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September 24, 2014

Burning Up Time

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I seem to be short of time to do everything, actually I am not fully utilising the time I have, but that’s me, I’m not killing myself for no fucker, not even myself..lol

It’s the old gig, you gotta do enough to make a difference, but not so much you diminish returns, and you do it all in the dark, a hostage to fortune and the future.

Buying a fucking laser is the easy bit, website to set up, samples to design and make, photos to be taken and edited, videos to be taken and edited, all while planning all aspects of everything, shipping materials how do customers upload files yadda yadda yadda, meanwhile I  got the workshop to finish rearranging and sorting, and the day job, and a fucking life to live, mundane shit like making sure there is coffee and toilet roll in the cupboards, and financially I back to zero, wiped out, but hey ho, live is for living and if you don’t gamble… still it’s better than leasing or buying on HP, and pay-day for the day job is the end of this week, and no fucker pointed a gun at my head, this was MY choice.

Then I read a story over at MGTOW posted by Frozen Yak, some cunt who lost his job and had his wife leave him, so he queues up for 44 hours to buy the skank an iphone 6 in hopes it will make her happy and him less beta, or something… WTF..

Perspective motherfucker, ya gotta keep it, I’m doing OK, if a little ragged at the edges, if a little short of time to post anything here.

I figure life is like riding or driving down the blacktop, when it comes to things like overtaking the cunts in front of you, you got to commit to the fucking mean-eouver (sic – it is the way I drive..lol) , y’all can’t be fucking around death by committee I’ll pass the bastards by going 2.47 mph faster, because you got less lateral freedom of movement when overtaking, so it’s a time of raised danger and vulnerability, so the idea is to shorten that time, take command and slam that maneouver.

None of which stops some other bird brained fucker taking you out, just like life, so me doing this shit (the laser stuff) this way, I’m with old Trotsky, sorta, the workers only control the means of production if they control the machinery of production as well as their own labour, and if it’s borrowed or hired or leased or bought on the drip you don’t control shit.

I figure my customer base isn’t going to include queued for an iphone man, a little but of small business to business stuff, and a little bit of single guys with their own discretionary income taking a look at some of that shit and thinking yeah, gimme summa dat bro.

So I’m talking to a mate, he wants me to do him a smallish edge lit acrylic sign for his business, he decides this 15 seconds after seeing some sample work, we haven’t even discussed price, he knows I’ll do good work and it costs what it costs, and it won’t be steep.

So he says I should do some for the web shop, not just what sign do you want bro, but make some ready made to sell, I say yeah, have to be fuckin’ Star Wars crap with a big Darth, he’s grinning, cos he knows I hate that shit, but I like money Forrest, so because I’m sat here tonight NOT trying to do ten things at once, it comes to me, a big (I’m thinking 450 mm wide by 600 mm high) programmable colour changing EGB LED edge lit El Che.

Fuck yeah, I’ll sell at least one, to me…lol

I’m thinking shit like acrylic loudspeaker enclosures, (custom PC cases were the initial impetus for buying the thing) just supply the plans man and I’ll cut it, hey, time will tell…. lol


The Brighton train, it goes real soon
My Brighton belle is in her room
It’s burning up time, burning up time

I wanna burn up while I’m having good times
Don’t wanna burn up with other people’s bad times
Like a meteor, like to meet her

The weekend’s here
The Finchley boys are gonna make a lot of noise
It’s burning up time

You either love or you despise
There’s just no time for compromise
The days have gotta move real fast
We know that nothing’s gonna last


  1. Its always easy to throw out ideas from the peanut gallery, and Im not sure if the cost would make these ideas viable, but here goes:
    -custom lit speaker boxes for car trunk audio installations (bling, if you will)
    -various logos like McLaren F1, though may cause copyright issues
    -party light panels to be sold in party stores (spencers in US, I dont know the UK equivalent)
    -displays that change color based on store status like open/closed, probably requires some tinkering with a microcontroller
    -pretty much anything that suggests exclusivity that plays on someones vanity, like a lit panel saying “mohamed’s ride” to be placed in the rear windshield of a video

    Comment by freeman — September 24, 2014 @ 12:57 pm

  2. Whhy usees stilol uuse too read news apers wuen iin tuis technological glove thhe whole
    thing is accessible onn web?

    Comment by Eldon — September 27, 2014 @ 2:11 am

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