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August 31, 2014

You’re all my bitchez now

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So, Facerig…. let’s say I choose not to use the default fluffo avatar, lets say I choose to use the commander avatar, here he is…Facerig-cosplay-avatar

OK, all well and good, and it confers several advantages… as discussed before about “lossy” systems being one way streets, there is no way you can analyse that face, and get back to my face.

Forget cosplay and fucking around and just doing it for the fun, I like it because it allows me to publish videos that cannot ever at any time in the future be definitively tied back to me.

It’s not like oh I uploaded all those pics to facebook years ago, and then wham, they brought out facial recognition and tagging, and now it’s too late…  because of the aforementioned “lossy” substitution process, no future algorithm is going to be able to go backwards from that face to mine, ID wise.

It’s all fun and bubbles.

Of course, you don’t have to use the supplied skins for the avatars, you can create your own.

So, what happens if I decide to use this guys videos / appearance as my new skin…

Yeah, *today* it wouldn’t pass muster as DMJ, unless maybe you degraded it and claimed it was a CCTV or old 8mm video rip from the days when DMJ was a raghead urban terrorist, going around blowing up balloons at kids parties… but like the person above who didn’t foresee facial recognition and tagging on uploaded photos, it’s only a matter or time.

What’s that? Voice, you say, well… no, see, the Facerig beta also already has basic vocal filters built in, certainly enough to mask my voice, and the killing point is that (to once again use DMJ as my sacrificial lamb) once I use DMJ’s face as my avatar, I do not actually have to substitute my voice and accent and inflection and so on, for a perfect copy of his…. oh no… all I have to do is make it sound a *bit* like him, eg, like him either deliberately trying to mask his voice, or accidentally garbling it a bit because he has some settings wrong in the encoding process.

Let the technology go a bit further, after all, it’s only limited by algorithms and processing power, and it does not *necessarily* have to done in real-time like Facerig, and I can *be* DMJ, or Paul Newman, or Sly Stallone, at least as far as any subsequent viewers are concerned.

Maybe, just maybe, at that point we will get to the mass understanding that if it is digital, it really doesn’t matter what it depicts, you can’t treat is as being more real than Tom & Jerry, CCTV and so on all becomes utterly worthless because it can all be faked so easily and trivially…. all that counts is a man’s word, given in the flesh, or maybe hand written and notarised / witnessed documents, yeah, I saw the evil bastard blowing up those balloons… poor defenceless things…

Money, of course, has already got there… >;*)

I log in to my e banking this morning to pay a bill, and it says right there on the screen, Hi AfOR, your bank account number 12345678 has an available balance of 12,345.00

That shit is indistinguishable from the folding linen and metal shit in my wallet and beside it in the saucer with the keys.

It really is a direct analogy to the slightly in the future real DMJ video and the fake DMJ video of him calling for the freedom and liberation of helium from party balloon bottles…. and the direct analogy isn’t just for the obvious reasons, they are indistinguishable, digitally speaking.

The other salient reason is that only he and I will know for sure my version is a fake, and he won’t necessarily know who I am, who fitted him up, but the point is, nobody *else* is going to give a shit, just like nobody else gives a shit if my 12,345 is electronic credits showing on the e banking page or a wad on the sideboard, either way is good enough for me to buy that 10,000 item from them.

I use these two parallel examples, because they show nicely how *they* are going to be reluctant, to say the least, to accept that anything digital can be faked, and is therefore worthless…. no, you can’t convict the guy on the CCTV showing him killing and beheading the guy, because it could be faked and look just the same.. not gonna happen.

Same with the folding paper money vs my digital e banking balance, or debit card money, e-wallets, so it will come back to the old story, DMJ’s opinion of my faked video of him, and my opinion of my faked video of him, nobody gives a shit, nor do they give a shit about the facts, all they will give a shit about is what the STATE thinks.

This is a known legal principle BTW, in courts one judge will look at things and come up with what is called “a finding of fact”… it is of course anything but, it’s just an opinion, often an incompetent / corrupt / incorrect one, but from that moment onwards , *everyone* in the system treats that opinion as fact.

You don’t have to control or understand the software suite, or the virtual printing press or anything else, all you need is the ability to be the one who decides what is real, and what is not… if you are that person, or figure, or agency, then, you can look out at the world and say, you are all my bitches, and it is true.

Being brutally honest, it doesn’t matter a damn what you or I or DMJ or anyone else thinks about the authenticity or otherwise of his video, or mine, or the ISIS ones, or MH17 black box data, or NATO satellite pictures, or the USS Liberty, or anything else.

All that actually matters is what the agency that can look at us and declare us all their bitches says happened.

I can create and issue my own https credentials for a secure site, and then visit it in firefox, or share it with you, and firefox will tell me that because Verisign don’t “trust” that domain, which they will suddenly do by the simple expedient of me paying them fucking money, the site can’t be trusted.

And you and I are still looking at a blank fucking page, not the page we REQUESTED, but some other blank intrusive page, and we have to click an ominous ARE YOU FUCKING SURE, RETARD, box before we can proceed.

I guess the point I am trying to make here, is now and again something comes along, and as a consequence of that, lots of people start asking all sorts of question, of the sort that you can imagine would arise if I chose a Facerig avatar that closely resembled DMJ, and then even more people start discussing the questions, trying to arrive at sensible and workable answers.

And none of it matters, because the agencies that see us all as their bitches already have the answers, and their answers are the only answers that count, their answers are the reality.

And increasingly, their answers are unrelated to the questions being asked, rather the answers are suited to the desired outcome.

(and I must interject a sincere and heartfelt apology for invoking Davis all the time as my corpus delicti in all these scenarios, it just so happens that being a real person with real facts such as a youtube channel etc he just does make an ideal actor in this little play)

So imagine this scenario, not a big step from the Facerig one.

A guy who has access to the *actual* unedited unexpurgated full bitwise perfect *real* copy of the MH17 cockpit voice recorder data, he isn’t sure what to do with it, and one day he says I know, I’ll send a copy anonymously to DMJ

Meanwhile, another guy who is a whizz at these things, irritated at the *crickets* from everyone on the subject, decides to create a digital *fake* copy that might explain certain things, scenarios and suppositions, having made it, he isn’t sure what to do with it, so he says I know, I’ll send a copy anonymously to AfOR

As we can see from the above discussion, it doesn’t matter a damn which copy is in fact real and fake, all that matters is what the agency who sees us all as their bitches tells everyone is the real one, and the fake one, hell, unless they were both, purely by coincidence, a perfect bitwise duplicate, they could say BOTH were fake, and that would become the facts.

No? You dispute this?

Look at Snowden’s “revelations” and I put that in quote marks because frankly speaking NONE of them were either unknown or unexpected or not speculated upon prior to his disclosures.

What’s changed? Whose head was separated from their body? Who stood public trial? Who lost their job?

Cos the agency that sees us all as their bitches had already decided the answers.

Not all these agencies are the same.

Shit gets real and serious when two powerful agencies release two mutually exclusive answers…. one looks at one group of people, and says all you bitches need to know putin done this, and the other looks at the same group of people, and says all you bitches need to know obama done this.

And then one day the two agencies don’t just set on mutually exclusive answers, they set on mutually exclusive answers that specifically blame the other agency, either way you are all our bitches, and y’all are fucked…

So the technology that permits and allows such questions to be raised by the proles in the first place becomes the target, again, not because of what it actually is or does or enables, but because at some point in the future some agency can see that thing challenging the status quo, where you are all unthinking obedient bitches.

What if, instead of my example of just me imitating DMJ, everyone started to imitate him, and he became the modern equivalent of the V/ Anonymous mask… shades of the dead kennedy’s, and I don’t mean the band, so much as the armed robbers who liked to wear party masks of dead kennedy’s and other presidents.


You gotta wear your moto sickle crash helmet at all times, except when you’re paying for fuel, gotta see your face on the cameras in case you is a robber, but you can wear a burka and pay for fuel, I guess not enough people have worn burkas to do robberies.. yet


Yet another case where you know the answers are already written, us bitches just haven’t been given the fucking memo yet.



  1. “the days when DMJ was a raghead urban terrorist, going around blowing up balloons at kids parties…”


    Regarding the voice: simply compare my old videos to my new videos. My voice sounds different (in some it even sounds like I have a lisp) merely because of the capture equipment. Right now, I have three main microphones that I use – one on my camera, a Shure hand-held mike, and the on-board mike from my computer – each will give my voice a slightly different timbre, focusing on different frequencies. Yeah, you can recognize each one as me – but they’re each different enough that something only slightly modified would be enough to pass muster.

    Comment by Davis M.J. Aurini — September 1, 2014 @ 12:04 am

  2. Japanese government just told people to stock up on toilet paper.
    Or as they say in the east “Ho ree shit”

    Comment by Digger Nick — September 1, 2014 @ 2:08 pm

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