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May 3, 2014

Knowledge, supposition and lies..

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I’ve been with three men before you….

Never could have a reasonable discussion about that one, because it takes two to have a reasonable discussion… but if I amalgamate several into one…

See, thing is babe, I do not KNOW how many men you have been with before me, I wasn’t there, and knowledge of events isn’t a skill or ability that I can learn, or anything else, knowledge of events is something that is so difficult it is almost impossible to discover accurately at a later date.

It’s not so much that I think you are lying, and the number is nearer 30 or 300, what we are dealing with there is my belief or thoughts or assumptions, and that is a separate but related thing that comes later, and if we focus on that now, we lose track of the real and important point, which is that the text in red above is exactly akin to saying…

I do not know how tall the building that once stood here was at the roofline when it was still standing

Sure, y’all can TELL me, show me pictures, show me apparently identical buildings today, but unless I was THERE,  with a theodolite back when it WAS standing, and took actual measurements… I do not KNOW…. even if I remember it standing before the supermarket and car park went in, unless I measured it, I do not KNOW.

So, the measurement, whether of building height of cock count, is a number.

If I KNOW, then my confidence is that number is absolute, 100%, if I do not know, then my confidence is not absolute, the response here is not that I am 90% sure, it is a yes / no response to the question “Is your confidence in this number absolute, 100%?

This is a binary question, the possible answers are not numerically rounded probabilities, they are “yes, absolute 100% confidence” and “every other possible answer

AFTER we ask the yes / no to the above question is your confidence absolute, THEN we can get into the second separate but related thing I talked about above.

What is your confidence in this answer in the range from 99.999999999999999% to 0%?

Immediately, you hit the stumbling block, everyone, including all wimminz, completely unrealistically, insists you have 100% confidence, what’s with this 0.000000000000001% lack of confidence shit???? Round it up motherfucker and gimme 100%, the difference is so small as to make no fucking difference anyway…

The inverse of 0.000000000000001 is 1,000,000,000,000,000, and I am here to tell you that no engineer ever anywhere on the planet ever said there was a 1 in a quadrillion chance of this fucker ever failing to work….

Nota bene, I’m not even going anywhere near the differences between improbability and impossibility, black swan theory, and the fact that if you win a 1 in 1,000 prize draw ticket, 999 other tickets each with a 1 in 1,000 chance had to have NOT come to the top… eg 999 equally (im)probable events failed to pass.

So, we have two things;

1/ Do I KNOW? With ABSOLUTE confidence. Y/N

2/ In the vast majority of all possible things in life where the answer to Q1 above MUST be NO, what probable confidence do I assign in the range of 99.999999999999999% down to 0.000000000000001%?

See, you thought I was going to say down to 0%, but that would be wrong, as that is also an absolute certainty, although in this case it is an absolute certainty that the answer CANNOT be known… eg “How tall am I? to the nearest micron?”

Now, given these two things (three really, given the whole 0% thing, but we will come back to that later too..) let us move on to the next stage… how important are these two things, and what’s the difference, if there even is one.

Well, now it comes down to what ACTION, inaction or decision you are going to make, based upon your answer to the above.

I know my (lease) car “says” it has done 130,000 miles, that’s what the odometer says, but they can be clocked or swapped.

I know I personally have done 55,000 miles in it. And of course that means I know how it was driven for every one of those 55k miles, even if I ASSUME the remaining 75k is correct, I know nothing of how many people drove it, or how they drove it..

It’s now 3 years old, time for the leasing company to sell it and me to get a new one.

The “value” of the current one is largely based on factors that the prospective buyer is never going to know.

They are going to assume the mileage is correct, but it would be “worth” a lot more advertised with 50k on the clock instead of 140k… I know plenty of companies that bought new cars, gutted the interiors, instruments and all, put new interiors in, drove the shit out of them for two years, put the ORIGINAL kit back in the car, drove it for another year, THEN sold it on, based on the readings on the instruments.

You see where we are going with this, skank ho X is “worth” a lot more with a perceived 3 cocks on the carousel, rather than 30, or 300, I don’t KNOW either way, nobody but her does, because nobody but her was there all through her life, but in the question 2 sense, I can come up with a belief number in the scale 99.999999999999999% to 0.000000000000001% IN THE NUMBER I HAVE BEEN GIVEN.

Like the car mileage, the IMPORTANCE is a lot greater if I am considering buying it, rather than just discussing your car with you or getting a lift from you or borrowing or renting it.

I have often heard long term steady relationships described as being renting or leasing with the option to own at a later date, heard this said of cars too…

Tell me this, if the fucker wasn’t worth buying when it had 7 miles on the clock, and a manufacturer’s warranty and all new unused components, what makes it worth buying NOW??? I have already had the best out of that car, it is literally all downhill from here.

So bitch, the question of whether you have had 3 cocks. or 30, or 300, only really has any significant importance to me, IF I am considering a long term relationshit with you.

I can NEVER answer question 1 with a yes. By definition.

It is not even all down to my answer to question 2, it is what bet I am going to place on my answer to question 2.

In my own interests, I should be erring on the conservative site, a lower estimate of confidence, and limiting the size of the bet.

In your interests, I should be erring on the credible side, a higher estimate of confidence, and increasing the size of the bet.

And this is where the conversation with the wimminz should get to, because now we have done no more than establish a common and open dialogue, I am genuinely here to buy a car, and you are genuinely here to sell me a car, and we should BOTH do OK out of the deal and walk away happy.

If you’re giving me all the sales monkey cowboy car sales bullshit I’m walking off the fucking lot, we CANNOT do a deal, because the only deal you want to do is one that shafts me.

This is the fucking problem, this is where the negotiation process should START, but with wimminz today, this is the END of it, fuck off outta my car lot ya bastard.

Hey baby, you did 135 mph and 55 mpg urban for your first owner, why won’t you do it for me?

Yeah, well, he paid 25k for the privilege, you can have me for X, and there you have it, what is X?

I *know* they will be doing the pro valet and full main dealer service history and only 3 years old shit and going for 10k, me, I wouldn’t pay more than 1k, I have literally seen it start to fall apart and all sorts of things including wiring loom problems start to go wrong…. 1k is a gamble… but I could always break it for parts.

10k… no fucking way.

I’ll say again, I don’t have a problem with a high mileage many owner car, I don’t even have a problem with lots of maintenance, provided the car is basically sound and the parts and reasonable, so that for me AT ALL TIMES I HAVE A RELIABLE AND DEPENDABLE RIDE.

But I can’t even get there if the other party refuses any and all deals that are not to my disadvantage.

I can’t even get to the fucking negotiating table.

And this brings us right back to the start.

The REASON I cannot get there is their insistence that a 0.5% answer to question 2 is damn well good enough to be rounded up to 100% absolute certainty question 1 answer, even though it is quite explicitly not even possible to ask that question 1 and get anything except a NO, a pre-requisite before you can ask the question 2 that they do ask, and insist on a question 1 answer to it, and by the way buddy, you better bet your entire life on this fucker too.

When I sell a car, I will post pictures of every single document and receipt that I have, it’s not a full history usually, but it goes some way to establishing it, it gives you a feel.. if you have a bunch of receipts over several years but none of them show oils or filters or tyres or brakes, there is something missing from the story..

If the MOT (https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/mot-insurance) has 6 months or less to run, you’re gonna think, meh, they KNOW it won’t pass the next test without a lot of work….. 1 or 2 months left to run, it’s a rust-bucket, doesn’t matter WHAT the advert says, put 12 months MOT on the car and it will sell for LOADS more, the only way you as the seller would not do that is if the MOT repair bill was going to be horrendous, and you fucking know it…

And wimminz, I am not even getting into the whole thing about who gives a shit what we agree to now, the state will intervene on your behalf every time, and whatever we agree to now will be dust in the wind.

I’m explaining the problems even getting the we agree now shit sorted.

Actually, no, I am explaining why it is flatly fucking impossible to even have that negotiation.

I have deflowered virgins in the past, ok, an intact full hymen just means they ain’t had nothing larger than a finger up that hole, says nothing about the ass and mouth, but, first… fuck you all, I don’t care what you think, it’s like becoming a dad, it don’t matter what you think, when it happens…. when you deflower a virgin you DO bond and fall in love… don’t deny it, you’re fucking hard wired to.

I’m not saying y’all go all monogamy and marriage and white picket fences, but you DO fall in love with that sweet little cunt.

Then one day she fucks some other guy, and at that point, assholes to it, out come the sex toys, the days of that particular cunt being tight and sweet and special are all over.

Ain’t NO wimminz on the planet with a cock count that IN REALITY exceeds 1 that don’t know EXACTLY what I am talking about…. the instant transition when her first cock found out there had been another, doesn’t matter who, and from there on it’s all a matter of degree… sound familiar to the whole Q1 and Q2 thing? It should…

It’s a magic spell, one use only, and small magic at that, not big magic.

You KNOW only what you directly saw, minus all those genuine knowledge facts that you destroyed every single time you placed supposition and lies into the same bowl as knowledge.

You do not need to KNOW, to live, to go out in the world, to make deals… you can get by fine on suppositions, if you’re canny enough.

You DO need to be canny enough, which you can’t be, once you start putting supposition and lies in the same bowl as knowledge, and start making stupid and insupportable bets on it in the belief that it is all knowledge.

Calling supposition knowledge is the biggest lie of all.

So, how many cocks you had in your life girl?

It’s not a Q1 type question girl, I can never know, what’s left is it is a Q2 type question, you need to give me an answer that is probably close to the truth… the answer itself is far far far less important than its proximity to the truth.

I’ve been with three men before you…. who knows, it could be true, in some cases (and I am speaking historically now, not talking about mature wimminz who have been separated and “single” for 5 years now…lol) but if I now, or ever in the future, assign a probability of less than 0.5 that it is true, NO MATTER WHAT THE NUMBER, and NO MATTER WHAT THE QUESTION, then you have problems.

That third bit I mentioned above, when you give not a 0.000000000000001% confidence rating to the answer you have given me, but a flat 0% rating, eg I KNOW for a fucking fact you just lied to me, as happened once by way of example, I was stood in the skank’s kitchen, having just returned a box set of DVD’s that I had borrowed, talking to her teenage son (yeah, mum is out) so I give you a bell on the mobile and say hey baby, what you doing, and you tell me you are home in bed just taken some sleeping pills hunny…..lol, then you get a flat 0% rating, and it applies to EVERYTHING about you.

it’s not the porn career or the 40 guy gangbang or anything else that killed it for you in my book, they were just factors in negotiation, the 0% rating kills it.

I cannot EVER afford to make ANY bet, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, on anything you say, EVER.

And bitch, that is what makes you a wimminz, and boy, do you ever have a lot of company.


  1. the car analogy breaks down when there is age gap. 30 CC + 20 year age gap << 3 CC + 0 year age gap

    Comment by Joe — May 3, 2014 @ 6:40 pm

    • I hear you, but this post is about the fact that the only person who can ever KNOW a wimminz CC is the wimminz herself.

      For the rest of us, it is a type 2 question, we cannot *know*, so it is all about the credibility we give to the answers we are given, and betting accordingly.

      Assume I am 50 and take your example, skank A is 30 and has had 30 cocks, skank B is 50 and has had 3, which one is more attractive?

      Neither, based on that “data”, because I will never *know*

      (hell, they lie just as bad about their age)

      All I can do is give a certain amount of credibility to the answers, the 50 year old claiming 3 cocks may not be a sex bomb, but if I rate her answer credibility reasonably high, she is a lot safer than the 30 year old claiming 30, but who I do not trust as far as I could throw.

      The car analogy holds good, if you compare like for like, no pink slip, no papers, no history, nothing, you don’t even get to see the car, just a picture that is allegedly of it, you just get what the seller tells you to your face.

      Comment by wimminz — May 3, 2014 @ 6:51 pm

      • And quite frankly not a small number of wimminz aren’t even sure about it themselves.
        With the amount of binge drinking going on.

        Oh, and bötch, yes! Blowjobs DO fucking count TOO!

        Comment by hans — May 3, 2014 @ 8:01 pm

  2. Basic Lemon Theory – the bad drives out the good (Gresham’s Law). I might have a 20 year old car that’s been babied and runs like new, and ran great at the time, but with information asymmetry you have no way of knowing that for sure, and it drives down the sales price towards what the 20 year old beater would receive.

    There’s a way around Lemon Theory, the same way there’s an escape clause from the Prisoner’s Dilemma – it’s having a higher obligation that you’re both committed to. Some sense of ethics, some notion of shared culture, which allows people to overcome the race to the bottom. Women these days have no such sense. They live in a fictionalized reality they generate, and it’s got to the point where they don’t even pay lip-service to having a higher principle they follow.

    (This is why I like Monarchy, FTR – even if the monarch is a psychopath, he’s still got to pretend to give a shit about being a good Christian – and that’s the next best thing to being a good Christian, as far as I’m concerned in my dealings with him.)

    The women don’t subscribe to a higher value (nothing but relative value, whatever script they choose to believe in at the moment), they never suffer any immediate consequences thanks to all the thirsty white knights and gov’t programs, and they don’t even pretend to honour things like marital fidelity (at least a hypocrite does what they say 99% of the time). They only honour things like “a mother’s love” and a 30 second orgasm – things that aren’t exactly difficult for them to honour.

    The stupidest part is, that the #1 victim of their lies is always themselves; they wind up bullshitting themselves to the point where their womb becomes a tomb, they don’t learn from their fuck-ups, they re-wind the odometer instead and say “That one didn’t count.” The biological clock is ticking like the interest rate on a credit card, and they go and remortgage their home…

    My only disagreement with you is one of minor metaphysics; I believe women *could* be morally responsible… they just almost never are. Maybe that’s what the Mohammedians meant with the 21 houris – that’s the ratio we’ll need to prevent heaven from being a sausage factory.

    Comment by Davis M.J. Aurini — May 3, 2014 @ 7:48 pm

    • Lemon Theory addendum: since I know that if I sell my babied car it’s going to be treated like a lemon, I decide that it makes more sense not to sell it – ergo, the ratio of lemons in the marketplace goes up a tick.

      Comment by Davis M.J. Aurini — May 3, 2014 @ 7:50 pm

  3. “I know plenty of companies that bought new cars, gutted the interiors, instruments and all, put new interiors in, drove the shit out of them for two years, put the ORIGINAL kit back in the car, drove it for another year, THEN sold it on, based on the readings on the instruments.”

    No way? That can’t have been cheaper than just…not doing that and being honest, surely? Wimminz logic.

    Comment by Tim — May 3, 2014 @ 10:51 pm

    • oh, it’s a *lot* more common than you think…

      this guy talks about this starting 4 minutes in, but watch the whole thing

      Comment by wimminz — May 3, 2014 @ 11:01 pm

  4. I am – again – amazed at the tenacity with which you painstakingly deconstruct wimminz’ irrational “thoughts”. I am myself quite happy with just short fatalistic “wimminz’ logic !” quip. I guess you enjoy this in some way.

    Comment by Wake — May 4, 2014 @ 8:18 pm

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