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August 24, 2014

Technology rarely lies… too much…

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WhatsApp, I use it quite a bit.

I can look through my contacts, (does just that to prove a point) last seen 22/08 at 22:03…

looks at contact which is in fact my other phone, gives the same info, turn other phone off and remove battery, gives last seen date and time…

Reinsert battery in other phone, power up, open whatsapp, BLOCK my first phone.

Go back to first phone, look at contact of second phone, suddenly no status as to when last online, send a message, same as normal but you only get the one tick, message sent, the second tick, message received, won’t come up.

The kicker is the no status as to when last online, that is the sign you have been blocked, the second tick, well, their phone could be off, or they could be in a weak reception area, but it will still say when last seen online, even if that was last year.

So this skank, I mentioned this a day or so ago, decides to block me and move on, fair enough and fuck you very much, but I sent her an email saying fine block me and get on with your new old start in life, like I give a fuck, can I have my shit back that I left there, and do you want to collect your fucking iphone (like me, she has more than one phone)

So I get an email response , which my mate saw as he was here and I was using the big screen, and this email says basically I dropped my phone in the water that’s why I ain’t been in touch, but fuck you back too and kthxbye.

Now my mate is saying to me, could be true, and I say to him, no, for starters, this skank lies, I know this for a fact, and for seconds, if she had dropped her phone in the water, my phone would still show her last online status.

So the whole I dropped my phone in the water thing is a lie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if she wants to block me, that’s fine, her life, her right, that isn’t the issue, the issue is the lying, and the fact that the technology doesn’t back up the lie, it exposes it.

What was the purpose of her email, which did not even mention my shit which she has, or her shit which I have, all it says is if that’s all you think of me then kthxbye, and that she didn’t block me, she dropped her phone in the water.

She says three things, we already know the second thing is a lie, she may or may not have dropped her phone in the water, (thing one) it’s not relevant, but she did block me. (thing two)

And the third thing is the driver, blaming me, I did wrong, she didn’t, and for falsely accusing her, allegedly, kthxbye, which is the thing #2, but now it is justified somehow.

The driver is the anatomy of the lie, and the liar.

She could not NOT send that email, falsely claiming innocence and also victim-hood of my allegedly false assumptions…. in her own mind she knew that just blocking me instead of saying hey, it’s been fun, but I want a fresh start, was the cowards way out, and the wrong (much less than optimal) way to handle the situation.

What I found amusing was my mate’s relative “weighting” of the technology saying one thing, and some skank with monster tits saying quite another.

Whereas the reality of ongoing contact between us meant her maintaining the ongoing and ever more complex web of lies that she had built about her life away from me vs her life with me, because she knew damn well I did not buy *any* of the shit she fed me about her life away from me.

But.. my mate says… how do you know for sure?

The technology *could* be misleading, well, yes, it could, in theory, in practice, as a by product of the time we spent together, and I am not talking about or including the digital content that *I* created, I am talking about content that she created while we were not together, but left lying around my place digitally, simply because she doesn’t really grep the technology, and did not turn off syncing and backup, even when I told her to, after the sync and backup served its purpose at at early visit, I have a 4 gigabyte backup of everything on two of her phones, and a 95 gig compressed backup of her pc, and no I am not going to show it to you, consisting largely as it does of home made porno still and video and swingers hookups and so on, all of which are also created with date and time stamps, and yes, I can tell you for a fucking fact, the only time I can guarantee she wasn’t lying to me was when I had my cock down the back of her throat.

(why should I delete it, it wasn’t created without her knowledge or permission, it was created for a purpose, which it was used for, I don’t use it, it just sits there, archived and ignored, consider it future insurance, you can’t be too careful.. see elsewhere on this blog for talks about digitally archiving every fucking thing… just in case)

But, the other killer is this, I sent my farewell but what about all this fish email to the three email accounts of hers that I knew, cc’d, I knew she had others, but didn’t know the actual email addresses, the reply came from a domain I did not know she had an email account with, sent via a phone on a network I did not know she had an account with, in a completely different name from the kind of name she usually used.

Lots of people will have JohnSmith@domain, and JSmith65 (being the year of birth) @domain, and JohnnyS@domain, but even then, there is a limit to how many different emails most normal people will normally use….

I’m kind of at that limit, 4 email addresses that I use, on three different domains, and two mobile phones, on two different networks.

One thing that became apparent about my psycho skank ho ex was that she had about a dozen or more emails that she used regularly, on half a dozen different domains, and with significantly differing handles, like JohnSmith@domain1, JukeboxJonny@domain2, JayJay@domain3 and JonJones@domain4, etc.

And this skank is doing the exact same thing.

So, in her desire / need to tell me this lie…

1/ she just underlines the fact she is a liar.

2/ she reveals yet another user name she is going by

3/ she reveals yet another email account / domain

4/ she reveals yet another mobe contract / sim card / provider / network

All of which simply highlight the compartmentalisation that she is attempting to use to keep all these separate threads of her existence separate from each other, and failing miserably.

I would lay good money that she doesn’t in fact remember what lies she has or has not told me, and couldn’t work it out if her life depended on it, and it is fact this complexity that goes a long way towards being the ticking clock on the *relationships* that she does form.

Incidentally, talking of technological prowess, these sorts of skanks will typically have thousands of pictures on their PC, a good proportion of which are porno selfies, and yet, the sum totality of pictures is usually “organised” into just two or three folders, all of which sit under C:\users\skanksname, right alongside C:\users\skanks13year old son and C:\users\skanks15yearold son, both of whom of course grew up in the digital age…

And this ongoing train crash is what my mate thinks *might* be telling the truth, OK, the bitch has genuinely big tits, and she is a genuinely willing and dirty and will do anything you like at all fuck, but that is *it*

He looks at me askance… Do you like her, he asks… *NO*

Did you ever, he asks, no, can’t say I did, sure, there was a period there in the beginning before the proofs came in that X Y and Z that she has told me were lies, and during that period there was I will admit an acceptance of the idea of spending every weekend fucking her ass off, you know, she would have been OK to *own*… but even that, it has to be said, was 99.9% theoretical, I never actually bought into any of it emotionally, or built any castles in the sky of my own, much less actually thought about giving up my pad and cohabiting or any of that shit… it was a good free fuck… that’s all.

Do you wonder about what could have been, he asks.

You mean, like could have been as in if shit were shinola, purest impossible fantasy stuff, or what could have been as in a total fucking train wreck involving police and social services and all the rest of that shit, quite possible real world shit?

I tell him, I could, if I wished, go through that 100 gig of archives of hers, and I could pull out every pic and vid selfie of her fucking, and I could then pull up *my* data, and compare the two, dump all the pics that pre-date *us* and all the pics that post date *us*, and then go through the rest, and what I do find interesting if I do that, and I haven’t, but I have glanced though the archive, isn’t that when we weren’t together she was fucking other guys…

Does that bother you, he asks… no, why should it, I was fucking other sluts…

No, what is interesting is I am 99.99% sure that *NOWHERE* in that archive is a single picture or mention of me.

No, don’t ask me why I think that is, that is one rabbit hole I do not want to go down, but during that period, I was seeing her *way* more than any of these other guys, and I know for a fucking fact she had at least three naked selfies of me, because I fucking sent them to her.

Do you miss her, he asks, in any way at all.

No, the sex was good, no doubt about it, but the lies man, they kill the sex, they kill the sexual response, they kill the “phwoarr” response, it’s like looking back at a now famous rock band that are crap and sell outs, but you saw em many times back in the day, when they were taking off, but had not yet slid all the way down the sewer….

.. for sex today, hey, I got another skank, a little older than this one (who was 20 years my junior) but nice and compliant and dirty and a good sized pair of tits, and who hasn’t actually told me any significant lies yet, so what’s to miss?

I’m supposed to miss damaged goods?

Yeah, I feel a sort of melancholy, it’s all so fucking senseless, she is her own worst enemy and in a world where shit was shinola she could change into something better and turn her life around, but in this world, with my life ticking away a day at a time, and me with no skin in that game?

Bitch has two teenage sons who *definitely* are aware of exactly what she does, and a pre-pubescent daughter, and it all just gets fucking worse from there on in.

And then my mate said the dumbest thing I have ever heard the asshole say, and I said to him, in all the years I have known you, that is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard you say… he said do I think her environment and circumstances made her the liar she is, you know, building castles in the sky as a sort of self defence against the harsh realities of the fuck-up that is her life.

So, you don’t think that’s the case then.

I said, water finds its own level.

I can introduce you to people living in shit-hole estates with fuck all spare cash, and they don’t tell lies, and their lives aren’t a never ending train wreck, because they know how little of a buffer they have, and because they know that actions have consequences, and enough of them you can’t claim the exception proves the rule.

Her living on a sinkhole estate or her getting through 100 cocks in a year didn’t make her have a dozen or more different emails and so on, and compartmentalise life into different castles in the sky, nor does being the kind of dishonest person she is with dozens of email addresses mean she has to live on a sink-hole estate or get through 100 cocks a year, not everything at the waterhole is a croc.

Hell, there is a woman not five miles from here with a ton of money and property and everything else you can think of, in every other way she is identical to this bitch, damaged goods. (and that doesn’t imply some other cunt did the damage neither)

Living in a shit-hole is a CIRCUMSTANCE.

Lying like a cunt is a CHOICE.

My mate says yeah, now you’ve said that, I got the words to explain what I really mean, couldn’t explain it proper before, its like, when the whatsapp thing happened, you just, ok, maybe not jumped, but went straight to the conclusion she blocked you, and when you saw her email there, you went straight to the conclusion she was lying, and ok, she lied to you before, but does that mean she *couldn’t* have been telling the truth, like, shouldn’t she, or anyone else, have the chance to be believed?

But, I said, the technology rarely if ever lies, the only two ways that you can not get a contact’s status on whatsapp is if they have blocked you, or the whatsapp network isn’t synced to your phone properly, so you reboot the phone and it syncs, and I reboot my phone daily, I’m a cunt like that, and it was three days her whatsapp status was giving no info.

OK, like, she *was* fucking lying man, like, she has (for the time I have known her) always been a fucking liar, leopards and spots man.

Dude, I tell him, technology can lie, sort of, the oil pressure warning bulb that doesn’t light up because it is blown and so it doesn’t warn you your oil pressure is low, or the dead neon in the mains extension lead that doesn’t warn you the lead is live.

They aren’t *lying* to you, there is no INTENT TO DECEIVE…. it doesn’t sit there and say “Fuck him”, or treat you differently to me, it doesn’t have an AGENDA.

Liars all got an agenda, and the only thing that is ever on it is themselves.

That got nothing to do with having a hard life of living in a shit hole.

That’s about a total lack of respect, and sure, your oil pressure bulb don’t respect you either, but it is inanimate, so the full phrase is a total lack of respect for another human being.

How can she respect me, when she doesn’t respect her two technologically turned on teenage sons, and keeps pics and vids and records of her sexual exploits on computers the whole family uses, even the pre pubescent girl?

It’s all part of the greater whole man.

Sure, I may take it personally when my psycho skank ho ex dropped an FRA on my ass, and it was personal, but I ain’t the only fucker she pulled that on in her life, on the contrary, you can’t find nobody she did not shit on.

He got it then, 99.99% of our ACTIONS, not personal circumstances, but ACTIONS, are characteristic of our personality, it is incredibly rare for someone to do something truly out of character, leaving the toilet seat up, switching a light off when you leave a room, washing a cup or putting it in the sink and leaving it, checking zerohedge before you check slashdot, or vice versa, having multiple emails, or blocking people on whatsapp because you can’t think of any new lies that even you would believe, it is all IN CHARACTER.

I didn’t see something and jump to a conclusion, or claim the boy had cried wolf, or anything else, there wasn’t a rush to judgement, it’s just observation, like observing that a particular vending machine only ever drops out tins of 7up, it doesn’t matter what button you press, all you ever get is 7up.

So when tomorrow rolls around and you see (no matter who pressed the button, or even if they ASKED for a 7up) the same machine drop a can of 7up you just nod to yourself and think ayup. No change there then.

No matter what the CIRCUMSTANCES of our past purely sexual relationshit…

… the skank CHOSE to lie to me, the same CHOICE she made numerous times in the past.

I don’t judge her for her CIRCUMSTANCES, I do for her CHOICES… and EVERYONE has choices.

Except technology, technology doesn’t have free will.

As he was walking out, my mate asked, so what has these recent events with this skank done, have they actually made a difference to how you see her?

I said yeah, if she’d just ignored me she would have been filed away in my ex skank mental filing system as some ex skank with a significant large negative number -n, representing the depth of the hole she has dug in my estimation.

Since she replied with yet more bullshit and lies, that negative number is now greater and that hole in my estimation is deeper, it’s already well below my water table of would get involved with again, so now its just a case of deepening the well, or cess pit.

Not just got no skin in that game, but thank fuck I got no skin in that game, so long, and thanks for all the kinky fucks… In the words of Captain Cornelius Butt, I never forget a face, but in your case, I’ll make an exception… and the next time you’re passing my door.. keep going…


  1. it is possible to disable the ‘time last seen’ feature in Whatsapp; but I can’t see some skank rooting around through the settings just for that. It disables it for all contacts.

    Comment by Tim — August 25, 2014 @ 8:45 am

    • Especially as it is a two way sword, as you say, hidden away in privacy you can prevent others seeing your last online time etc, but doing so also prevents you from seeing theirs, and no wimminz will go with that…

      Comment by wimminz — August 25, 2014 @ 8:54 am

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