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May 17, 2014

New Deal Used Cars

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If you haven’t seen it, it was a great 1980 film with Kurt Russell.

So, there is an article over at ZH at the mo about unsold car stocks.

http://www.vincelewis.net/unsoldcars.html is the original website they quote, but for those with their eyes open this is nothing new, sure, there is *more* of it now than there was several years ago, but it ain’t a new phenomenon.

Shades of the unsold cars being scrapped and going in to one end of the factory while new models come out the other end of the factory to take their place on the parking lot… von neumann machines gone mad.

But it isn’t just confined to cars, same shit applies to commercial property, and as ZH and the original website note, nobody is going to sell this shit at 10c on the $, as doing *that* will destroy the prices in the rest of the market.

Same deal going down with houses with underwater mortgages and loans that the banks are *not* foreclosing on.

The same sort of “it makes sense, in a crazy way” insanity is in everything else, razor thin margin and the need to generate sales and revenue *now*, no matter what the cost down the line, we are putting ever more crap and flaky cheap-ass shit in place, instead of half decent stuff that doesn’t require constant attention to keep it going.

The fucking cloud is the same (https://github.com/panicsteve/cloud-to-butt) and I’m not sorry to say fucking virtualisation is the same.

It is, as always, not that these things CANNOT be done properly from a technical point of view, it is that they are always done as cheap ass as possible, completely and utterly ignoring the fundamental principle that EVERYTHING breaks, sooner or later.

The video doing the rounds of the light aircraft in Australia that had an engine failure, and the pilot implemented a standard feature of that particular make of light aircraft, and deployed the fucking parachute, and the video is of it drifting softly and gently towards the ground…. awesome… now there was a product made by someone who knew that everything breaks, and didn’t try to build a plane as cheaply as possible…. I fucking guarantee the pilot in question and his passengers just got lifetime brand loyalty… http://cirrusaircraft.com/caps/

But, meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are still on the one hand nickel and dime-ing everything to death, while on the other hand artificially maintaining production quotas on shit that just isn’t selling, but doing it as quietly as possible, for no other purpose than to maintain the market price for the shit that is selling, so far, it’s not even true Wile E Coyote, because it is done on a budget, instead of going to Acme Corp for everything, the poor bastard has to rummage through the surplus stores and walmart.

Vast evil conspiracy? Not seeing any of that, what I am seeing, *everywhere*, is terminally incompetent motherfuckers scrabbling over a rotting corpse trying to get at the seed corn in it’s pockets so that they can eat it today.

Hunger tomorrow? fuck that shit.

I had a “bad” day at work last week, and for me to have a bad day it has to be bad, because I am a CYA mofo who can do the job stoned and chilled with one hand tied behind my back.

It was a bad day because the worthless cunt on site was a reseller, and his customer was the site itself, and he was doing the my cock is bigger than yours tech stories shit while I am setting up.

Then I set up, and everything *I* just set up works, fuck it, there are few things you can ask a guy like me to do that are simpler than racking a preconfigured Cisco with one “in” port and one “out” port below a 100 Mbit fibre connection and patching it in. Literally 4 fucking rack screws, 2 patch leads, console in, ISP remotes in, all good.

Cept it wasn’t for this worthless cunt, who started claiming the new shit didn’t work, because it didn’t work with his shit, because he couldn’t sort out the rather obvious routing issue, which should have been a piece of piss for someone with all the my huge cock tech stories he has ten fucking minutes ago… cunt.

Sure, there may well have been a rather minor technical issue, one that could have been fairly quickly resolved, that’s what normally happens in my day job, two or more tech guys from two or more companies comparing notes on why box A doesn’t seem to be playing nicely with box B, even though strictly speaking that isn’t in the scope of works, which was just to install box A and make sure it works (you can, for more money, have a separate scope of works, where we make sure boxes A and B play nicely) not because you *have* to, but because it is nice to and it makes everyone happy and you know you can walk off site and the job is done done, not just done.

But not with this cunt, he was only interested in blaming us, and maintaining his own omnipotent image, and so rather minor technical issues that could easily be resolved, turn into quite significant issues that offer no easy solutions, because you just acted like a prima donna and refused all the easy solutions.

More interested in being seen as being in the right, than in fixing the fucking problem, in fact so interested that if the fucking problem just got 50 times harder to fix, that’s fine by him, because he is right, innit.

Cunt acted like a fucking bitch, his only priority is that he himself was seen as being perfect, and powerful, and in control, and these other useless bastards (me/us) can just take that shit right out of the rack again.

Fine, it’s gone buddy. My only regret is I was there not as my own man with my self employed hat on, but as the representative of a very large ISP, so I couldn’t say or do shit, no matter how obvious it was I was pissed off.

That’s why it was a bad day, I had to take shit from a niggerz.

I go off site, sit in the car, got the A/C on and some Free kicking it through the speakers, fuck you buddy, I’ll take two hours to write up what an asshole you were for my line manager, and bill 2 hours overtime to do it, and guarantee that in the process your company gets double billed for the reinstall at a later date, not a freebie for a failed first effort, cos it didn’t fucking fail.

Then a mate calls me and asks me did I know H R Giger had snuffed it, no justice in the world when a guy like Giger dies and a niggerz like Ridley Scott is still alive, my mate gets all upset, the alien films were brilliant, yeah, if by “brilliant” you mean misandrist in almost every fucking way possible, go fuck yourself.

So my mate, who got invalided out of the military himself, is a bit red and blue pill when it comes to wimminz in the military, I’m all for it, you want equality bitch, put em in the fucking front lines and on ordinance disposal and all the other shit details going,  but let me ask you this, I say to him.

Here is another sci-fi / alien scenario, alien grabs 100 military types, 50 are wimminz, 50 are men, alien says there is this sealed compound you are in, and over there on stilts 3 foot off the ground is a box room.

The current capacity of the box room is 50, that will reduce by 1 every 30 seconds until the end scenario is met… which is nobody alive in the compound.

The box room will kill everyone in it, if there is any number of both men and wimminz in it.

This compound will kill everyone in it, except for those who are in the sanctuary of the box room, in 25 minutes.

What will happen, I ask him.

In my old regiment, he asks me?

I say yeh.

He says it depends if we are the first or second regiment to take the test.

I ask him what he means.

He says if we were the first, 20 of the 50 guys would be up for it, but the other 30 would white knight, and he doubted anyone would survive the scenario.

He says if they were the second, and saw the first, 5 minutes in there would be 50 dead wimminz and 15 dead men, and 35 survivors in the box room, smoking and waiting 20 minutes for the scenario to end.

He gets it, but he doesn’t, I guess the car makes and everyone else will have the same argument.

Me? I’ll be the alien with the broadcast rights please Jeremy.

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