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August 15, 2014

I love this post

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Well, OK, I don’t, I just wanted an excuse to use the pic…4690947372754137862

The mis-attributed so called “wisdom of St Francis” goes, “Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

It basically comes in three parts.

1/ let me be strong enough to change what I can.

2/ let me be strong enough to endure the things I can’t change, the stuff outside #1 above.

3/ let me be smart enough to know the difference between #1 and #2 above.

Speaking personally, #1 was never an issue, and if ever there was an understatement of fact, that was it… LRFH…

#2, well, yeah, I guess I’ve been though that ordeal of fire a few times too, it fucking hurts, and changes you, but yeah, I’ve endured and survived.

#3 was always the bitch, see, it’s not so much being smart enough to know the difference between 1 and 2, it’s more a case of how long the clock ticks between the trigger event, and that particular penny dropping for you… I have often been a bit slow on the uptake on that one, a facet of #1 above, donchaknow, so busy trying to make it work I didn’t stop to think that the other fucker didn’t want it to work…

It’s the Jehovah’s Witness problem.

See, if you gotta go out and preach it or sell it, you’re failing at #3 right off the bat, if some fucker is interested, they will come to you, no exceptions, they… will… find… you…

This applies to everything, even making frosty widgets and better mousetraps, that you think nobody knows about but if only they did….. by all means, set out your stall, eg set up a web site, so that those who want to find you can, but that is it, not one millimetre more.

Indeed, when it comes to looking at the people who do come to you, #3 is still the problem, because they are not coming to you to exchange anything, they are coming to you to take you for what they can.

It’s a function of human cerebral pathways that we will write things down in such logical ways, test #1, test #2, test #3, as above, apply all three to determine the optimal tactic.

But survival is often to turn that logical progression on its head, and go arabic or chinese and start reading the book from the back, (bad analogy guy, cos their books are written in reverse, and so the back is the front) so you should apply test #3 first, then test #2, then test #1

#1 is this some shit I can change, or some shit I have to endure?

#2 am I strong enough to endure this shit, if it it shit I have to endure?

#3 if it’s not shit I have to endure, am I strong enough to change this shit.

Because, y’all see, #2 and #3 always come with a steep price, only #1 in this reversed list is relatively cheap.

There is a post over on the forums, where Alpheta talks about shit that is comfortably or functionally broken, but better for it, it doesn’t just apply to cars though, take my revised list above, and apply it to a particular wimminz I am thinking of.

1/ no to change

2/ yes, because I can’t change it, don’t care, and have no stake it in, basically, I got no skin in her game or future.

3/ not relevant, due to 1 and 2 above

So her life is an ongoing clusterfuck, so is she, like I care, now and again every few months she turns up for a few days and it’s porno patrol time, anything goes kinky fuckery, and it’s all good, and then she goes again.

She is comfortably and functionally broken, and I don’t care, because I got no stake in it, as / when / if it is there then it has utility to me, something to empty my balls into, end. of. story.

In this way she is superior to the wimminz who claim to want a relationshit, but y’all just know how that will end….

Shades of the guys who has seen it all and doesn’t give a fuck any more, he is quite happy to be in his fifties and driving a home grocery delivery truck for Tesco’s, and yeah, I see em all the time… none of this is that all you amounted to dude, in your 50’s and you’re in a minimum wage job delivering bananas and biscuits and bog rolls to assholes who can’t be bothered to do their own shopping?

They don’t give a fuck.

Which makes them an immeasurably better employee than the 20 something fuckwit that expects to be pulling down 100k in a few years time, but there is another danger, you have to separate out the comfortably and functionally broken, like me and the Tesco home delivery guy, from the outright dysfunctional and no longer does anything that it says on the tin broken, which is what we are surrounded with today.

If we apply my three reverse test to society and wimminz today the answers we get are…

1/ No, you can’t change it, waaay too much momentum, so you have to endure it or die.

2/ You are either strong enough, which means you get burned and disfigured and adapt and survive, or you don’t.

3/ See above, you have no hope of changing it, maybe, just maybe, you got what it takes to change you so you can endure #2 above.

“If wishes were horses, nobody would walk”, it’s an old saying, and a pithy one, now imagine you are alone, trapped by some wreckage, in a slowly sinking boat, suddenly wishes ain’t so pithy, wishes is all you got, and if only you have a knife, if only you had a prybar, if only you had an axe, if only you had been standing there and not here, if  only, if only, if only…

If only everyone in the global economy and society, that I am not a part of, that I have no say in, were not so hell bent on seeing “us” all embroiled in another great war.

For values of “us” that vary, depending on who reads it, if western Europe goes up in flames it’s as tragic to the yanks as Ukraine or the middle east going up in flames, it happens to someone else, not “us”

What’s happening in eastern Europe now isn’t happening to “us” for values of “me”, and it will stay tragic shit, until the contrails, crump of shells and crackle of small arms fire is something ***I*** find outside what used to be my front door.

NOBODY who is still standing in Donetsk, for example, on that unknown future day when all this current shit is over, is going to be concerned about how much their mortgage was, how much they owed on the plastic, how much they owed on the car, or anything else, back before the shit hit the fan.

I was this morning looking at a map of the streets of the City of Plymouth, in the south west of the UK, the town planners are fucking everything up with their traffic management and pedestrian zone shit, but, you can still see, the entire city was clearly laid out on a draughtsman’s table, none of the old fashioned organic historical shit, which is what you would expect, the entire city basically got reduced to rubble by the Luftwaffe 70 years ago…. which actually, isn’t as hard as it sounds, it doesn’t take *that* many 500 lb bombs to wipe out a square mile of urbanisation, even without the ensuing fires…

A 500lb bomb ( a B52 could carry 50) has a 100 yard blast radius, actually they are dropped in sticks, so you get a line of blasts that form a pathway that is cleared.

Pi r squared, call it a very very conservative 5000 square yards per bomb that is well fucked, call it 3 million square yards to the mile, 3,000,000 / 5,000 = 600 bombs, 600 / 50 = 12 B52’s worth, if each bomb was precision guided, but with each bomb ACTUALLY costing between 3 and 5 hundred bucks to make in bulk, who cares, plaster the fucking place… drop a few thousand…

It’s about the only way that will actually float that you can wipe out the fucking massive and impossible to ever repay negative equity that is tied up in that, and every other city and town and village.

Course, you don’t have to flatten em *all* to wipe out the fucked economy and negative equity, 30% is quite adequate.

For the same values of “us” that exclude “me, personally” above, as far as lots and lots and lots of people, including lots and lots and lots of people in positions of power and influence and control, it doesn’t matter if it is a horrific “solution” to our problems, if it is the only solution that they can see that will actually fucking work, and as long as they are convinced that if they “allow” it to happen (participatory non-participation, not starting fires, but not putting them out, and handing out matches and gas) then for values of “us” that don’t include “them personally” it is not unthinkable, just inevitable….

The other mis-attributed quote, that Putin said playing political and economic chess with Obama was like playing with a pigeon, it knocks all the pieces over, craps everywhere, and then struts about like it has won the game…

It’s like false rape accusations, they seem unthinkable to right minded people, but to the lying psycho skank ho’s who make them, they all solve more problems than they create, suddenly the threesomes and porno gangbangs are excused.

Ditto those who “investigate” them, look what they do, not what they claim to stand for, and draw your own comparisons between apparently wildly differing institutions such as those appointed to ensure the welfare of your children in the state and family court system, and the media and press and those appointed to investigate the aftermath of air crashes to see what happened… MH 17 was shot down on the 17th of July, on the 21st the black boxes were handed over to said authorities, on the 24th of July said authorities announced they had downloaded the data from said boxes, it’s now 15th August, crickets… and no, cockpit voice recordings do not need “analysis” before being released.

Still the good old mulatto messiah (I warned, back when he was first elected, the yanks were getting nothing more than a black Tony Blair…. be afraid..) is sending troops and abrams tanks to the Russian borders…

USS Liberty battalion anyone?



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