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August 8, 2014

It’s a remedial world..

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You have ten steps in a process, to do the job as required you have to do step 1, then step 2, and so on, to step 10, job done.

If you miss step 10, it’s what was known as a fuck up, to be specific, your fuck up.

If Engineer grade 5 (where a higher number is better / more superior in the company) fucks up, and engineer grade 2 never fucks up, but engineer grade 5 is on the much higher salary and so on…. but the world has been ever thus, all you can do if you are grade 2 is nod your head at the reaffirmation that life, the bitch, she no fair.

Talking to another one of the boys last week, like me he comes from a background where people get injured or killed if you fuck up.. not trying to be all macho and mysterious and military here, anyone who operates rotating equipment for starters, with lots of others to follow, will do in this category.

The background is important, because you get a common attitude, when guy X doesn’t pull his weight, so you have to, or he is golden balls and you aren’t, or any of that whole gamut of things, you get what the man said to me last week about his latest guy X… “…that fucker’s card is marked…

For values of whenever, no matter the circumstances, until the end of time, that means whenever that guy X pop’s up on your radar, you go to your mental card index and pull up his card, and on it you see the black mark, and at that point it’s fuck him, if there is any element of me having a choice, as opposed to me being told to do X during working hours, then fuck him.

The world, as I say, and as we all know, is not “fair”….

…nevertheless… it seems to be an innate feature of all mammals that I have seen and observed, and this includes humans, to be *aware* of the concept of fairness.

When I say aware, I mean in the sense that creature A knows it is enjoying an unfair advantage, that doesn’t mean it won’t take that advantage, fight to defend that advantage, and fuck everyone else… meanwhile creature B knows creature A is taking the piss, and there endeth co-operation with creature A.

And so we have segregation, creature A has his fucking mates, and fuck them all too, and creature B has his mates, yeah sure bro, run it by me one more time, that thing you need, I’ll have a think on the matter.

And the differences between the two groups are ever so subtle, so subtle, it’s an ethos thing.

Talking to a guy last week, he was getting paranoid, on the fucking sites, he was getting lots of openings, but no action, in his own words it felt like every time he’d start chatting, it was going great, and suddenly they go dark on him, like, you know, like some cunt out there is putting the bad word in at every turn… you know bro?

I smiled at him, it’s the ethos thing at work, that’s all, there is no spiteful ex fuckbuddy out there stalking you on the fucking sites and badmouthing you to everyone you talk to, even assuming they had a way of knowing who you are talking to, and that just leads to a whole other level of paranoia…

Fact is, it is as simple as the fact that they are all creature A’s, enjoying unfair advantage, and that’s not an issue that gets rectified by the school of hard knocks, lessons will not be learned, ever…. the mould is cast.

Creature A is by definition a paranoid mofo, that’s one thing you learn eventually, with experience….. when my oppo rings me and tells me that Fred’s fucking card is marked, fuck him, and the horse he rode in on… well, we creature B types are late to the card marking party, Fred, being a creature A type, marked our cards long before we got around to marking theirs.

Creature A types trade “favours”, in the broadest sense of the word favour, you keep quiet about my heavy drug use, I’ll keep quiet about you fucking under-age boys up the ass.

Creature A types see the world as a quid pro quo, (something for something)

Creature B types, we work more in intangibles, and by that I don’t mean I do you a favour and you owe me one, some intangible debt that I can call on in the future, that’s still quid pro quo.

By intangible I mean you can’t see the benefit to yourself, now or in the future, sitting down for a few hours and talking straight shit to a mate who starts a new business, no real way to see a benefit to me, maybe some vague shit about eventually if he succeeds in his business he may in 5 years time be able to give me a lift to the airport, because he can still afford a car in 5 years time….

Going out and scraping the ice and snow off the bit of pavement in front of your house is an intangible, it’s more effort than you need to do for yourself, and there is no real way to postulate any future benefit to yourself for making that extra effort.

Back in the last house, with the lying psycho skank ho ex, my house was the only one in the street that had the pavement in front scraped clean (of winter snow and ice)  in the am.

Hey, I’m a fucking engineer, what did you expect, I only fix shit that can be fixed if people pay me???

But, the world is remedial, this apparently profitless, eg apparently lossy, approach of us minority creature B types, well, it’s *too* fucking common to be just random seeds thrown out now and again in the off chance that evolution will allow them to flourish, we creature B types are in the minority, but it’s not a minuscule minority, so it’s way too prevalent for random seed, ergo at some level it is being selected for.

“Plan B” possibly, I don’t know and cannot know, this is all speculation and rumination, but you can’t betray creature A, they *expect* you to fuck them over, should you get that level of advantage, the way a drunk guy dressed in armani and dropping twenties everywhere like confetti can *expect* to get mugged.

Creature B just feels an unbearably deep and profound level of betrayal, how the fuck could you fuck me over like that??? and for what?? it’s not like you got ten million bucks for it… what the fuck… and after all I have done and tried to do for you…

(this isn’t alpha and beta shit btw)10152541_264969440347023_1800012662_n

My own take, and it is 100% speculation, being a creature B who has spent long hours looking in the mirror, is that I can see one evolutionary advantage conferred to creature B over creature A, sufficient to cause nature to continue to produce a small but steady minority of creature B, a minority far too big to be a random seed.

On the *individual* level, creature A, once the mould is poured, never learns their lesson, sure, they say they will, they say all sorts, but it doesn’t stick or set, the die is cast.

On the *individual* level, creature B, you kick the shit out of that bastard, and he *can* learn, and adapt, and change, and that folks, is evolution…. it’s remedial, and a subset of a species that cannot change, cannot adapt, and therefore cannot tolerate an ebola like intrusion, there is no quid pro quo, you either beat it and live, changed forever, or it beats you and you die, there is no getting through it unchanged.

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