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August 24, 2014


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I have done more than just a few in my time.

Not humans though, they are easy, cows are much harder, much bigger necks.

I used to use a knife with an 8 inch blade, but, I have also done it with a Buck knife with a 4.5″ blade, it takes about 60 seconds.

For a cow, you grab each ear in turn, pull it hard to twist the neck, and about two inches down from the ear, just under the bottom of the skull, you make two deep incisions, one slash each side, but you don’t go too far forwards, try and avoid the major arteries on these cuts, which you get to do easily with practice.

You then pull the head back exposing the throat, and join these two cuts with a slash across the throat, cutting the throat, tongue and windpipe, again, with practice, you avoid the major arteries.

Next you deepen the cut, all the major arteries and right back to the spine, at this point you bend the neck back, and use the point of the knife to go in deep to the spine and cut the cord and ligaments.  This also incidentally releases a surprising quantity of spinal fluid.. you do not *just* get blood in a beheading.

Then you repeat the ears cuts on the back of the neck, again going through ligaments, and still holding on to one ear, the head drops off free of the body.

60 seconds all told, and even gravity alone, even after major internal trauma, eg  sharpened 3″ diameter steel spike on a forklift, which you ram in around below the cunt (not the ass, or the body will rotate on the spike) and aim at the top of the neck, basically puncturing everything in between, will release a *lot* of blood.

I haven’t personally seen the beheading video, it’s illegal for me to do so, but, from talking to those who have.

1/ The size of the knife is completely irrelevant, I could behead a cow with a box cutter, it would just be a lot more messy, a lot less clean, and a lot slower, so a human neck being proportionally smaller would be proportionally easier.

2/ If you behead someone thus, within moments their bowels and bladder void, you would see this, as void doesn’t mean go for a crap and a piss in terms of volume, it means much much more.

3/ Blood, we as mammals are predisposed to see and notice blood,a pint always looks like a gallon, cut a living human artery and you cut into 2 psi, it will spurt everywhere…2 psi in rule of thumb means 2 foot high spurt against gravity, so you absolutely will see it, even in a VGA res monochrome film, you will see it.

4/ According to those who have seen the film, you apparently see the Joke Jihadi sawing at the guys neck about a dozen times, as the very professionally shot clip fades to black, but, you do not see anything else, certainly none of the above.

5/ According to the guys who have seen the film, it then cuts to another shot, of what appears to be a human head on what appears to be a human corpse.

6/ According to the guys who have seen the film, and apart from the issues above, neither the guy about to be shortened nor the Joke Jihadi act as though a beheading is either imminent or in progress, he apparently sounds like he is reading from cue cards, and the Joke Jihadi doesn’t do the usual allahackbarinfidels crowing, nor does anyone else not in shot, nor is there apparently anyone else not in shot, apart from the two camera guys and one or two sound guys, and maybe the FX guy with the FX head and corpse.

I dunno, it’s *more* fucking effort to edit a film of me beheading a cow, and leave out the gory bits, which are after all where the shock values is, than it is to hit record, do the biz, hit stop, hit upload.

The guys who have seen the film don’t have my experience of what amounts to butchery, but they have said the production values were high, and both participants were wired for sound, so, the guys who have seen the film would not know what a blade sounds like as it cuts through flesh and sinew and the windpipe and nicks bone and cuts the spinal cord etc. It is a special and unmistakable sort of sound once you know it.

Unless the human has long hair, you’d do like the cow and grab the ears and cheeks to manipulate the head during cutting and hold it afterwards, apparently that did not happen, it was more hollywood-esque in style.

Like False Rape Accusations, beware of anything that apparently solves more problems for the alleged victims (the *west*) than it creates.


  1. Crap, now you´ve made me, “a free German” want to watch that fucking CIA snuff piece..

    BTW, why the heck haven´t you brits risen up yet? I figured when they outlawed p0rn that it would´ve been the end of these clowns.

    Comment by hans — August 24, 2014 @ 3:50 pm

  2. ot: i was woken up a bit after 3am when an earthquake jiggled me like a 300 pounder at the local titty bar. second time in my life i’ve been in an earthquake. rock and or roll, baby! no damage, a few things moved out of place. jihad better get here soon before we’re all turned to jello in the big one they’re always talking about.

    Comment by let it burn — August 24, 2014 @ 6:56 pm

    • A couple of years back Geologists “recalibrated” the Richter scale by basically a whole point down, all hush-hush.
      With similar mumbo-jumbo fairytale science speak they used on Pluto´s planet re-designation.

      So yeah, that wasn´t a measly 6.1 but a 7.1. On par with the “old” 6.9 from back then.

      Comment by hans — August 25, 2014 @ 1:48 am

      • Probably to do with insurance. “Your policy’s cut-off is 7.0? This was a 6.9, so sorry….”

        Comment by Like it matters — August 28, 2014 @ 12:24 am

  3. I don’t want to test the allahackbarinfidels by vacationing over there, but the potential for Orwellian news “management” is high.

    Comment by Joe — August 24, 2014 @ 8:54 pm

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