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June 27, 2014

And on our left, we have another asshole.

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oops, it’s a mirror, which means the asshole is me.

Can’t actually say I got played again, because I put nothing out, just got ma groove on, can’t even actually say I bought any of that shit, no, the sin I committed against myself was to temporarily entertain the mere possibility that some one (OK, some skank) might have learned a lesson.

That’s the trouble with my attempt to render extinct the possibility of giving a fuck about a skank, I’m not really an individual, more of a collective, and it seems some members of the collective, albeit reclusive and very minor members, have taken some of the last surviving members of the poor leno genus and kept the cunts alive in a zoo.

I’m talking about this because I can’t talk about work, which was utterly fucking pathetic today, because if I do talk about work I will blow my cover totally, might as well just come out and name names, but it was a classic example of a whole series of fucked up decisions that all follow on from some corporate asshole actually cancelling something on a fixed date at the beginning of a project, according to the alleged schedules that this project would run to, said schedules and costings being of course conjured up out of thin air by the sales team of the new supplier of that something, and some other bullshit, probably trebles all around at the 19th hole…

OK cupid is fucking me off too, apart from myself, all the >80% matches are fucking 18 years old, which I can sorta go along with, or fucking yanks, which I can’t, or fucking freaks, which I can’t.

I got a sneaking suspicion that poor leno got cousins, and they live in the work environment and in OKC and prolly a lot of other slices of life too, which means it may be time to call it quits of just shooting every one of the bastards I see, and just agent orange-ing every-fucking thing, that, or take off and nuke the fucker from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Gotta make sure there ain’t no skanks on the crew though, they’re sure to allow one of the poor leno’s off the surface as a stowaway somewhere, so nuke the bitches too.

Not wanting to report on the Ukraine, or Russia agreeing to take payment in Roubles or Yuan for hydrocarbons sold to China, our lovely press has fuck all to talk about except more alleged crimes from the never charged much less convicted, but the cunt is dead now so he can’t sue us for calling him a monster paedo at every turn, Jimmy Saville, apparently he was boogying down with corpses down the mortuary as well… though dead and buried, you’re not forgotten, cos I’ll dig you up, and fuck you rotten…

Comes a time, and you have to admit, if these are all examples of human beings, then I’m drifting away from humanity, or, if I am human still, they all are, either way it’s getting to be bestiality at best, and if you’re going down that road things like the age or sexual maturity or mental capacity of the beast you are about to hump have already faded into insignificance.

All I do know is I got nothing in common with the fucks, so whatever alleged atrocities one group of assholes allegedly commit against some other group of assholes, it all makes no fucking difference to me at all.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I’m about to start my own personal red brigade and start offing assholes everywhere, quite the opposite, I don’t care one iota if the cunts live or die (just stop screaming while I’m trying to get some shut eye eh) which means I have exactly the same motivation to save one of the worthless fucks as I do to fuck them up, which is to say, precisely none.

I’m a personable and likeable enough asshole, I know that, people who meet me in the flesh don’t have any issues with me, but at the same time I know this shit just runs off me like air cooled below the dew point pouring off a flask of liquid nitrogen, not just an odour, but an effect so strong it is visible to the naked eye.

But instead of what I would expect, all these worthless cunts (OK, not all, but quite a few eh) seem to have the equivalent of the TG brain parasite that makes cat piss smell interesting to mice…. these worthless cunts find me interesting… go figure…

Stop the world, I wanna get off.

Actually, that’s not true, I want these cunts to get off.

We have gone soooooooooooooo far down the road of lies and bullshit about absolutely everything that even bloated unfuckable land whales, even if they are only 25, on swinging sites are throwing hissy fits because some bloke they turned down left em with a parting shot that her tits were way droopy for a twenty-something, which is true, and an understatement, and doesn’t even go near the rest of that fucked up protoplasm.

How is a guy like me supposed to get laid in a world like that? Pretty much by treating it all like bestiality, but I’m not that into bestiality, so you end up like a post apocalyptic smoker, all the cigarettes are long gone, and all there is to smoke is some old dried potato skins, and who the fuck wants to smoke that…

Things are fucked up when you start feeling like some Jules Verne character who hides away from the world out of disgust for humanity, better to go down the path of Dr Moreau, but that market has already been corners, with skimpily dressed 6 year old giving pole dancing demonstrations at primary school open / parents days, and I shit you not on that one.

Pre-pubescent children sexualised in every way possible by the MSM and state and world + dog, apart from actual hardcore pornography and actual physical sex acts, oh no, must not do that, you filthy paedo, and you must also look at all this blatantly sexual shit and not see anything sexual in it.

Which is a problem for me, because I will not do hot and cold, on and off, up and down, in and out, together and apart, with you and without you, the price is just too fucking high, and there is no pay-off.

In the year 2014, the most incredible, unlikely and unbelievable, literally, the thing least likely to be uttered or believed, is the fucking truth.

The last sightings were in the 19th century on the shores of Madagascar, where it was being stalked by the Dodo.

It’s the feeling I had when the psycho skank ho ex dropped the FRA on my un-suspecting ass, and then I start having to talk to da po-lice, lawyers, social workers and all, all of whom are only interested in twisting everything I say and taking it the wrong way and insisting I answer bullshit questions like “do you still beat your wife” with a yes or no answer, but now it is how the wider world is.

I mean, come on, be fucking serious, what the fuck am I supposed to say when I see a fucking six year old mini skank in a skimpy bikini doing the bump and grind on a pole???? “Will the bitch burst if I fuck her?”… cos you can fucking guarantee that no matter what you do say, however much or little truth or honesty or reticence you inject into it, it will be wrong and criticised and used as an opening to put you down with.

The parents and the pole dancing teachers and the school and everyone else is innocent, but god help you if you whip out your smart-phone and take a picture of your own kid, and this mini skank is bumping and grinding in the background, cos that’s kiddie porn bro, an absolute offence, which means no defence is legally possible.

Hell of a thing to live in a world where there are “crimes” to which is it legally impossible to make any kind of defence, and “courts” that are secret and closed, and gagging orders with penal notices attached for anyone who dares to fucking say anything.

***waiting*** for the fucking collapse??? It’s already underway.


  1. Nope, 18 year olds are out too

    I´d strangle the daft bitch after the first vocal fried sentence.
    And there´s bound to be at least one coming out of her mouth before the ball gag sets in.

    Comment by hans — June 27, 2014 @ 3:44 pm

    • uuuuh, kill it with fire… all of it…

      Comment by wimminz — June 27, 2014 @ 4:55 pm

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