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May 4, 2014

The Romanian Experiment

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Has finally come to a close.

1/ unless you test it by direct experimentation, a hypothesis by itself is useless.

2/ Romania is broke and fucked up and just entering the EU

3/ Wimminz in Romania will therefore flock to a reasonably decent looking, solvent, 50 something Englishman, for economic reasons alone, sod romance.

Now, I have *some* contacts with these countries, I bought the black bitch ignition system from some guys in Czecheslovakia, just yesterday I bought a USB CNC breakout box from some guys in Hungary, I spent some time working with some IBM Romania guys a couple of years ago, and so on.

So it was easy enough to set up this experiment, and do it *properly* to maximise the chances it would work, local exposure in the right places and so on… and having fucked Russian skanks in the past (see older posts) I was no stranger to the foreign bride scams as a method of employment either.

To me, this was a valid experiment, because “everyone knows” the Romanians are economic migrants and scum and will do anything for money and a foot in the door in a richer country…. I should say at the outset, I only did the experiment to prove that what everyone knows is total bullshit, but, even so, even I was somewhat surprised by how right I was proven.

Precisely zero response of *any* kind, not even a tickle, not even a spam or scam… sweet fuck all….

Taxi and catering and nursing firms *are* successfully hiring, but that is a legal contract where the economic migrant gets money and legal protections.

The immigrant hordes who want to get here at any cost? I don’t think so… it may be presented as a shit-hole over here, and to be sure relatively there is a lot of poverty, but to those fuckers that is their *home*

Leaving *home* takes very good reasons.

I can dig it, I come from a white “ex-pat” family from the glory days of that scene, after the war, the white engineer could go to far flung places and be very well paid, but shades of the taxi drivers coming here, the fucking paperwork was in order dude, it wasn’t some sort of take my chances mystery tour.

One of the guys I deal with has an 18 year old brother, he’d love to come and work in the UK, his problem is he dare not, his perfectly legal wife is 15 years old, so if they come here he will be arrested for rape and child abduction and god knows what else.

*home* is more attractive.

This “everyone knows” shit applies to everything, everyone knows the stocks and bonds markets are essential to a good economy.


Is that like marketing and shit too?

Very recently I have spent money with the guys at http://www.ignitech.cz/en/ and the guys at http://www.cncdrive.com/index.html and you know what, I spent money there because their shit is *cool*, and it is a good price, and I can get it in 48 hours, and frankly speaking there isn’t a (big commercial) commercial alternative.

http://www.rslaser.co.uk/ is another one, albeit based in the UK, but again building good kit with parts sourced internationally and adding local expertise and skills.

As Doug Stanhope says, the US spent 30 million dollars advertising the new 20 dollar bill, like he says, who is the fucking competition that needs fending off with advertising.

Can you imagine what any of the above companies could do with 20 million?

Sometimes, I’ll venture a little, a small gamble, I did this for https://www.facerig.com/ a while ago, why, because I remember Max Headroom, and because I see how as time progresses and technology evolves, the perfectly innocent photos that got uploaded a few years ago are now liable to be routinely scanned and tagged by facial recognition technology…. but then I remember a great little company that invented a developed Autoroute, before MS bought them out, before they got made obsolete by Google Maps & Navigation.

http://www.macrium.com is another one I spent money on. Another small UK firm.

You can look at real time updates maps, showing ships identified by their transponders, or planes identified by theirs, military shit excepted of course.

My firm is one of many that does this routinely for company vehicles and mobiles, it makes business sense for them, they get a call from a client and just look at the real-time map and see how far away the nearest engineer is, in my private business hat I do it for my clients, here is a link, track me in real-time, those who ask me to do 9 different sites a day, 10 minute job in each one, fucking love it.

The telcos have the same live maps for ALL mobiles, for values of real-time that have screen update rates of the order of 60 to 300 seconds.

There is no shortage of REAL data, and yet, everyone is wedded to what “everyone knows” and when the real data is introduced to what “everyone knows” then the real data gets filtered, goal seeking, exclude everything that does not agree with what “everyone knows”

For example, in a different country and time and place I could get killed for saying this, because it is true.

“Everyone knows” that when there is an uprising the first thing the state does is shut down the TV stations and the mobile phone networks, they do this to stop the terr’rists communicating… everyone knows this.


The truth is, everyone has gadgets, and any commander knows the one thing you absolutely cannot succeed at is ensuring your troops ONLY carry regulation equipment and NOTHING else, so all the cops and military and covert ops types carry an iphone or something, which means they are not merely able to be tracked, the very fact that the device works means it IS being tracked.

It isn’t just that you can track a bunch of phones, you are tracking KNOWN individuals who own those phones, so what the fuck is Herbert Hoover doing at the junction of Parkovyi and Michurina in Mykhailivka?

And if you know he is there, it’s a piece of piss to put someone on the ground and intercept his encrypted phone call data, and decrypt it later….

So when Nuland phones Herbie Hoover and says “Fuck the EU”, and you release that conversation, you aren’t just saying, by the way, we overheard what you said when you were talking about us, bitch…

What you are saying is I know where every single one of your mother-fuckers is, in real time, with the possible exception of the handful who someone managed to enforce equipment discipline on, provided none of your other crew knows where they are either, provided they themselves are running silent… which renders them pretty fucking useless innit.

Shutting down the mobile networks shuts down the tracking of individuals.

That is its purpose.

This is the problem with “everyone knows”, everyone knows the Israelis are our friends and the Russians are our enemy, so it was pretty easy to engineer the USS Liberty, because “everyone knows” is working in your favour.

Iraqi WMD, Syrian poison gas, Odessa killings, same shit with the economy, or the state, or the legal system, or family breakdown, “everyone knows” how things work and what is going on and what to do to make things better.

Here is where the shit gets serious.

Everyone knows, nobody wants to start WW3, everyone knows, nobody would actually use tactical battlefield nukes, everyone knows, nobody would actually refuse all trade and turn the fucking taps off on the gas fields and shut down the grain shipments and leave others to freeze and starve or go to war, I could go on in this vein for quite some time.

But none of that is where the shit gets serious.

No, the shit gets serious where every single adult in the USA, say 275 million out of the 300 million total, have fuck all to do with DC and the Pentagon and White House and so on.

Not done in their name, not done with their approval, not done with their acceptance.

Everybody knows, that 275 million will never be held to account or treated as being responsible for decades of geopolitical meddling and warmongering and human rights abuses and economic despotism.

Everybody knows, and yet, if those 275 million are NOT held personally, collectively and individually responsible for every single action of the state, it will be the first time in human history this has happened.

US troops dragged “innocent” German citizens along to the concentration camps, to show them what they “allowed” to happen in their own back yard, and war reparations and restrictions and nation dividing followed, Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened because the “innocent” Japanese people “allowed” their emperor to wage war on the US…..  Iraq, Iran, etc, all fucked over because the “innocent” peoples “allowed” the evil terr’rists to thrive in their midst.

History is replete with it at every level, from nations down to individual households who raised one bad apple that raped and killed some local kids, everyone else eventually turns up at their door and holds all these “innocent” people responsible for what they “allowed” to happen.

Scared yet?

In real life, I have hung out with many Germans, hell, go back 400 years and I am one, Germanic anyway, get some beers in the bastards and chill and they will all tell you, WW2, cutting the nation in half, you can’t, it’s like splitting a family up, it leaves long lasting resentment, and so does being told you are all responsible for Adolf, because yeah, he did a lot of bad shit, but so did those he rose to power against, and he did a lot of good shit too, and times *were* fucking hard, and whatever real and genuine feelings of gratitude there was towards the allies in general and the good ole US of A at the end of the war, part of it was just general gratitude that the fucking war itself was over, but what followed, no, that didn’t win any long term friendships or loyalties either.

NOT the kind of conversation a yank or a canuck or an arab or a chink can have with a German, same as a New York “irishman” who drinks green beer on St Patrick’s day can’t have a discussion with a bunch of Irishmen about the north and south and troubles and so on.

Ukraine is the same, some of the guys in Romania and Slovakia and Belarus, and indeed in Russia, can have such a conversation with the Ukes, but you and I cannot.Ethnolingusitic_map_of_ukraine

“Everyone knows” we live in a modern multicultural digital age melting pot, and we are so much more advanced than the wogs with all their tribal wars and shit, won’t be no Hutu and Tutsi here, oh wait, Serbia.. Ukraine…

Uniting the two Germany’s did one thing, it put the family back together, erased the arbitrary shit the allies imposed, and made it very difficult, save for outside influence, for there to be a civil war.

However much a former east and west German might hate one another, at least they are family, if you want to piss them both off, come in and start extracting their minerals and giving them fuck all in return, and take over their states.


Shouldn’t really have to say this, thought it should be self explanatory from saying the USA would be the first place in human history where the people were NOT held responsible for what their leaders did, so, yeah, of fucking COURSE I am applying that to myself as a UK citizen too…


  1. Eh, not all things are great. Did under 60 miles with rocky mountain parabolics, on road mind you, with an unladen landy. And one of the front parabolics broke.

    Just mailed ’em to see if i ended up with a bad batch or something.

    Comment by Digger Nick — May 5, 2014 @ 6:28 pm

    • Well, thing’s going to get replaced under warranty, so chalk this one up to good service handling the problem. Something you don’t get at a big
      retailer, because eh, what’s one less customer.
      Might just keep a pile of old springs around just in case the other rms break tough.

      Comment by Digger Nick — May 9, 2014 @ 3:09 pm

      • broken spring… don’t know any old style blacksmiths then? lol

        Comment by wimminz — May 9, 2014 @ 3:10 pm

  2. Many “Americans” don’t really consider the US their home, either. Being a multicultural society, nobody holds any shared culture besides unrestrained consumerism. I believe many ethnic groups will return to their homelands, or cling to microcosms of them in their area. It will make for interesting times.

    Comment by freeman — May 7, 2014 @ 11:12 pm

  3. I’ve had a sense of overwhelming doom for no good reason lately. One of these days my moods will have to be accurate.

    Comment by hyper — May 27, 2014 @ 1:35 pm

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