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May 10, 2014

Quiet innit…. helloooooo…. is anybudee thereee….

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I first asked this question in public on the 30th March 2014 here…

I can’t say much, or anything really, but that thread is an example of people having an intuitive feeling and ignoring it… and there are comments made here, and far more private messages, that are examples of people having an intuitive feeling and doing something that doesn’t actually make any difference.

I know it’s zer0 consolation when it’s *your* door the po-po come banging on at 5 am with a warrant for your arrest, it does you no good to have not used the internet for *anything* for 12 months and having sent *all* your computing devices to landfill on the same day.

In fact it does you harm, it *looks* suspicious, if you have done nothing wrong, why are you trying to hide shit? Is the thinking.

It also cuts *you* off from the only asset you have, a forensic record that when taken as a whole shows you as no more than an average Joe in the street who is worried about how the world is going.

I found this in my FRA, because the po-po had all my computers, and because my backup solution never envisaged *that* scenario, the one thing I was cut off from was all my data, which went a *long* way to establishing a pattern of routine behaviour that was *totally* at odds with everything being alleged about me.

Plus, take it from someone who knows, there *are* black boxes in the backbone hubs, they *are* there for the sole purpose of capturing all network traffic and archiving meta-data from it, eg URL requests and email content and browser POST content.

If I stopped using the internet and sent all my shit to landfill on the 10th May 2013, one year ago today, they would still *have* everything I had done up to that date.

In fact, *lacking* my own shit, *they* could claim anything they liked about my activities, “do you still beat your wife” and I would have *nothing* to counter it with.

So, as I said, scant comfort to those who do get the 5am hammering on the door from the po-po, but scant comfort and reality is better than the illusion of safety.

Nevertheless, it has gotten real quiet lately, all over, and I mean *all* over, not just blogs and forums, but the whole “social media” scene including dating and swinging and fucking sites, even perfectly fucking ordinary niche areas like websites and forums dedicated to a specific model of vehicle, or a specific hobby, or a specific interest, they are all strangely quiet lately.

But, it doesn’t end there.

In my day job, I connect businesses to teh intertubez, everything from the high street through the industrial estates to the clerical….

show controllers utilisation on cisco shows traffic loading, and there are certain CYA cisco commands that IMHO you should run, just so you can prove at a later date via putty log exactly how things were at a given time, so for example if port 0/2 is showing 8% receive traffic and 10% transmit utilisation you have definitive proof not only that 0/2 is up (sh ip int br will do that) but also that it is fucking active and talking to whatever is at the other end of the CAT5.

Because I keep records, it is often possible to compare site X today with the last time I visited 3 months ago, or with site Y, which is identical, which I visited last week.

Traffic is down dudes.

This is unthinkable, traffic *always* escalates over time, if for no reason other than bloatware (HTML email v plain text, 8 megapixel cameras as opposed to 4, etc etc)

Traffic is down because these sites are simply doing less work, if your number of sales and stock requests and loyalty vouchers and purchase orders drops 10% then your network traffic drops 10%.

5 miles away from me is one of the largest new and used car sales regions for a good 100 miles, and it is fucking *dead*, there isn’t shit happening, in fact two of them have recently had fires each of which destroyed a bunch of stock, da po-po are investigating arson, yeah, I see a fire in a quiet or under-capitalised business and I smell insurance job.

Other sites I go to, you overhear shit, and they are all juggling rotas, part time staff taking sickies and so on, so staffing levels are an ongoing crisis…. revised on a daily basis.

And NO FUCKER is talking about the Crimea, or QE, or the Housing Bubble, or Manufacturing, or Agriculture.

No, instead the papers are full of affairs and scandals, historical rape allegations, stalkers, robbers, muggers, celebutard affairs and divorces, Nazi washing powder (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2624936/Aryan-automatic-Detergent-giant-caught-Nazi-row-Ariel-boxes-feature-secret-far-right-code-Germany.html … hey, you wanted your whites WHITE, right… lol) and other mindless pap.



  1. This song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gO7uemm6Yo

    You’re right; this is precisely the feeling I have. The whole world is on pause, waiting for the black swan to arrive. Everybody knows it’s going to get worse, and we’re enjoying our last moments of wealth and freedom as we prepare…

    That said, the business I’m starting up, we’re associating with the small number of people who are still building. Hope that matters for a damn when the bill collector arrives.

    Comment by Davis M.J. Aurini — May 10, 2014 @ 10:01 pm

  2. Interesting.
    Well it´s no surprise that the mainstream hamster wheel media can do nothing but spin faster in their wheel.
    But when you´re into the “alternate” news then there´s everything BUT a lull.

    One of my favorite crazies Cliff High has some very interesting forecast out.

    Comment by hans — May 10, 2014 @ 11:08 pm

    • stocking up on aryan washing powder I trust? lol

      Comment by wimminz — May 10, 2014 @ 11:20 pm

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