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May 6, 2014

You are entitled to make any demands you wish…

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… you’re just not entitled to have them fulfilled.

It’s a conversation  seem to have quite regularly, yeah, you two (husband and wife, late 40’s) can go on a swingers site and demand that no male older than 30 contact you because wifey doesn’t want to fuck any males over 30.

You are perfectly entitled to make that demand.

You just aren’t entitled to have it fulfilled.

Yeah, not very contentious, how about we extend it, you are perfectly entitled to make the demand that you be free, that you are allowed to breed, that you are entitled to eat, that you are entitled to live?

You just aren’t entitled to have any of them fulfilled.

Getting contentious yet?  Notice I just skipped past all the intermediate shit about sexual equality in the workplace and freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

Let me tell you about family, it’s like tribe in many ways, especially if you have an extended family, which I do.

Well, family went through the same changes as wimminz, when the old cunt dies I doubt I’ll ever see or speak to 99% of my family again, except for one more funeral, and that will be the last time.

They are no fucking use to me, none of they “they are there for you” shit, coming around and drinking my coffee and looking all sad when my shit gets fucked up ain’t being there for me, what do you need bro is being there for me, and that isn’t on offer any more, that crew all died out, the ones that are left, they ain’t shit.

A good friend is someone who will help you bury the body.

Ain’t none of them left alive I can say that about… so the feeling is mutual.

Tribe has gone too, village, company / platoon, pretty much all gone… only fuckers my age or younger who I trusted to that extent are all dead, hell, I doubt there are three of them who would even give me a place to sleep for one night, put it this way, if I got in that situation again, I wouldn’t bother even asking.

My extended family is entitled to make any demands of me they wish, they just aren’t entitled to have em fulfilled any more, and when this old cunt is gone, there will only be one left, who is the subject of a promise I gave 24/25 years ago…. and that promise is the only reason I been polite and put up with the shit, because you can’t make a promise to look out for the old cunt and then raise a shit-storm in his presence…. it just ain’t seemly.

So one of the twats tells me today I’ve been a good boy, always been there for family and shit, not that they would no, it was just said all placating like because of the look on my face, and then they said I got years to go for my funeral.

I just looked me in the eye, “Ain’t no bastard going to turn up at my funeral, nobody round the deathbed, nobody caring for me in my dotage… I’ll be dying alone…”

Kinda killed whatever they were going to say next, so they wandered off.

Pity, cos the rest of it was “and that’s probably better than this, and I’ll tell you something else, won’t be no doctors and medicines prolonging the fucking agony..”

Once you stop being mobile, getting up out of bed and doing shit for yourself, it’s downhill real fast from them on, which is why I got no time for these cunts on electric scooters.

Sure, that shit is easy to say when I’m in my 50’s and no my 90’s, but assholes to it man, my doctor could literally treat 5,000 other men like me in the time consumed by one female patient, or niggerz patient.

Cunts (health centre) sent me a letter today asking if I am still alive and my details are correct, seeing as they haven’t seen me for 36 months or more…

Still, at least I won’t have to put up with the fucking funeral directors and making the arrangements and shit, last time I threw the cunts out, swearing at them, very loudly, fucking vampires, well, there is our beautiful oak coffin, hand made, with solid brass handles and so in, which shows great respect for the dearly departed and how much they were loved etc, and then the weeping widow asks how fucking much, cos she ain’t really got any money anyway see, and the vampire says 1,750 quid, and the weeping widow says that’s too much, you must have something cheaper, and the vampire says well, there is a basic model MDF and veener for 500 quid if you don’t mind everyone seeing you didn’t give a fuck about the corpse… of course it wasn’t put like that, but that was the intended message…. his feet did touch the ground on the way out the door… just

Sorry, that last sigh and exhale, that’s it, Fred is dead, he no longer gives a shit about anything, his troubles are over.

I can’t even honestly claim to be paying my last respects, when he’s dead that’s it, too late to pay respect, too late for anything, and how can you pay respect surrounded by a bunch of fucking hypocrites, worse than a fucking wedding, at least there are bridesmaids to grope there…

No, I’ll be there because there is still one subject of that promise alive, and that means I do the taxi for them and get suited and booted and silent and dignified.

Y’all (da famileee) wanna judge me for fucking a mother and a daughter and being a deadbeat dad and being an ex con and anything else you wanna throw my way, fill yer fucking boots, but if you’re busy throwing the kitchen sink in there and other shit I did, be sure y’all include the fact I still pay heed to a promise I made to someone who has been dead a quarter of a century, and that’s the only reason I put up with your fucking company.

Y’all are entitled to make any demands you wish about my behaviour and attitudes and beliefs.

You just ain’t entitled to get any of that shit fulfilled.

Dignified funerals? I dunno, I’m liking the idea of when you know your time is coming just wandering off and never coming back, and nobody goes looking for you, then no matter how undignified and painful your own personal end is, no other cunt has to see you…. that or the old one about a nice quick and painless death was has by uncle Ted, unlike the deaths of his 74 passengers, who screamed all the way down the cliff… lol


  1. >> Once you stop being mobile

    what happens if the decline is very slow, say over a decade or two?

    Comment by Joe — May 7, 2014 @ 8:15 am

  2. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ianmcowie/100023915/mystery-of-life-assurance-why-do-10-times-more-people-buy-cover-that-costs-four-times-more-than-its-rival
    Perhaps the grimmest statistic to emerge from the credit crisis to date is that about 30,000 people a year now have their funerals funded by the state because they and their families – if any can be found – lack the means to pay for it.
    Interestingly, the Local Government Association reports that more than three quarters of the people who receive a “public health funeral” are men. So women, despite tending to live longer than men, are much less likely to die in poverty or with no one to care for them.

    Comment by poor-basterds — May 11, 2014 @ 8:58 pm

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