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July 22, 2014


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I wanted to write this yesterday, but I couldn’t, being the babbling yesterday represents an underpinning to this post…. by itself, yesterday’s post doesn’t make a whole heap of sense, as background and foundation to this one, it makes a lot more sense.

To-do lists, broadly you can split them in to two parts, one part has all the shit that you *should* do, and “will get around to one day” but which doesn’t really matter, because it doesn’t impact your day to day life much, and because putting it off doesn’t make the problem any bigger.

Then there is the other part, the stuff you must do, got to do, the stuff you say matters to you, the stuff you say is important, the stuff that does impact your day to day life, the stuff that gets tougher to sort the longer you leave it.IMG_0204a

Following on from yesterdays post, those who fail to get X Hard are the same people as those who fail at the second / other part of the to do lists.

They’ll happily tell you that something matters to them, but they won’t do fuck all about it.

Even though there are clearly things that they *could* do, even if those things are only partial or remedial solutions, rather than complete ones.

Git-r-done types, they do get X Hard, and they get that shit done.

I pulled up a mate of mine about this, he is starting a new business, taken an office, and he is sat there in jeans and a tee shirt and crap old computers, I’ll give the fucker his due, I spent two hours telling him what was so obviously fucked up about that, and 24 hours later he’s done all the big stuff, ordered new equipment, turned up in a shirt and tie, by the end of the week he should find himself sat in a far more professional and businesslike environment, and that should feed back positively into how he feels and operates.

OK he needed a kick up the ass to do it, but if he does it all, git-r-done, X Hard just got a fuckload easier for him, massive karma discount on everything…

*Everything*, not just he will feel more professional, he will get shit done faster and better with new kit (eg USB3 speeds vs USB2) he will have more positive public image, he will find it easier to sell because what he has to sell looks good, which will itself frighten away the chancers and assholes who would have wasted his time if he had sat there with old PC’s in jeans and a tee shirt… and on and on and on.

By being a person who doesn’t put up with slow and poor service, he becomes a person who will not deliver slow and poor service, the two are inextricably linked.

It’s Drano for your brain too, you get your head all cleared out of tolerance for that sub-standard shit, instead of sputtering and spluttering and misfiring at 1,000 RPM suddenly that bitch is on cam and on song and howling, putting down the power.

I got a related confession to make too, me not smoking, that fucking engine runs hot and sweet and on song, and I get sooooo pissed at world + dog…lol…. me smoking, meh, fuck it, chilled… that’s what adding drugs and reducing oxygen to your brain does bro…

Git-r-done, yesterday I had a USB3 2.5″ enclosure box die on me while at the aforementioned mate’s, not a biggie, the SATA SSD inside was fine, but annoying, cheapo electronics, so today on to Amazon and buy not one, but two replacements, delivered tomorrow…. there just ain’t no point fuckin abaht wiv it, you know what you need to do, just fucking do it.

It’s like my day job today.

Sure, I know the provider’s contact numbers, sure, I can do a sh int desc to confirm what is WAN and what is LAN, I can probably guess that the lone ADVA box with the red status light is the MPLS circuit, I can probably guess that the ONEA circuit number and provider circuit number, though different, refer to the same circuit, I can probably guess from the lack of empty ports on the switch that we aren’t doing a migration today, just and install and speed test, and I can probably guess that despite the lack of fucking patch leads in the box they want me to patch the router to the ADVA box…. and indeed when I touch base with the provider’s engineer we can confirm most of this shit between us.

But I shouldn’t fucking *have* to, it means I turn up with an address and a box and know literally fuck all else, so it takes me 15 minutes to unbox and rack up and power up and work shit out, during which time all I can say to the customer on-site is dunno, dunno, dunno.

It makes me look like a cunt, and I am not one, and it makes my company and the provider look like cunts, and they are, and then my efforts serve to make them look less like cunts, hell, they obviously employ and send out a competent guy who knows his shit well enough to work stuff out.

git-r-done it fucking ain’t.

X Hard with moderate values of X but significant values of karma surcharge it is.

What is the fucking point, so some fucking useless bint in an office can save the hassle of hunting this shit out from the electronic files associated with the job, and fucking copy and paste it into *my* fucking work schedule and email notifications?

That ain’t git-r-done, that’s can’t-be-fucking-assed, and that’s some-other-cunt-can-pick-up-the-slack.

And that’s what I was trying to impress and motivate on to my mate, no room for that slack in your own business, you got to run a tight ship from day one, and expend effort every single day to ensure that ship stays tight at all times.

Slack is where the fuckups creep in.

Today’s job might *NOT* have been amenable to reasonable deduction and assumption, there might well have been things that absolutely had to be done or things that were not the usual way of doing things, and we / I would have had no way of knowing.

IP addressing is *important* shit. (and yes I know, the 192 range ain’t routable, but this is examples)

ACME NOC (Network Operations Centre) IP

ACME HQ, a global multi-billion dollar corporation, IP

ACME NY office, IP

ACME Gaza bunker IP

I’m sent to Gaza bunker site with a new router, WAN side is supposed to be, but someone somewhere fucks up, and the config sets the WAN to

What happens?

Well, at the ACME NOC, instead of the router in NY saying HI, NY HERE,, and the router in Gaza saying HI, GAZA HERE,, they both say

ACME NOC now doesn’t know which is the real one, so the radius server kicks them both off the fucking network.

Gaza with 1 part time employee just took down NY with 7,954 full time employees and an HOURLY turnover of US$195,000.00


Git-r-done ain’t just I don’t care what u do but u go get that shit sorted right this instant, git-r-done is git-r-done and git that fucker done ***RIGHT*** bucko.

Gotta have a tight ship to git-r-done, with low values of X Hard and low values of karma surcharge on it, otherwise, well, things can and will go wrong in ways way out of all proportion to the effort you or some other cunt DIDN’T put in.

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