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July 21, 2014


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No, not the new viagra..

Where “hard” is difficulty, or effort, and “x” is a variable numeric value.

Making a coffee right now is about “0.1 Hard”, making a domain name and CMS website template is about 0.5 Hard, making a custom acrylic waterblock on the CNC mill is about 7 Hard.

This is, of course, for me, at this time, what may be 1 Hard for me may be 50 Hard for you, or for me if circumstances change, and vice versa.

From the above, making 5 mugs of coffee is the same as making a domain and website, Hard is like your money, it is iterative, and finite in supply.


Got this bitch, she could have had me, and it would have been 25 Hard, but she fucked up that opportunity, it is no longer 50 Hard, it is a lot more, say 5,000 Hard, that’s a bitch if all you have is 5 Hard spare a day.

Fuckers will tell you, give me another fucking chance man, well, it was 25 Hard and you couldn’t be fucked to do it, now it’s 5,000 Hard and suddenly you’re going to do it? I don’t think so, and if I let you try, and you fuck up, it’s going to be 100,000 Hard next time.

Only got 5 Hard spare a day, tough shit, means you are going to have to shit can *all* that other shit in your life, and use your entire budget of 50 Hard a day, all day, every day, for the next 2,000 days, that’ll be 5.5 years of sustained daily effort bitch, with not a single day off, and not a single day of less than your maximum output of Hard.


Yeah, but, I ain’t ready, or maybe there is someone better than you out there… and this is how Hard ain’t like money, MacD’s don’t refuse to take your money and sell you a burger just because you’ve been eating at BK, with Hard if you spent 5 Hard ten times at BK, you walk in to MacD’s they don’t have a tab with 50 Hard owing on it, they got one with 500 Hard owing on it, spend that 500 Hard in MacD’s and maybe you’re back at square one, like you never eat at BK… maybe…

Hard is not dissimilar to Karma, in fact they are so closely related, that Karma is the multiplier or tax on Hard, good karma gets you a discount on Hard, bad karma gets you a surcharge.

The X in Hard can get so big you stand no chance of every paying it off.

The X in Hard can *easily* get so big that it outweighs the utility of that thing to *you*.

At 25 Hard, I was the bargain of the fucking century bitch, at 5,000 Hard, I was an incredibly good deal, at 100,000 Hard, I’m just the best deal you will ever get a shot at, at 5,000,000 Hard, better stock up on pills and vodka, cos there is no happy ending.

Actually genuinely realising what a fuck up you made, that doesn’t get you a discount on Hard, it just gives you a shot at making those payments…. and maybe cuts the karma surcharge back down a little too.

X Hard will kill you, kill your soul too.

Had this chick once, we were gonna make a go of it, transpires she had sex a total of 7 times with 2 different people at one point, she knew she fucked up and wanted a second chance.

Hard said sure, but from here on in I own you sexually, and *after* you have found a minimum of 3 people that I find sexually attractive, and I have had sex at least 10 times with them, all of which *you* arrange and do your level best to ensure that *I* have the best possible time, then we can at least consider opening discussions about “us”, up to you.

Hard sat there and watched her, no hysterics, no tantrums, no tears, just a bouncy castle that someone turned the fan off, and it deflated, and settled, and shrank, and shrivelled, and collapsed.

Fact is, she *could* have pulled it off, *could* have paid it off, but didn’t, why would she, when the orders of magnitude cheaper options of not fucking it up in the first place (hey baby, lets go have a foursome) were already too expensive.

Not too expensive as in couldn’t afford them, to expensive as in she was a cheap fucker, why pay 5.99 for a burger at BK when MacD’s have them on offer at 0.99, then she blows 75.00 on the rest of the night out…

X Hard, it’s all about character really, someone who can’t see the value in a ground floor opportunity certainly inst going to work to pay full whack for that same thing, much less work all hours and go without many other things for that same thing.

And I’m not talking consumerist shit like the new iphone6 here, I’m talking shit like another person’s trust, or respect, or faith, or good name, or indeed money or property.

X Hard where x is low-low-low and they still won’t pay it, no coincidence at all that this same person will go for a night out and blow 75.00, and not repay the 50.00 they owe you *first*… even if it takes a 25.00 taxi fare to get to you to repay the 50.00.. because even spending 10.00 on frivolity when they owe you 50.00 is fucking unthinkable to them…. not… they will spend it on the night out, and some time later tell you they feel “bad” they haven’t repaid you yet, not that there will be any monies offered when they tell you this …

X Hard is, as I said to a mate earlier, me making the fucking effort to be putting on a fucking shirt and tie after a clean shave every working day, despite the fact that I work in the field, alone, and never see my bosses… because if I don’t bother one day this week, before long it will be one day every week, then two days a week, then three, then fuckit…. see people of wal-mart.

X Hard is hard, I know, basically I am a lazy procrastinating motherfucker, if my mother or father was here they would tell you, when I was a small boy, 6 or 7, doesn’t matter what it was I was told or asked to do, my response was “I’ll do it later” and the reply was “No, you’ll bloody well do it now boy…”

As a young man I fucked up a lot of exotic machinery, just because I didn’t fucking maintain it properly, just rode it real hard and then moved on to the next thing.

Eventually I learned the lesson, X Hard plus a karma surcharge is what it cost me to run everything, plus most of the fuckers I knew wouldn’t buy *anything* off me after I had owned it…… I *know* you ran that Z1 at 10 pounds of boost @ 12k RPM regular as clockwork, we could hear it wail up the hill from the village 2 miles away.. … and it is with rich irony that from that day forwards I learned to spot people like my former self, and refused to ever buy anything off them…

X hard rears its head in business, work, finances, even fucking housework FFS, X Hard ain’t a million miles from Heinlein’s TANSTAAFL, because X Hard isn’t about the specific numeric value of the X, so much as acceptance of the fact that the numeric value of the X is a rising curve, because only once you truly accept and acknowledge that, can you yourself become a decent person, from the perspective of every other fucker on the planet, and how you treat their X Hard on behalf of you.

I was on site at 3 pm today, some stupid cunt sent the wrong part, shit, we need to send another one, it’s gonna take 5 hours to get there, you want the overtime dude?

No, I don’t, because the “in office hours” cunts are useless enough, so even if they send the right part this time it’s gonna be 9pm, which means me dealing with the “out of office hours” guys, who are even more fucking useless than the in hours guys.

eg, if you weren’t a cunt, you wouldn’t have fucked up and sent the wrong part, and because you’re a cunt, I’m not doing the overtime.

No, it is not hey dude, take the fucking money and run, X hard and karma, that is the same as saying be fuckbuddies and mates to the skank bitch who didn’t take me when X Hard was only 25, take the fucking pussy and run.

X Hard says things are either right or wrong, because the people involved are either right or wrong, and willingly associating with wrong uns rubs off.

9-to-5, that’s one thing, overtime, that’s another, you only do that if there is no cunts involved, because then you get appreciated, and reciprocity.

The bitch who coulda had me at X Hard 25, not worthy, and nothing will ever make her be, and no kind of association with her can ever benefit me, long term, they payoff can never even cover the outlay, not even in ideal circumstances.

I’m not just talking sex, or companionship, or lending her 50, or anything else, I am talking about EVERYTHING, X Hard is a litmus test for EVERYTHING about that person.

You gotta expend a little X Hard yourself for each person you meet, that’s the way it is, every person is a different casino with a different roulette wheel, so you place small X Hard bets that don’t matter to you if you lose, and you sit back, and you watch.

If you treat it as a bet, you’ll walk around thinking you are a born loser.

If you treat it as a small and cheap test, you’ll walk around like the winner you are, fucking parasite free…. it’s a medication worth taking each day, hel, it is your daily offering to X Hard, to keep YOUR karma giving you massive discounts on your X Hard, and not massive surcharges.

This post is a lot of massive rambling bollocks, but I know exactly what I mean, and I figure, so will you, if you are worth shit and know the value of X Hard, by whatever name you choose to call it.

To me, personally, X Hard is the way I unload individuals from my brain, instead of spending too much time thinking about them, I just unload them and don’t give a fuck about them…. something I can’t do by an act of will alone, just because I know I should, I can only do it by using X Hard, because that allows me to totally disrespect and dismiss them first…. you’re fucking worthless to me, and I don’t give any kind of fuck about worthless, what happens to you, what you do, what you think, what you feel, what could be, or anything else.


  1. Very well put.

    Comment by Thomas — July 21, 2014 @ 10:42 pm

  2. could be your coefficient of x is increasing with age

    Comment by Joe — July 22, 2014 @ 7:20 pm

  3. You should have titled this “The mathematical curve of keeping a clean soul.”

    Comment by Aurini — July 22, 2014 @ 7:57 pm

    • Meh, I’ll have to use that for the prequel then, now, where’s jar-jar… oh that’s right, I just fucked his ex-wife… meesa yousa still got eyes squeezed shut…

      Comment by wimminz — July 23, 2014 @ 1:43 am

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