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August 23, 2014

My God, it’s full of stairs

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So, I was lying in bed with the girlfriend, and she turns to me and says “You’re a pervert…

So I looked back at her and said “My, that’s a big word for a nine year old to know.

Yeah, that’s how you separate the men from the niggerz, oh, and if you felt the urge to use quotation marks or verbal inflections or some other emphasis to change that from a joke, to a joke, or a “joke”, well, fuck you too…lol

Those of you old enough to remember the dawn of personal computing may remember a space trading game called Elite, I never played it myself, but there were those who do, anyway, it’s back, Elite Dangerous, it’s at beta 2 stage now, and it has to be said, there is a lot of impressive shit gone into it.

The trouble with this shit is you end up using real world money and real world time, to simulate real world activity, eg earning fucking money and making a living.

What’s the attraction?

It’s why I have never “got” the whole thing about going to a titty bar.

The game is 50 quid, if I could buy in game credits for say a million in game credits for another 10 quid, then, I might be interested, I’ll just upgrade my ship and start fucking around and having fun.

You see the analogy here, Elite is forcing me to start with a 250 quid fleabay A4 sized chinese laser, and maybe I can work my way up to the full size job I really want… but… I don’t do that in real life…. I do not buy a 50cc moped and work in it and trade my way up to the Dodge viper engined boss hawg moto-sickle I really wanted in the first place.

It’s a real life sim that isn’t real life, if it was real life, various rich bastards would have done what they did in Second Life, walked in and bought entire islands for real world cash.. and that is *good*.

You actually have a choice, is target A easier to achieve by in game grinding, or real life grinding and exchange real life money for in game money… OK, in fairness, this and many other things is apparently in the pipeline, but it could just as easy have been in the 50 quid beta, instead of the option to donate a thousand fucking pounds for a 4″ cutaway model, yadda yadda yadda.

A titty bar is a closed market, there is only one retailer.

Vegas is arguably the same thing, there is just the illusion of choice, ultimately all your money goes to one of a handful of retailers, no matter what you buy or who from.

In an anarchic (there is that dirty word again) Vegas, nobody could represent anyone except themselves, and nobody could sell anything they themselves did not have and posses, so no pimps.

Elite is a world where immigrants pay to get in, then get told this is the only legal currency, only these people here can outfit, repair, upgrade and buy and sell ships, only these “marketplaces” exist, rules, rules, rules and more rules, of freedom, there is none… and yet the draw is freedom to explore the galaxy and be an entrepreneur.

The commenter’s on the video above, by which I mean the two guys providing dialogue, essentially acknowledge all this, it is the same as the old elite, you are essentially “grinding” and this thing that I find leaves me cold and uninterested is exactly the thing that the aficionados of the game love, they see this is core to the whole game experience.

Hey, the “J” key still does the hyperspace jumps, yippeee.

Even while they claim nothing is scripted, in fact, everything is scripted, it is just done in such a way that there is the illusion of non-scripted gameplay.

Let’s take Far Cry 3, you can take your map, computer random generate say 10,000 NPC’s, random seed them all for what they are and what they do, random seed some passage of time while they all interact, and then plonk, you, the user gets dropped into this never the same twice world.

Technically it could be done, but *nobody* is doing it, and one of the big reasons nobody is doing it is to go back to the very early computerised “life” simulations, run a thousand iterations of foxes and rabbits and they all end up looking the same, the randomness is exposed for what it isn’t, and the constrained and limited models of what is a fox and what is a rabbit, and how the two may interact, are what defined the outcome every time.

In the proposed FC3 world above, you’d have the exact same fucking problem, and you’d expend all this processor power to end up with a scenario that is essentially indistinguishable from the allegedly open world unscripted varieties that we have today… so they don’t both, and stick with the scripted unscripted allegedly open worlds we have today.

In computer animations of humans, we have the uncanny valley, as the simulation become more human, the greater the depth of the “that shit just ain’t right” feeling, and it is the same thing with all these games, sooner or later I always come up against an uncanny valley, the coder’s hand at work, not the alleged physics and laws of the world I am supposed to be immersed in.

At that point, the game is ruined for me, forever.

NPC characters in Skyrim that *cannot* be killed, ever, for example…. another example is guys you can kill, but out of the planned sequence, breaking the whole quest such as Orchendor in Bthardamz, oh noes, I didn’t follow the script in my pseudo unscripted open world and lordy me, tis broke…

I mean, how many times can a game give you the EXACT same fucking quest, kill the giants at sleeping tree camp, or kill, for the third time, the exact same dude on a night mother quest…. and still retain *any* semblance of game playing. Suspension of disbelief gets flushed, permanently.

There are parallels to the modern world, the latest goings on in Ukraine or Syria or whatever (still crickets on MH17 back boxes, cockpit recordings, etc etc etc) suspension of disbelief gets flushed, and I can never accept *anything* these cunts say, all I can see is the hand of the coder, and a lazy coder at that, one who only knows a few tricks, and has a particular end goal of his own in mind.

Look at the words man, “I have become disillusioned with the world”.

Doesn’t mean what you initially think it means, or what it is commonly taken to mean.

Does mean I have far less illusions, I see the hand of the coders, the suspension of disbelief has been flushed.

To become disillusioned with something is equated to having lost faith in something, and the parallel is that losing faith is like losing blood or money, it ain’t good.

But to lose faith in something it can only not exist, if it existed, even in part, you wouldn’t lose faith in it, nobody every lost faith in gravity, or thunder and lightning going together, or fire burning or ice being cold.

The coders in the real world fuck up for exactly the same reasons the coders in games and software fuck up, they flatly refuse to try to model the real world, and accept all inputs and feedback circuits and so on, if you only have a hammer everything becomes a nail.

Got an ex skank who has just gone dark on me, this was a worthless lying skank but a decent occasional dirty fuck, no more, textbook case of someone who simply refuses to connect the dots between her actions and the fact her life is the shit…. constantly moans about the consequences, but like a bad coder, steadfastly refuses to make the connection.

I do, I really do, I get what she is *trying* to do, new house new start new life just block everyone I knew, even the good guys (or maybe especially the good guys, who knows) and start afresh, clean sheet… I get all that.

I don’t know WHY, is it all her own doing, is it the new bloke getting her to burn bridges, I don’t know that, and I don’t need to, getting what she is doing and what she is so clearly trying to do is sufficient, I do not need to know why, it doesn’t add anything.

I do know it is doomed, because the one piece of luggage she is carrying from one chapter of her life to the next is her own broken character, and that is the steaming turd atop the soufflé on every meal she cooks up.

It’s the same reason why it doesn’t matter what software house the coder is working for, the game will still suck, and it doesn’t matter what party the politician is affiliated to, his policies will still suck.

Are you a crap and utterly talentless manager?

No problem, just re-define the scope of everything and set not so arbitrary boundaries that always just happen to prevent you having to go out of your comfort zone or push yourself and maybe fail badly.

It’s why on every single job I do in my day job, without exception, I can get all the boxes ticked and all the forms signed and we get paid, even if it often takes two or three or four visits to achieve what should have been done in one.

It’s why, back in the day on the Cobalt RAQ boxes back when the WWW was new and anyone could start up as a web hosting company, and like many others I did, you had X RAQ’s on colo, and one local one that you played with and learned shit on and did development work in.

It’s why your boxen on colo, the very first thing you did with that admin account, was create a secondary junior admin account, set up so it could *never* affect or lock out the primary admin account, and from that point on you *never* accessed the primary admin account… just in case.

Fucking cisco boxen on expensive fibre connections, get down to the end of the config and there is almost universally without exception the following

line vty 0 4
 exec-timeout 15 0
 password 7 xxxxxxx
 login authentication RADIUS-SSH
 transport input ssh

It doesn’t *have* to be that simple, line vty 0 4 allows up to 5 users to login to the console via telnet, and you *can* define multiple users, so you *could* have a simple fallback based on user name, password, and source IP, which is a piece of piss is you yourself are an ISP… and allow input all, not ssh…

Which would stop the regular problem that the router is working fine, but you as the ISP cannot access it remotely, because they crypto key has become corrupted, or because the password has been changed, or some doofus made some other change to the config, and then the only solution is to send an engineer to site.

But no, *one* admin user name and password is considered sufficient, so when that gets broken, locked out.

And of course, if you only have one admin user, that used does everything, including regularly locking themselves out.

If you have “transport input all” it will accept all input types, if you have “transport input SSH” it will only accept SSH sessions, and they are based upon the crypto key generation, and the command for that is “crypto key generate rsa general-keys modulus 1024” and if you try to issue that command on a generic blank router with the hostname still set to..


it will refuse, because the hostname is part of they key, so you have to issue the command “hostname NSA_kiddie_porn_honeytrap” and you will get


and then you can generate the crypto key

and then another doofus remoting is as admin issues a hostname change command, because now they want this one changed to primary or to reflect the physical site or the company got bought out or whatever, and they crypto key no longer matches the hostname, so you don’t get in… until an engineer is dispatched to site, and he changes transport input SSH to transport input all, or spots the issue and generates a key for you…. or whatever

I know of one instance that someone wrote a batch command for the entire estate of 30 routers on 15 sites, because the company, call it “Local Inc” got bought out by Acme corp, so this batch changed each router hostname from “Local_cityname_1” (or _2 for backup) to “Acme_cityname_1”.. and of course they all still worked, but the ISP could no longer remote in, which was a problem… 15 site visits later….

Typically most of the chain stores in the UK have between 800 and 1400 sites, depending on how ubiquitous they are, and of course each site could have one or two or three or more routers, you can just imagine the chaos that could ensue.

Allied with default admin usernames and passwords, and yes, I know them all, it is my job, large companies also have default naming conventions, so even the SSH crypto key side of things is easy enough to guess at, eg I can guess the hostname that the router is using, even though it is just presenting itself as a specific IP address, based upon the naming convention that the ISP in question uses.

If Acme corp always leads with ACR for acme cisco router underscores for spaces, placenames, and numbering conventions such as 1 for primary and 2 for backup etc and first letter capitalised and so on, I can guess the hostname and get it right first try 99% of the time, within 4 attempts 100% success.

Just because I follow the company naming convention, I know there is a router there, it’s giving me an IP of (yess I know, non routable on the net) but if there WASN’T and I was going to DEPLOY one, what name would I be giving it?

It’s the same answer as to the question, I wonder what this router on is called?


At that point the crypto portion of using SSH as opposed to plaintext “all” is defeated

In the UK, if your name is John Smith, and you were born on the 3rd of February 1959, your driving licence number is SMITH190203J9xxx

Driving licence number format explained

SMITH 706212 PD 9RC **
A – Displaying first five letters of your surname. If surname is less than five characters in length, the remaining spaces will comprise of the digit 9.
B – First and last numbers are the year of birth. Second and third numbers are month of birth. (Note: in the case of female driving licence holders, ‘5’ is added to the second digit, this means that the second digit will be 5 or 6). The fourth and fifth digits are the day of the month of your birth.
C – The first two initials of your forenames. If you have only one initial then the second character will be a ‘9’.
D – Computer check digits.
E – Licence numbers

Back in the day before computers as such it was how the po-po worked out if your licence was a forgery, and how those in the know could produce a forgery that po-po couldn’t detect unless they took you back to the station and queried the mainframe.

The vast majority of UK drivers are not aware that this is how their driver number is generated, but that is the textbook definition of security through obscurity.

Obscurity is another illusion, and what is obscure to one is not obscure to all, and once your “key” is revealed, eg acme corporation’s router naming convention, the cat is out of the bag.

It isn’t going back in.

Long before anyone even considers trying to put it back in, others have wondered if Acme is the only corporation to work this way, I mean, that would be unusual… ideas tend to propagate in an industry… “Industry standards” mean just that.

So, for example, if the Kiev traffic controller building communicated with the Kiev voice radio TX/RX facility via “secure” and even “encrypted” VoIP over a couple of “secure” routers….  it probably isn’t as hard as you might think to step up to the microphone and say Ho Lee Fuk, Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, btw guys, drop 5k and steer right 15 degrees, what’s your vector Victor.

You, dear reader, are now probably somewhat more “disillusioned” than you were, about the whole subject of security.


  1. why do you always have to pick on the NSA? I am sure they are like everyone else, trying not to get locked out of their Cisco gear so that they can leave work by 5pm and be home before dinner gets cold.

    Comment by Joe — August 24, 2014 @ 7:31 am

    • because it’s faster to type than GCHQ etc >;*)

      Comment by wimminz — August 24, 2014 @ 9:01 am

  2. You know, sometimes I do wonder why I prefer “earning” money in virtual worlds to pretty much the same activity outside.
    Maybe because it´s simply cleaner and much cooler to sit in your make-believe space ship and do that trade run.
    And that´s with a rinky-dinq flatscreen. Ho-Boy when they start rolling out them 3D-rigs, good by kidney. :p

    Comment by hans — August 24, 2014 @ 3:57 pm

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