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June 16, 2014

Throbbing Gristle

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A funny old thing happened on the way to the khazi…

… I saw a piece of paper on the floor that had blown off the table, and there was a doodle on the back, done while I was speaking to someone on the phone, which meant most of it was illegible scribbles.

You know shit is bad when you are struggling to read your OWN fucking handwriting, but anyway, I digress, so after some squinting and tilting my head, I realised / remembered this particular doodle said “range anxiety”

As in electric car range anxiety.

Bullshit, I have said this before, people are quite happy to ride high powered motorcycles with thirsty engines and teeny tiny fuel tanks, fuck it, I used to ride a SOHC 750 honda chop back in the day with a fucking 1.1 gallon peanut tank… 50 miles range if you were lucky.

I didn’t have range anxiety, I had fucking refuelling anxiety, especially back then in the seventies, when lots of garages just closed at 7pm… and it is the same with electric cars, if I know that;

  • I can refuel, as in find a place to refuel, within my remaining range, no worries.
  • If the entire refuelling process from pulling in to driving away again takes no more than 5 or 10 minutes, no worries.

So again, something that is, is being ignored and instead people talk about something that isn’t. It’s not range anxiety. It is refuelling/recharging anxiety.

Deliberate or accidental, this is very dangerous shit.

It is very dangerous shit, because I’d run out of ink if I tried to write a list of everyone I know whose life is a fuck-up and who are their own worst enemy, because of doing this exact same shit.

They have a real thing, but they don’t like that, so they will call it something else, and that something else has consequences, but they don’t like that either, so they will call that something else again, and that something else again is then used to excuse a course of action that is frankly, abhorrent, crass, self-indulgent and thoroughly bad karma.

I look at what you ***DO***, as opposed to everything else, including what you say, and your policy is clearly to utterly destroy both yourself and your children and anyone unfortunate enough to be involved with you.

Nevertheless, you will have a series of excuses for how none of this is your fault and it’s not like you had any choices, and this entire construct is based upon a series of things that, you guessed it, are not called what they are, but something else entirely.

I dunno, I am a very rich man, I mean stinking fucking rich, richer than fucking Croesus, richer than entire fucking countries… I shit you not, you see, I do not owe anyone US$ 4,500,000,000 for gas, and owe it so badly that the supplier turns the fucking taps off and says NO MORE ICE CWEEM FOR YEW…

Harry Stanton and Emilio Estevez turn up to repossess y’all’s mountains and arable land, cos, like, y’all are delinquent with the payments bro…

Meanwhile over at ZH, there is a no shit sherlock story about a bunch of central bankers who have spent US$ 30,000,000,000,000 on the stock markets, which is like 50% of the value of everything on the planet, hey, it’s easy to buy shit when you own the printing presses that make the money you used to pay for it all with…

… but then everyone reverts to a room temperature IQ and starts talking about central bankers as though they are all members of the Tallahassee Fisting Club, when the reality is of course much closer to saying they are all separate termite colonies, from the outside they all look the same, and different to “us”, whoever the fuck us is, but from the inside no colony has any real qualms about being in competition for resources from another colony.

A better analogy is the various crazed raghead terr-rist clans, from the pews of your congregational denominational pentecostal revelational motivational church of the white jehovah and his bitch, them raghead fuckers all look they same, and they all hate us for our freedom fries.

Left to their own devices, if there are no handy running dog imperialist fruit company lackeys to behead and play polo with, there are plenty of internecine rivalries to be going on with, all blood looks pretty much the same when it is being spilled…. hoo-rah..

Meanwhile the chocolate prezzident and his top, the man formerly known as Michael have just realised what all the confusion is all about, when everyone else talked about exit strategies they were talking about middle eastern mil-tech proving grounds, *he* thought they were talking about his exit from the Whyte Haus to a well earned retirement on the 19th hole.

Ayatollah Blair is saying none of this is his fault, except we should nuke all the wogs, especially the foreign ones who who don’t believe in the holy trinity of Tony, Cherie and Euan.

In microcosm it is all *exactly* like any fucked up company you care to name, Hewlett-Packard is no different except in scale to the world as a whole, and all the other companies are the same, as are all governments, et-fucking-cetera.

eg every last action of the company is deliberate and planned by the CEO, total awareness, total control.

And yet there are still cunts who insist that there is a secret cabal running it all.

It’s like those oh so tired and formulaic and boring science fiction stories, in which the poor benighted human race faces insurmountable odds time and time and time again, because the head of the Black Mesa Corporation and, in his mind, rightful heir to the Emperor’s throne, has done a deal with the inimical tentacle raping alien Muslim hordes…






Life is fucking chaotic.

Man, in his way, tries to impose order on the chaos, but imposing order is one thing, trying to impose control and supremacy is another thing entirely.

The unsung heroes of the past century are all the engineers and tradesmen and workers who lifted us from the low energy of the steam age to our present riches.

The unsung villains of the piece are all the worthless turds and flotsam that also got raised by that tide, they floated to the top and then thought it was all their own doing.

Natures normal love of chaos, the random number generator that ensures that the maximum possible number of different approaches are tried for every single evolutionary challenge, is ready to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

MAN did things like take 0.01% of the Banana biodiversity and then populate the entire planet with not merely a monoculture, where just one genus or type of grain or crop is permitted to grow, but a fucking CLONE culture, I have only ever eaten one banana, I have just done it thousands of fucking times…

Talk about laying out the welcome mat for nature.

The ancient Chinese curse about may you live in interesting times, interesting times are chaotic times, and quite truthfully, lots of different but similar ish from the outside raghead terr-rist groups squabbling over some illusion about divine destiny is much more natural than large monocultural violent incidents such as we have seen lately, USA vs anyone and anything, save for about two years in its entire existence, hell, a lesson learned well from ye olde ingerland that one…

Rome went the same way.

Russia, frankly, is also (as well as the US) on its last gasp, a period of remission before the final and fatal systemic organ failure and death.


He may well be right, the Chinese have always been a rather loosely knit and unmanageable rabble, historically speaking, in the language of this blog post, more chaotic and less mono-cultural, even though the slanty eyed fuckers all look the same to the white man, fnaar fnaar.

There are three Chinese students living across the road from me in shared university accommodations, them all slanty eyed fuckers so stick em all together, they will like that… actually TALK to the cunts though and it is more like putting a German, and Italian and an Englishman, who all just happened to speak the same language, in one house…. they more or less get on, but there is no fucking way any of them actually identify with either of the others.

Y’all also can’t under-estimate the resilience of a culture that has a cuisine that basically considers anything, anything at all, that was once living, to be an ingredient in food.

No, the illiminati are PLANNING world war three.

War, the equivalent of a drunk saying “watch this” thinking he can predict the outcome and consequences…. and yet, there is a group of highly intelligent and powerful people who think they can control this?



  1. This is only somewhat related, but I had a friend since childhood(not a good friend, I wouldn’t go to him with a body to bury, but I would have planned out an alibi with him). He excused his dad’s shitty behavior, and now has language and a lack of logic for him to be a niggerz himself. Anything that would hold him accountable is now a choice, since the behavior itself couldn’t be helped. ‘The addiction did x’ because that way he can pretend his dad isn’t a cunt, but now his mind always has a go-to excuse that can’t be disproven without destroying the pretend-world he lives in. It got to the where I could point out reality holding an anvil over his head, and he’s Wile E Coyote, and he would ‘rather not look at things that way.’

    “..used to excuse a course of action that is frankly, abhorrent, crass, self-indulgent and thoroughly bad karma.” When shit finally got bad, that karma hit *fast.* The only part I care about now is that he is fucking up his kid. He tried to use his kid to manipulate me when that was his only leverage left = dead to me.

    Less related. My mom used to be violent. It didn’t end like most, where the kid gets bigger and stronger, so the wimminz stop because they’re cowards. I got bigger and stronger, and she still was a psycho. She stayed violent right up till she had a hysterectomy (which, according to wikipedia leads to “significant improvement in their overall physical and mental health one year out from their surgery”. LOL). So while I don’t hide it, or say she was doing the best she could, or that she had a rough childhood, or any of that bullshit, I have a hard time holding her as fully responsible as I would a man. I don’t think the hormones *made* her do it, but she did seem to have diminished capacity. Would the hormonal shit apply to all women, and this is just the out I’ve given her? I think I’m pretty good at seeing the world as it is, but I’m not sure here.

    Is AWALT/scorpion just another type of pussy-pass?

    I have never and will never treat children the way she treated me, so I don’t have that problem, but I don’t want sloppy thinking to lead me to other fuckups.

    PS http://i.imgur.com/JqHoBon.jpg reminded me of an old post about single moms

    Comment by random redneck — June 16, 2014 @ 6:48 pm

    • I personally don’t give a fuck if it is your hormones or booze or a brain injury or a handicap from birth or anything else, so a hysterectomy improved your mums behaviour, so might a lobotomy or daily electrotherapy, her behaviour was unacceptable.

      It should have been *brutally* punished.

      She would then, of her own free will, have sought help to avert future punishments, or lacking the intellectual ability to make such a choice, could have been sectioned.

      To be clear, what I am saying here is that all that counts is the crime in question, I do not, in the least, buy into the notion that a persons “state of mind” at that time, whether through drugs or alcohol or hormone imbalance of anything else, makes the slightest difference.

      To be clear, there are such things as “extenuating circumstances” and the clue there is in the phrase itself, circumstances, so someone who breaks a widow to grab a fire extinguisher to put out a fire is still guilty of criminal damage and theft, but the likelihood of recidivism is minute, and he did not personally profit from it… you’re a good man to have done that, now pay the reasonable costs of the window and the fire extinguisher refill, and feel free to submit a bill to the company who insured the car.

      Comment by wimminz — June 16, 2014 @ 7:07 pm

      • Thank you. That all makes sense.

        Comment by Random — June 16, 2014 @ 9:52 pm

      • >> It should have been *brutally* punished.

        easier said than done, particularly as a kid whose parent is violent. And if its a father who is violent, good luck with that.

        Comment by Joe — June 17, 2014 @ 6:49 pm

        • oh I didn’t say it was easy, just what should be.

          Comment by wimminz — June 17, 2014 @ 6:52 pm

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