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August 30, 2014

Strange dreams

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I don’t always remember my dreams, and when I do I don’t always think much about what prompted them, it doesn’t take much intelligence to draw lines between the remembered dream sequences and shit that happened the previous day.

So last night, interesting, slim but reasonably good looking skank that I had occasionally popped in the past, three guys drop by, I’d seen them there before too, so again no issues, one guy basically chucks the skank down on the couch, she isn’t complaining, it’s obvious she is used to it, the two other guys ignore the skank’s kid, which is in the room, and grab the dog, one holds the dog down while the other fucks it.

I of course, ol snake eyes, just sit there watching the free porno.

It’s not so obvious to me what promoted all this, but I think the ongoing latest hysteria about the northern asian / paki gangs raping pubescent teen girls is in there somewhere… and the two guys fucking the dog, that spelled atrocity all over it, as in IRA Atrocity, as in “spectacular”, as in an act designed to shock and outrage, like be-headings, but also like false flag operations…. ZH and other places have articles about impending false flag ops on home soil.

That moron cameron and the skank may both warning that the terror levels posed here in the UK have never been higher, of course there is the NATO conference in wales next week.

I think that’s what the end of the dream was about, I didn’t run out of the room in horror, the three guys were looking at me and I just said “I don’t have a problem with this (got no skin in this game)” and at that point instead of being confrontational, they all just left.

I looked at the skank, reclassified lower in light of the new info, and left myself, probably not to return or pop again.

Interestingly there is a hazy post event sense that this dream skank, were her clothes removed now, would reveal there are no nipples, and no vagina, not androgynous so much as a mannequin.

I kinda know where that bit came from, a conversation I actually was having with some skank, about some guy she knows on the net, and how he is into genital mutilation, and I said that is a sure sign of a sick mind, and there we go.

Anyway, in other news, I’ve been playing with the facerig beta, and I’m liking it a lot, at present being a beta, you can’t export the stream to file, but it is getting there, so hopefully in a month or two I can do some v-blogging.

Facerig is funny, there is  standard set of base characters, and you just can foretell what types of people and personalities are going to gravitate towards which avatar, yeah yeah, I’ll go for the macho commando type as that will make my words more authoritative… fnaar fnaarr.

But it also highlights other things, some of them are to me obvious anyway, but it still highlights them, such as comparing facerigs output to the camera input, it is a filter, and filters emphasise things as well as discarding them.

I wonder how many people realise how much effort, for example, DMJ puts into his videos, and I’m talking camera angles and lighting and preparing the dialogue, nothing at all to do with what you actually see on screen, all the background stuff.

Frankly the production values of ISIS latest videos and pamphlets shows the same level of background professionalism, gone are the days when you could re-sample crappy 8mm video and say here is osama planning to destroy the statue of liberty, it is so artificially fake with todays digital technology… akin the the latest alleged bovingtonsatellite video of russian tanks allegedly in ukraine, well, it’s just fucking indeterminate black and white blobs babe, contrast that to google earth shots of Bovington tank museum, you can clearly see two tanks on the right of the main road, and if you know your tanks, you can identify them too…

So now to have any credibility suddenly we have modern digital production values on all the terr’rist shit.

And I still don’t buy it.

Why should a slick digital marketing campaign from ISIS be any more truthful or honest than a slick digital marketing campaign from Proctor & Gamble…. ISIS, makes your non-whites more muslim, just add it to every wash….

Credibility has a flavour all its own


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  1. I really enjoyed this post

    (That’s it, that’s all there is, just letting it be known!)

    Comment by Tim — August 30, 2014 @ 7:50 pm

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