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July 6, 2014

I have finished reading teh internetz

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I have finally read it all, twice, there is no new content.

In a previous life, many moons ago, circa the Y2K panic, oh how the world was such a different place as recently as then, because *then* when a cop I knew at the time showed me a pic (screen cap from a vid) of a “girl” they were trying to trace, and save, cos she was being exploited and abused innit, I was free, or felt free enough, to answer him honestly.

He didn’t show it to me in the “helping with enquiries” sense, he showed it to me to prove what a serious and important job he had, see, he’d just been telling me all about what he did, and I said his job was complete bollocks.

So, he shows me this pic, young blonde girl holding a horse / donkey / pony cock near her mouth, and I just burst out laughing as soon as I saw it.

It wasn’t the reaction he was expecting, clearly I should have vomited in disgust and shock and then praised craptain save a ho, as the young girl obviously desperately needed saving and wescuing…

When I could stop giggling I told him to do an internet search for Bodil Joensen, like, this chick you’re trying to save, she died 15 years ago, (from then, in late 1999) aged 40… in Denmark.

Cunt hated me for that, see, you can’t rescue someone unless they are suffering, so if you wanna be a rescuer, there just *has* to be lots of suffering, and if there isn’t enough, then that becomes a problem that needs solving.

I mention all this, because it seems to mirror the approach everyone has now, economy bad? No sweat, just break some windows… sorted…

I have talked in the past about my mate who was always complaining about his job, and me always telling him to keep his head down and take the fucking money every month, because on the other side of the employee fence your crap job will suddenly start looking like a dream job on a goldmine salary….. not something you have *any* realistic hope of getting.

Well, last week he got shit-canned.

His position (head of IT) isn’t being filled, his manager is stepping into those shoes, so the company structure is now a couple of directors, a bunch of managers, and a load of worker drones, fungible labour.

See, wages paid to managers are an asset, wages paid to fungible worker drones a liability.

For my sins there are quite a few ordinary working stiffs in various places around the globe that I talk to on a regular / intermittent / random basis, and of course since there seem to be more and more “trouble spots” around the globe, this means more and more of them are in said places, and others who are in places that are not apparently trouble spots, but have the same sorts of stories to tell as those who are..

And those who are “here”, like my newly unemployed mate, the stories are different in degree, not nature.

You get some working stiff on ZH who says fuck it, had enough of all this shit, burn it down and start again.

I dunno, what would your attitude be if one day you wake up and discover that all the managers and directors and politicians and lawyers and bankers think exactly the same fucking thing?

Cos they are.

That’s what this whole thing is that lost my mate his job, companies are getting lean and mean, and that means a core management team, no employees important enough or smart enough or knowledgeable enough to take the company down in a fit of anger, and a bunch of fungible drones who can be hired or fired at will.

In the mid to late 80’s, in another country, I did the whole wetback thing, day working, one day’s work for one day’s pay, maybe you’ll get asked back tomorrow, maybe you won’t… but, to be fair, the hourly rate equaled one menu del dia per hour, so better than many…

It fucking sucks.

Owners like that shit though, y’all only need one ganger with employee status to herd one crew of them, and he knows he can be replaced real quick too… and it is too late to get your company ready for that shit, when that shit is already being sprayed everywhere by the fan.

Back in the 70’s in the UK when the IRA were still doing their “spectaculars” there was a joke doing the rounds, as jokes go, it wasn’t that funny, what made it work was the picture it painted, the faces and expressions on them, of the people in the joke.

What’s the fastest game in the world?

Pass the parcel in an Irish pub.

You know the sketch, a parcel is passed around until the music stops, and then that person has to peel one layer of wrapping off, but instead of the final layer of wrapping revealing a nice present, it was a bomb.

It was funny on many levels, not just because of the imagined expressions on the players as the parcel did its rounds, and again when the music stopped, but the whole Irish / stupid thing, it didn’t really help you a whole lot to be relieved when the parcel was passed to the guy next to you, or anyone else in the pub.

You see the analogy, NatBarcloid Bank is going to shit, thank fuck I’m with HSBC.

Mesopotamia is going to shit, thank fuck I’m in Romania.

Real estate is going to shit, thank fuck I’m in tourism.

You can substitute pretty much anything, where the first term applies to you, and the second to some other group.

My mate’s IT management job has gone to shit, thank fuck I’m the Cisco kid.

I’m in a race against time, I have to raise enough funds to buy myself a new full size industrial laser, while the getting is good.

Who knows how many layers of wrapping are left on that parcel, god knows it has to be a finite number, and they have been playing all night….


  1. Awesome.
    An I would argue that it´s actually the bosses of these manager minions, and in fact the bosses of the bosses bosses have said “fuckitall” quite some time ago.
    That´s what the average Joe desperately needing his brainwash by the MSM doesn´t want to face.

    Problem is I know it´s useless to tell them even if they ARE suffering.
    As they cannot be helped even then, because they simply don´t WANT help. Just somebody to blame and I´m not putting on that dunce hat, tyvm.

    Comment by hans — July 6, 2014 @ 10:22 pm

  2. http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/No-charges-expected-for-cop-in-toy-gun-killing-5604765.php#photo-5675429
    Common people can be arrested and stripped of all human rights for the rest of their lives for victimless crimes where no one is harmed, while cops can kill what they themselves legally consider children, and get away without even facing charges being filed against them. Granted, it’s stupid to be carrying around a toy gun, but the DA report raises a lot of questions. There was no orange tip on the toy gun? How hard would it be for the cops, who collect all evidence and protect their own, to snap it off the gun after the incident?

    The boy was shot 8 times from a distance of 67 feet? 67ft is an awfully exact distance for an event so intense and adrenaline filled, and at that distance it would be difficult to distinguish if the toy had an orange tip or not. As someone who has fired a handgun hundreds of times, I can say that unless the officer is extremely skilled, it is difficult to hit anything, let alone a moving target 8 times at that distance. Likely more shots were fired, potentially endangering people in the vicinity, or the distance claimed was BS. If the cop was closer, shouldn’t he have been able to tell based on the height and features of the individual that they were a child? How did this incident start? Was the cop just cruising around looking for trouble, or was he responding to a call? Either way, there are many aspects of the report which are questionable at best, and would deserve an open trial.

    Call me paranoid, but one thing that I predict will become more widespread in the future is “concern based” indictments. In California, they are talking about rolling out gun confiscations for people that others are concerned about: http://www.latimes.com/local/political/la-me-pc-new-gun-control-bills-introduced-in-response-to-isla-vista-massacre-20140611-story.html. So what will constitute a concern? When it comes to modern law enforcement, nothing is too broad, and I suspect even facebook posts, which are all recorded, will eventually be used to justify arrests and confiscations. Better be careful about sharing non-feminist beliefs about women, or posting zerohedge articles on facebook. Now, if you don’t give a loan to your deadbeat cousin, or don’t take out the village bike on a proper date, they’ll have ammo to be “concerned” about you.

    Comment by freeman — July 8, 2014 @ 1:01 am

  3. Good one. Thank God it was the guy next to me that pulled the last of the wrapper off. OH WAIT!!!

    We’re running low on wrapper and high on package these days. My money is on the package at this point Wait, is that what they are using for wrapper? These days I think so…

    Comment by God is Laughing — July 16, 2014 @ 10:45 pm

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