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May 29, 2014

It’s not the drop that kills you…

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…it’s the sudden stop at the end…

So, in the interests of science, art and not knowingly talking out of my ass, I have just, slowly, read every single headline on the main welcome page of the Daily Mail website, not because I think it is wonderful or my favourite or anything else, but because it is the self declared #1 most read newspaper website on the planet.

Stories about current goings on and killings and dyings in Ukraine?

Zip, zero, nada, zilch, none, fuck all. NOT ONE SINGLE MENTION.

Everything you read is a lie… even if it is just a lie by deliberate omission and misdirection, here is what you will “know”, here is what you will think about, here is what you will discuss, here is what you will think, here is what you will feel.

Why the fuck do you think the yanks always “accidentally” manage to bomb TV and newspaper stations every time they get involved somewhere.

Sorry, since I started typing, one small story near the bottom about ONE helicopter being shot down… but (find in this page) still not one mention of Putin, Russia, Gazprom, etc.

According to RIA / Latvian radio “According to our information, the Ukrainian army has the following losses and damages: 1,200-1,300 people were killed, eight helicopters, 15 armored transport vehicles, and three [artillery] weapons destroyed. They are suffering huge losses. I’m speaking only about Slaviansk,

Sure, unconfirmed and all that shit, but they had space for unconfirmed alien sightings in the west midlands, some middle aged skank saw red and white lights in the sky…. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2642749/Mother-filmed-lights-home-says-shes-sure-spotted-UFO.html

Being brutally honest here, this sort of shit makes the North Korean press’s claims that they invented the hamburger seem rather mild and restrained, quite genteel in fact.

Dare I say it, I think there is a distinct probability of my psycho skank ho ex being more honest than the fucking western media, and this is a wimminz of whom I stated publicly, and not at all in jest, “If the bitch tells you the sky is blue, look up and check.”

Of course this shit filters down, the whole dating / fucking / swinging scene is about as buoyant and joyous as pork crackling roast night at Dachau, when things go to shit people generally and wimminz particularly do not get realistic, they double down on the insanity and delusion and get even more abrupt and rude and demanding, and I am seeing it everywhere…. it has even finally come to the fat bitches for whom the swinging scene was a last best hope of desirability, guys will say anything to empty their balls in you… but I’m telling you it’s fucking kristallnacht out there, and if it wasn’t for the fact, more by luck than any judgement I might add, that I tended to do the gradual fade which didn’t make waves when I’d had enough of a particular wimminz, which means they always have a bit of a what if soft spot for you, I wouldn’t be getting any cunt at all…. since I refuse to participate in real life alcohol selling places where wimminz hang out for pickups, too many niggerz, too much cctv, too expensive booze, too rigid drink drive laws…

Without discussing my day job, again, suffice it to say that it isn’t immune from the whole scene where nobody is happy with anything, and it must be admitted, in many cases their dissatisfaction is entirely justified…. things are going to shit all over.

I doubt two days go by now without me coming across some reference somewhere online about yet another couple that have split up, but who still co-habit, because neither of them can afford to move out, and thanks to negative equity, neither of them can afford to see the other one move out either…

On the fucking sites themselves, the once unthinkable is now, well, not exactly commonplace, but sightings are less rare as time passes, the advert from the wimminz who is having “problems” and needs “help” to pay the bills, fix the car, buy new batteries for the rabbit…  as are the posts from those who don’t want to think of themselves as whores, and do not (yet) want to fuck for 5 bucks, so some shit about I got offered 400 notes to do a porno….. yeah bitch, the people actually MAKING porno are paying chicks half your age and one third your weight around 250 for a porno shoot, so the chances of anyone offering you nearly double are pretty fucking slim, to say the least…

In fact, in every single instance that I can think of, every time I have had communication with an individual, it doesn’t matter where in the world that individual was, which being literal for the past six months, means mainly Europe or the cunt-ry formerly known as the united states, that individual has told me the same story, things are fucking crap, and the reality on the ground bears no relationship whatsoever to how it is being reported.

People are, as my old man used to say, sat on the bones of their ass, eg can’t afford a fucking cushion.

One of my more paranoid mates, which does not of course mean that the bastards are not out to get him, is convinced that Tinder, which is after all based in (in, rather than on) Fuckbook profiles is nothing more than a beta test of the next great eugenics experiments, why else would every MSM on the planet have been talking it up so much, thing about this guy is, I can’t quite work out something, some of the shit he talks about is 100% eminently sensible and logical and plausible, and some of it is out there man, and somewhere in between is the tinder eugenics programme, and I can’t quite work out if he is nuts and buys into all that shit, or if most of it is just camouflage for the shit he actually does buy into, protective colouring man, the guy’s a fruit.

It’s all funny until someone loses an aye…

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