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July 20, 2014

Don’t post knackered ^H^H^H nekkid…

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I’ve done it before, but yesterday’s post, and the comment by DN setting it straight, is a classic example.

I read his comment and thought WTF is the guy on about, I know I2R, and then re-read what *I’d* written, and he was right… somehow, somewhere, I screwed up, and what’s worse is I screwed up in writing.

Sure, I have the ability to literally go back and edit history, but that’s cheating, and not what this blog has ever been about, in some ways I’m not sure what this blog *is* about, but as to how it is done.

I write something when I get the urge, and that means sitting here on the sofa, wireless keyboard on my knees, big screen 8 feet away.

Now, two finger poke and hope typing is not the best at the best of times, combine that with the apparent ability that I have to type the wrong word grammatically, but spelt perfectly, and this keyboard’s tendency to not type the letter “a” sometimes, and sometimes I just miss words, see the not in red above, missed it completely while typing….. plus, just typing the whole thing and hitting publish and *then* maybe reading it through for the first time, and sometimes hitting the edit button to fix the most glaring mistakes.

And then sometimes I sit there and read it, and find that while I have said a lot of things, the one thing I really wanted to mention when I started typing, nope, never got around to that.

Typing is fucking slow and annoying, it is so slow, compared to my thought processes, that the two just don’t sync up at all, but having said all that, typing is still the best option out there, I don’t have a secretary, and I have never found a voice to text system that did not do everything I complain about above myself, but at least those are *my* mistakes, not the software’s mistakes.

None of this is intended to make any excuses, it’s my blog and no-one else’s responsibility, and it is not that I am unable to compose off-line and thoroughly check for grammar and syntax and layout, as well as thoroughly checking content for factual accuracy and logical flow.

I just fucking can’t be assed, you know, that is what is called work, that thing you get paid for, and I’m still waiting for facerig, and I have to, if not actively enjoy, at least feel cathartic when I write here… if I lose that, then there is nothing left as far as this blog goes.

See, this blogging game, it’s not a conversation, it’s more like texting some bitch on whatsapp, you know she is always online, but she only replies to you maybe once a day if that, actually that’s a bad analogy because whatsapp is one to one private convo, whereas this is one to as many who want to read it public convo, but the principle is similar, if you’re actively seeking a relationship with the reader, it’s a lot of effort for fuck all return, so you’ll soon get tired of it.

I’m tempted to say, so, in my defence, fuckups like yesterday, they are just part of the rich tapestry of keeping it real dude, and there may be some truth in there *somewhere* but mainly it’s just an excuse.

You got to be a bit open source, and you got to be a bit no ego, so others can pipe up and say hey, you twat, you fucked that up, and you can go back and look at it and scratch your balls and wonder how you managed to screw up something simple enough you should be able to do it in your sleep.

I have walked away, temporarily, but in fucking disgust, from the motorcycle rebuild, for a few weeks now, see I screwed up there too, but I did it out in my workshop and nobody was there to see, how did I screw up, beats me, in retrospect it was bloody stupid, it’s not a shovel, Mr Yamaha spins a lot of his engines “backwards” so the front cylinder in a vee twin is #2, not #1, which explains why the bitch didn’t start with the new coils and CDI and cleaned carbs….

Yesterday, my main PC, the one I happen to be typing this on, the socket 2011 job, refused to boot, I even took the side cover off and pressed the power buttons on the Asus P9X79 pro mobo, no joy, walked away in disgust, fucking dead mobo? Have coffee, smoke, fire up thinkpad, wander back to front room, ooooohhhh, I have left the external SSD enclosure connected to the front USB3 port, and it is set to not boot that way… fucking dumbass.

Fucking alzheimers… lol.. spell check wants to correct that to altimeters, so that’s why I ignore underlined in red words too…

What’s missing here is of course methodology, I was talking to my shitcanned mate who is setting out on his own, he was telling me an early job was cloning a disk, he used Macrium Reflect, did he do right, I said yes, and no.

See, for WORK, for a paying customer, the methodology is there, Macrium is great, but after you take the image, you double your time invested, because the very next thing you do is VERIFY the image, only then, can you proceed further.

The methodology here, it’s frankly fucking non existent.

And yet, though I say so myself, and you all only have my word for this, this blog is quite popular, readership numbers wise, and I assume that despite all the typos and errors and fuckups and shite, part of the reason is that it is a very human stream of consciousness thing, and people do like that sort of shit, be it ever so prone to errors and shit, it at least feels real and natural.

You all know, unlike say ZH where there are many authors all calling themselves Tyler, that there is only one author here, you can tell just by reading this shit, only one guy wrote it.

The methodology is frankly speaking what is lacking in my day job, in every area except my own input and output… to be sure, my methodology at work is not all it could be or should be, but it is so far above and beyond what everyone else involved is doing…  which is how I notice things…

I’m seeing direct evidence that chains of companies are swapping out functioning Cisco kit for “no newer or greater functionality” Draytek kit, not panic massive red alert shit, just orderly progressive 25 sites a week until all 500 nationwide have been changed over.

I’m just the jerk at the end of the line, nobody consults me on anything, so of course I have no clue as to why, or what their motivations are, but six months ago I was putting cisco kit *in*, for these same companies, and what has happened in the interim? Yeah, you are all way ahead of me, NSA and GCHQ.

Bad enough having the network backbones themselves tapped, but having back-doors into routers?  Sure, the Chinese made Drayteks prolly have them too, but apparently these companies would rather be back-doored by the Chinese than by “our own” NSA and GCHQ, and that itself, if true, is an interesting thing.

The message in the last three paragraphs is interesting, sure, it may lose something by not being presented in a professional manner, considered, composed, tweaked off-line for some time before being published, but not much.

It would have lost more if all those steps had to be taken, because I can’t be assed, and it wouldn’t have been published.

In the previous article, DN is rejecting what I say, central individual control of your individual devices, it’s a bite too far for him.


it’s not like they don’t have control NOW, albeit with a broad brush, “pull the plug on Brisbane”, and it’s not like everything we are learning tells us that they have *far* more fine grained control than we ever imagined, already built in via network snooping or firmware backdoors…

Your kinect camera output, for example, is by definition accessible to the snoops, you didn’t know?

The only counter is to embrace it, and start taking lumps of it under your own wing.

I got two Drayteks here running my home network, and I am a single guy living alone.

I got the main one, it’s providing my wired gig-e network, and my home wi-fi main SSID, there is a separate vlan for the guest wifi SSID, great for NEW BUILD / vanilla computers and laptops for people, they just need windows update and google access etc.

Then there is a separate vlan to the second draytek, the first draytek provides transit only, and the second draytek is one locked down motherfucker, the start point is every port, protocol and address is disabled, and then a few specific ports and protocols and ip addresses are enabled, within limits, and it doesn’t matter what any machine connected to this vlan tries to do, it doesn’t have control.

My work laptop, the one I don’t have admin access to, the one I only ever use for work and nothing else, ever, not even joking, the one with the insulation tape over the inbuilt camera, because I don’t have root, that connects to this vlan, one tunnel, one destination ip address, my HQ, my HQ can vpn remote in to my laptop and for all the world it looks like the only machine on a very broken and very limited network, you can’t even ping from it… no ping allowed for starters..

It’s just amazing just how much of “the internet” is broken, when you start enforcing basic rules.

Fire up Firefox, get the noscript and adblock plus plugins, set them to disallow *everything* that does not come from the same domain name and ip address as the server of the website that you are actually visiting.

Probably as much as 15% of websites will just give you a blank white page, nothing, noscripts alone in strict mode can account for this.

All those embedded adverts and trackers from other domains, just black spaces, but sometimes worse, because the original page is waiting for them to be loaded before they themselves deliver the rest of the content.

That’s the benign stuff, the malicious or dodgy stuff is where it’s not advertising that is embedded and you have to go off domain to get it, it is something to do with the core functionality of the website, eg to actually fucking buy something, or to login, or to send a message…

Think all this is paranoid? Not really.. my NAS boxen can’t talk to anything that isn’t physically on my LAN, not possible, locked down.

Not paranoid enough? I have a further computer that isn’t on *any* network, and can’t be made to be, USB stick sneakenet connection only, and that’s anal and scanned and only certain file types etc allowed.

I *know* the cunts monitor everything, that is my day job.

So my “objection” to DN’s objection is that you can’t prevent the cunts having local control, except by setting up local control systems that you yourself are (as much as possible) in control of.

And this long and rambling and error ridden pile of crap is what I call a blog, it eventually, usually anyway, sort of gets to the point, but then you knew that anyway… reading this blog, it’s like the old Confucian saying, it’s not the destination, but the journey… lol


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  2. openwrt >> Drayteks. how do you secure your smartphone when going through customs?

    Comment by Joe — July 21, 2014 @ 6:35 am

    • you don’t…. so don’t take it,

      Comment by wimminz — July 21, 2014 @ 7:35 am

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