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May 18, 2014

The man with the 80lb brain and an IQ of 75

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Picture him, if you will, some grotesque creature from a Star Wars spaceport saloon, all head with a tiny withered body, barely able to process enough food to support the brain, with nothing left over for locomotion and action.

Even if his IQ was 750, he has no locomotion, and withered limbs, he cannot build his own shelter, fix an engine, or climb.

He would be dependent entirely on an army of minions to turn his thoughts into acts, and feed him, carry away his wastes, move him from place to place.

The only time this ever worked in nature was not when intellect was invoked, but the exact opposite, breeding, the queen ant / bee / etc insect colony, and even there, the queen has to first produce her own correctly sexed workers before she can bloat into an eater and breeder.

Even then, for the individual queen concerned, we are talking a dead end street, there is no going back, getting out, starting over, none of that good stuff.

But, in our case, because the brain is so big and complex, it doesn’t actually achieve anything, there are innumerable engineering examples where a brutally simple feedback system (that often apes nature) vastly outperforms any computationally controlled alternative, and does it on almost no power, and with almost no mass, volume, complexity, or anything else… so our vast 80 lb brain spends much of it’s own time and energy just trying to keep itself organised and operational, and indeed communicating with itself across the relatively massive internal distances involved.

Few people today actually realise that the speed of light, or, more accurately the slightly slower speed of electricity in a conductor, is the limiting factor in silicon chips such as the CPU and GPU and RAM in your PC.

The speed is finite, and so the maximum time it takes for a signal to travel from one side of the chip to the other and back again becomes a hard limit for the clock frequency of the device.

A CPU 100,000 miles across would contain an almost unimaginable number of transistors etc, in theory it would be unimaginably powerful, but the laws of physics mean it would not be able to run much above 1 Hz, if it actually made it that high, s0 unless you can re-code a task such as going from off to a working windows desktop in 7 CPU cycles it just got hammered by my socket 2011 i7 CPU running at 3.5 GHz, and the fact is, my socket 2011 i7 PC gets hammered in boot up time by my auto-ranging multimeter, and yes, it is a fair comparison, it is an embedded digital device, just because it performs a different task does not mean the basic principles cannot be compared and contrasted.

A drooling idiot with an IQ of 25 can be quite effective in the physical world, but there is no brain to either direct intelligent action, or to take intelligent instruction.

Deviating slightly for a moment….

In my day job I’m reasonably well known for taking the GI approach to the job, the tools the company issue me are limited and mainly cheap crap, I have *far* better stuff myself at home, but I don’t use any of it for my day job.


GI. Government Issue. If the company wanted me to have more or better tools, they would have issued them to me, and the problem with taking your own tools is they increase your abilities, and that way lies mission creep, you going into areas that are outside the original scope of the work you have been assigned, and going off the reservation this way is never rewarded in the long run, sooner or later it will *always* bite you in the ass.

So I’m having a conversation last week with a project manager, one of the big ongoing contracts, he is ringing me to see how a particular site went and if I did this and that, it’s not rocket science, but apparently a lot of the guys are still screwing up.

So a comment was made that ll you had to do was use your brain, and I said to him, if the fucking company wanted me to have a brain, they should have issued one, or paid me for the one I have, as it is, I use my brain for CYA mode, and I cover my ass by not making obvious screw-ups, hell, it makes *my* life easier and more peaceful.

I got a nervous laugh from him, Mr corporate project manager didn’t have an answer for that one.

But, and here is the point, and no, I am NOT looking back with rose tinted glasses here, the younger guys working for the company, a *significant* proportion of them are fucking clueless, oh sure, like wimminz, they can complete tasks that allegedly display this thing called intellect or intelligence, they can study and pass tests, all sorts of good shit, but, they also regularly pull WTF stupid shit, and no, it ain’t a thing about age or experience… I can look at them and fucking SEE that they are NOT using their brain, they are instead grasping at straws, looking for a “solution” that apparently fits.

This is what the niggerz last week was doing, the one who was trying to get me to do something that would give him the solution he wanted, even though it would have been the wrong thing to do, quite apart from the fact it would not have rectified the problem that did exist.

See, here *is* a thing that comes with age and experience, and is not just a function of intellect, so pay attention at the back there, you are about to learn something important to your own life from an old(er) cunt who has seen and done it all, in fucking stereo man…

You know those people who can never admit that they are wrong, that they fucked up, and they are the one that caused this problem?  … and no, I don’t just mean wimminz here, this is niggerz too, like the cunt from last week.

Here is the thing, intelligence isn’t *just* about not fucking up, sure, it helps to minimise the frequency and extent, but you will still fuck up now and again, and sure, *here* is where age and experience helps, it minimises this shit, but that’s just a factor, you’ll still fuck up now and again, and intelligence is not just about spotting when you have fucked up PDQ after you have fucked up, and stopping you from digging a deeper hole for yourself, intelligence is really about ANALYSIS, ok, I clearly fucked up here, now, HOW, what did I miss, what did I do wrong, how do I make sure I can stop the problem getting any worse, how do I rectify it, does this require I get someone else in on it and brief them fully… all that good shit.

If you lack that intelligence, ergo, you lack the ability to say “hey, I fucked up, here is where I think I went wrong”… if you cannot compute the processes required to come to the self realisation that you were wrong, you cannot know you were wrong.

That leads to fear and insecurity, because if you cannot know you were wrong, then by simple logical neither can you *know* when you are right, so when something happens, instead of being OK, there is a problem here, but I know it has fuck all to do with me, so let’s have a look and see if we can sort it, your first reaction is OK, there is a problem here, I hope to fuck it wasn’t something I did, I better not do anything to attract any investigation into that, I know, I’ll just blame this other fucker.

So now we are back to the man with the 80lb brain, and yeah, I’m talking analogies and metaphors for modern society, it isn’t just that the brain itself is consuming a disproportionate amount of the body’s resources, and leaving a body too weak to be motive or effect or create or alter, it is that the brain itself is consuming too many of its *own* resources just keeping basic functions going that there is nothing left over for higher functions or intellect.

So when the skanky ho, who thinks she might just have a potential mark in me, sends me a communication, it is self evident that what she chose to say to me is the message she wants me to get (understand well the difference between the message person A wants person B to receive, and reality) is that she is off to secure her inheritance, but, having an INTELLECT, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to fall, and sure enough it does, the lawyer is asking for too much money, well what a motherfucking surprise bitch, so I text back saying that’s too bad, you’ll just have to find another method that you can afford, and….  crickets

So when the other skanky ho, who thinks she might have a potential mark in me, has given me the usual bollocks, and instead of the hoped for response I get back to her with OK babe, that’s all fine and shit, but what are you REALLY after on okcupid… crickets

So when the guy who thinks he has a potential fall guy in me, and instead of the hoped for response to his “I want you to write on the form that this stuff ain’t working” gets a “Not happening, that is NOT what that form is for” and he doubles down…  crickets, from me….  OK, fuck you he thinks, pull that shit out of the rack, if it ain’t installed nobody can find out where the problem is, and if it is my fuckup or not.

So when I bill my company for overtime to write up what happened, what I did etc, and they think I am just pulling a “I dunno what went wrong, but I hope it ain’t me, so I’ll write this shit to cover my ass and deflect any blame” and I get crickets back from them, it’s only cos they don’t realise that corporate email from me to them is my future potential get out of jail free card, and my who is “we” motherfucker, you got a mouse in your pocket? card, and my play with the sharpest knife in the fucking drawer you get cut, card.

But the bottom line here, take it from me, the brain, as in the intellect, is in many ways a muscle like any other, if you don’t exercise it, it atrophies.

It is also important to know the difference between animal cunning and intellect, animal cunning is good enough for 99% of life, but that other 1%, it is no substitute for intellect, and that other 1% comes into everyone’s life.

I can also tell you, for an observed fact, that that particular muscle is getting a *lot* less exercise in the population as a whole than it used to when I was a kid…

OK Cupid is fucking FULL of stupid motherfuckers who think the Earth is bigger than the Sun, a Kilometre is longer than a Mile, STALE is to STEAL as 89475 is to.. is a fucking MATHS question, and the evolution (vs creationism) has no place being taught in schools.


  1. Hey, AFOR-can you expand on your analysis of CO2 laser cutters? Aside from RS Lasers, who out there do you think gives the best bang for the buck?

    Comment by B — May 20, 2014 @ 11:06 am

  2. The limiting factor to brain size is what a wimminz can deliver, without C-sec, which isn’t “natural”.

    Comment by Joe — May 20, 2014 @ 5:21 pm

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