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June 6, 2014

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Cardguy.

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Yeah, it’s the height of bad taste to talk about actual individuals in the man-os-fear, but fuck it, I never claimed to have any taste, and this isn’t about him, per se, but about how he got run over by the bus when he was on the way to buy some smokes.

The internet is an interesting phenomenon, because nowadays it means literally anyone can become what we used to call “ops”, eg god in their own little fucking domain.

This hasn’t really been possible in the past, even if you were a crazed and powerful baron back in the day, you couldn’t control what one serf in your stables said to another.

Now, with the internet, you can.

Being an early, very early, adopter, I have seen all this shit from day one, and I was always left with the lasting impression that you could tell more about a site/domain/forum/etc and who ran it by looking at who got banned for life, than by anything else you could possibly look at.

This hasn’t changed, because of course human nature hasn’t changed in the last 25 or 35 years, shit that went down on dial up BBS’s in the 80’s is going down in the exact same way today on the www.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have seen someone I didn’t necessarily agree with or admire, but who I would quite happily have a beer with and lend a 20 to, knowing I would get it back, get banned for life from someplace for some heinous crime that by any real metric was far less severe than what many others did routinely, and never even got a warning for, but of course, *those* posters were in the cabal.. TINC…lol

See, I *will* judge a man, or any other fucker, by how they treat the below minimum wage cunt slinging their burger, the person with no ability or authority whatsoever to do or say dick back to you.

“My network, my rules” is the claim lots of these cunts make, and while there is a certain grain of truth to that in some cases, these cases are never the ones that these cunts are claiming, it ain’t a fucking network, there ain’t a bunch of family or friends or employees depending on the smooth running of the resource, it is, like this shit right here, a purely personal thing.

Here, I will delete spam, because it is completely off topic, and I will delete comments from wimminz, because I have no interest in what some feminazi skank ho says, cunt can use her own website to spout off, and I will delete comments that are just abuse, because there is zero valid intellectual content.

Barring that, I won’t delete, you can take a 100% diametrically opposed on every level attitude, and I’ll leave it up, fact is I get almost none like that, but that is another story.

I started http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/index.php because I wondered if the time had yet come, it is still as quiet as a morgue while places that cater to the sheeple like roosh et al are rammed.

I started it because I was a participant in a now quite ancient experiment by Bruce Perens, doing the exact same thing, with the exact same results so far… but I wanted to differ from Bruce’s experiment in making it so I wasn’t the head honcho, splitting myself and my own innate personal human nature from the controls of the ship.

What happens? It is still quiet as a morgue, but there isn’t a single poster there that I wouldn’t sink a few beers with or lend a 20 to… I couldn’t quite say that about the posters on Bruce’s experiment, nearly, but not quite.

See, there is a lot of discussion and hot air and opinionating about various forms of government, there is democracy, representative democracy, parliamentary democracy, proportional representation, monarchy, autocracy, oligarchy.

Interestingly the one alternative that is never even mentioned, except in rare instances where it is invoked as the worst of all possible scenarios, and also I believe partly because nobody actually understands what it is, is what runs Men Going Their Own Way dot Net, and to a lesser extent this place.


Just as there are various forms of democracy, there are various forms of Anarchy, MGTOW.net is a benevolent anarchy, this place is an autocratic anarchy, and the fundamental rules of both are the same.

Do what the fuck you please, and give others that same right.

Sure, the absolute numbers over at MGTOW.net right now are small, BUT, there have been over 800 posts, all of them made by fiercely independent and old school masculine men, and despite the lack of any apparent rules http://men-going-their-own-way.net/constitution.html not one single posting has been objectionable, and I don’t mean in a live and let live so the guy is entitled to his opinions, even if I do happen to think he is a cunt for saying that thing, I mean nobody is shooting their mouth off.

Cardguy wasn’t shooting his mouth off on Roosh’s doorstep, this is the fucking nature of the human psyche, you and dick and harry  wanna talk about the fucking world cup in Brazil, my mind does the whole word association football thing and I go hey, that reminds me of this Brasilian chick I was banging way back when, Solange was her name, and that ain’t hijacking shit, that’s called being human.

People are afraid of anarchy because they have been taught that is paedogeddon and every other nightmare you ever had wrapped up in one, if the power goes off and the lights go out, people say, it will be anarchy, bad anarchy, for their is no other type, mass rapings and lootings and murdeings.

And yet, when you give Anarchy a place, like MGTOW.net, the truth is the behaviour is *more* civilised than anywhere else.

Lots of historical events you can’t talk to anyone, the fuckers are all dead, long gone, but Bosnia is a recent one in Europe, and people will call it anarchy, but it wasn’t, in fact if you can find someone who gives examples of people spontaneously treating each other in a civilised manner, that is the anarchy, but it wasn’t allowed to flourish, because too many other people were playing power games.

Anarcho-syndicalist communes aren’t anarchy either, for true anarchy you can only have individuals, no groups, today we call them flashmobs, back in the day we called it woodstock, or the equivalent.

Anarchy is also called chaos, but nobody really understands what that means either, the way the rain hits the ground or waves break or breezes blow and certain molecules happen to get inhaled by you, while other nearby ones do not, these are all chaotic systems, and who would argue that standing in a field and breathing free air is in any way inferior to breathing through a pipe in the vacuum of space or underwater?

Sure, breathing though a pipe is more controlled, and you can adjust the gas mix, and not be aware of the smell from your mate who just farted, but is this superior?

Linux is anarchic, it is chaotic in many ways, does this make it inferior to MacOS or Windows?

Mathematics and Language are anarchic, or rather, they were, back when speech was free, if indeed it ever was outside of an anarchic enclave like MGTOW.net.

Human breeding was anarchic and chaotic, before we had rules about who could fuck who, and then more rules about who could see their kids, and then more rules about medication and health (not just medicine making those who would have died live long enough to breed, try letting a child die a natural death from a severe injury and see what happens to you) and rules about where you can go, what you can do, what you can look at, what you can say, and even what you can think.

I can say the Earth is flat, I can say that aliens live in volcano’s and we all need to channel our inner thetans, but if I say there was no Holocaust as described or if I say sex or marriage with a 12 year old should be legal, or if I say I will not give you the password to my own property, my encrypted files, then I will be taken off and thrown into prison.

Because, you see, otherwise we would have “Anarchy”

I do not, for one instant, claim that in a true anarchy everyone is an altruist, you will still get the odd psycho, we have them anyway, anarchy or not, so no difference there… the difference is the first person who chooses to do so can just kill them, then get on with whatever they were doing, and the differnce is the state could not kill and enslave the rest of us, in the name of protecting us from those who they do not protect is from, not even one iota, while taking all our freedoms.

Back  in the days before internet search engines there were web-rings, each site dealing with, for example, model trains, would have link back and forwards in the chain to the next model train site on the web ring.

One of the beauties of the internet back in those days was that you COULD NOT KNOW what was out there, you couldn’t “go and look”, you could just stumble across shit by accident.

You’d book mark pages that other people had put up, a collection of links to stuff that they had found that you thought was cool, and of course, dead links abounded, shit didn’t last, hosting was expensive and / or severely limited in capacity… you were rocking if you had a 14.4 k full duplex hayes modem and a hosting account with a whole megabyte of disk space, and no server scripting resources, static hard coded html buddy… of course as the years passed things got bigger.

just for shits and giggles I just looked at some of my archives from 2000, an entire hotel website, which wasn’t just cutting edge for the day, but which frankly is better than almost anything you can find live today, 3.7 megabytes, still works perfectly, total home page including graphics… 17 kilobytes…. an entire online holiday enquiry booking and reservation site, in the year 2000 mind you… 18.9 megabytes, that’s including all the php and cgi and talking to the bank computers directly code.

£1.50 a week will now buy you 10 gig of SSD disk space, 10 unique domains, 20 databases, 25 processes, 100 email accounts and 512 meg of dedicated ram, and 500 gig of monthly bandwidth…

Anybody can be a Roosh, a Bill, a Nacho, etc etc etc… or one of the sheeple that bleat in unison, safety in numbers, one of the herd, not one of the pack…. https://wimminz.wordpress.com/?s=pack+animals

In other words, for £1.50 a week anyone can be too fucking TIMID to stand on their own two feet as an individual, yeah kids, it’s always run what ya brung, for free, at big daddy’s drag strip, provided y’all ain’t packin more’n 100 cubic inches that is, and nothing lighter than 2,500 lbs, cos only big daddy can run the shitcan mustang with the 350 cid, and lightened by all the rust that falls out every run, cos big daddy is king of this heah dragstrip, ya hear…

I started this out by saying you could tell all you needed to know about a site by who they kicked out, and that is true, but the flipside is also, often, not always, but often true, the collective IQ of the place drops a couple of notches when that person leaves…




  1. Yep. I am probably the only person who sat and watched all of the BBS videos you posted a while back, and what amazed me was that all of these, not to stereotype or anything, rejects from the teen social world hierarchy, immediately began aping the exact shit that they hated when the popular kids did it to them in high school.

    Factions, cults of personality, one upping, the works. Didn’t you idiots remember how bad it all felt when the preppy girls and the jocks did it to you? It was as if you couldn’t wait to be in the shoes of the people you used to hate. If you think the winners make bad winners, wait till the losers get a hold of a scrap of perceived status.

    I have been lurking over at Roosh’s forum for a while, and holy hell, Cardguy was the most interesting of any of them. I never bothered to sign up myself, as I am too old to be bothered about the specific netiquette of that particular ecosystem. Can’t get too worked up over rep points.

    I would post more at men-going-their-own-way.net, but I don’t want to lose my Clitoral status. Maybe I should just bite the bullet.

    P.S. AfOR, you punctured one of my illusions; I thought you were keeping the wimminz out of here purely through subject matter and tone.

    Comment by josh — June 6, 2014 @ 10:20 pm

    • “P.S. AfOR, you punctured one of my illusions; I thought you were keeping the wimminz out of here purely through subject matter and tone.”

      That and what I said aren’t actually mutually exclusive, I don’t care about the sex (not gender) of a commenter.

      I guess it’s like saying this is a forum for people who like to draw patterns in the snow when pissing, it’s not excluding women because they don’t have a penis, it is excluding them because they aren’t drawing patterns, while also being accepting of the fact that you need a penis to be able to draw patterns.

      The flipside is a mumsnet style site not wanting comments from the barren or celibate nuns, what’s the point.

      Comment by wimminz — June 6, 2014 @ 10:29 pm

  2. Anarchist; someone who doesn’t need a cop to tell them what to do.

    I had some hopes for RoK as an independent project, but it just couldn’t step away from its source.

    Nacho’s place never seemed to catch my interest. I’ll have to poke around your alternative some more and see if anything there grabs me.

    Comment by kfg — June 7, 2014 @ 5:04 am

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