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July 15, 2014

An honest review of RTCW The New Order

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OK, Wolfenstein….

It’s worth *maybe* US$ 4.99… maybe, if you can stick pressing E about a thousand times to skip past all the cutscene crap.

Total gameplay, maybe 4 to 6 hours, if that.

Gameplay itself, well, frankly, every level is the same, it is *exactly* as disappointing as Duke Nukem was.

If you let the list of credits play, you’d think the cunts had made a LOTR trilogy, there are entire countries with less people than feature on the credits of this monumental pile of crap.

This game is maybe, just maybe, 10% as good as Far Cry 3

And this was a motherfucking 40 fucking gig download on stream?

For what?

BTW, the graphics are crap, not as good as Crysis1, ditto the textures.

Soldier of Fortune all those years ago had far far better rag doll, and TBH, just as good gameplay… stop screaming… it was 14 years ago

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  1. Shotgun is OP.
    I recently got the Borderlands2 GOTY and even with the oh so fancy PhysicX engine the amount of actual physics compared to the above is just laughable.

    I think it´s the universities to blame.
    The old games were coded by enthusiasts and good old demo coders, while all these new shit games are full of fuckers that learned it “by the book”.
    Gaming has become an industry all right.

    Gerrof my lawn! :p
    Back to Master of Orion2 for me. Glad I snagged it of the GOG sale for a buck 50.

    Comment by hans — July 16, 2014 @ 2:48 am

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