 24/25 year old that you are, and think to myself, maybe if she had all her teeth out and didn’t get dentures I’d let her suck my cock, but no way I’m putting my cock in that mouth with all those broken and decaying stumps, I’ll be up the sex clinic asking for some parrots-eat-em-all to cure the plaque on my bell end.

So, skanky little bitch, you can stand outside with nowhere to go and watch the po-po raiding your mate’s house, I’m off inside to make some fun stuff with my fucking laser, oh yeah, I have my own fucking pad, that I pay rent for, that I earn, full of shit that I paid for, including coffee and shit, and the fact is I could add your decayed ass to my household and feed and clothe and shelter you, in return for getting my balls drained and suchlike on a daily basis… with the emphasis on fucking COULD motherfucker, and frankly I don’t give a fuck you don’t think it’s a good offer cos it’s from some mingin’ old grandpa, it wasn’t a fucking offer, not to you, it’s a fucking ABILITY.

Ability, that shit that keeps decline at bay…

I could have read
A poem called Ozymandias to her
Instead I lived for the moment
It was a futile gesture anyway
I was here and she was here
And being broad of minds and hips
We did the only thing possible

I guess, I shouldn’t have
Strangled her to death
But I had to go to work
And she had laced
My coffee with acid

Normally I wouldn’t have minded
But I’m allergic to sulphuric acid
Besides she had acne
And if you’ve got acne
Well, I apologize for disliking it intensely

But it’s understandable
That ugly people have got complexes
I mean, it seems to me
That ugly people don’t have a chance

It’s only the children of the fucking
Wealthy who tend to be good looking
An ugly fart attracts
A good looking chick if he’s got money

It’s only the children of the fucking
Wealthy who tend to be good looking
An ugly fart attracts
A good looking chick if he’s got money

It’s only the children of the fucking
Wealthy who tend to be good looking
An ugly fart attracts
A good looking chick if he’s got money

It’s different for Jews somehow
I’d like to see a passionate film
Between the two ugliest people in the world
When I say ugly, I don’t mean rough looking
I mean hideous

Don’t tell me that aesthetics are subjective
You just know the truth when you see it
Whatever it is

Muscle power
Muscle power
Muscle power
Muscle power


  1. A good old quote I found again recently :
    “Trying to ‘tell’ people anything is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It ain’t gonna work, and will just irritate the pig.”

    Realized it´s pretty much my life motto now.

    Comment by hans — October 5, 2014 @ 2:41 am

    • ah, the version I know of the pig tale goes like this….. where xxx is the thing of your choice… usually arguing with a wimminz…

      xxx is like wrestling with a pig..
      you get dirty,
      and the pig enjoys it.

      Comment by wimminz — October 5, 2014 @ 2:46 am

  2. Your description of that girl with bad teeth reminded me a movie I’ve seen “Contracted”.

    Comment by akismet-cc72e1ece5d72a2feb4e84009d7fbaa1 — October 5, 2014 @ 6:34 pm

  3. Weston A Price had a lot to say about generational degenerative illness. See Pottengers Cats. Now we have High Fructose Corn Syrup and Cthulu knows what else in every damn thing to add insult to injury. And an utterly toxic popular culture that more often than not isn’t even wrong. A young person starting out… Fuck me it’s a mess.

    Comment by malenfant — October 6, 2014 @ 2:18 am

    • Cthulhu. Fuck -should have gone with Azathoth.

      Comment by malenfant — October 6, 2014 @ 3:16 am

  4. Quote “She assumes that because I’m talking to her I’m trying to chat her up and fuck her”
    I get the same thing if I offer any politeness or conversation to these skanks,but its just self awareness and realism on their part about their prospects in life.
    What other possible reason could there be to engage them?
    A chat about philosophy?quantum physics? Lol

    Comment by pete — October 23, 2014 @ 4:03 am

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