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May 3, 2014

DMJ’s lemonade emporium.

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I’ll attribute this to him because he outed it in the comments to the last post, so credit where it is due.

It’s a nice little example of what he was saying, and where I was going to progress to from the last one anyway..DSC07183

The pic is of a bike I nearly bought last year, nearly as in I would have, but for some reason the bank decided I wasn’t worth lending the (7k) money to.

I have no idea why they made this decision, they were wrong, I could quite easily have afforded the repayments, hell, I had 30% of the price in cash in my account, and no debts or credit of any kind, I guess that’s why they didn’t like me as a potential debtor… but the vendor made precisely zero effort on my behalf so I just shrugged and walked away, assholes to it and to them as a dealer.

See, the black bitch was still in the workshop under a tarp, largely disassembled, probably to be resurrected “one day”, but not to be sold.. ever… the black bitch pre-dated the ex see…

However, I did sell another bike in the interim, it was also gathering dust under a tarp, but it was made to start and run in a day, and then sold.

Which is where we come in with DMJ and his bloody lemons.

The black bitch was not for sale, the black bitch is *hugely* customised, there is hardly a single component on it that is still factory, sure, most of the components *came* from a factory, but over time they all got modified, for example the engine casings had the maker’s name ground out of them, before being polished, other bits got drilled and milled and chamfered, which makes it all incredibly personal to me, which makes it less attractive than a stock used whatever it once was to *every* single potential buyer out there.

It was a reasonably good lemon that was taken out of the market.

But, and this is related to the last post and type 1 and 2 questions, when you have a thing, a belief, an assumption,  that you have invested a certain amount of confidence in, and you then make a BET on that, eg I bought the black bitch back in the day, you start to enter different territory.

Of course confidence in a vehicle is an unknowable thing, you cannot ever be 100% sure beforehand that it will start today, and get you to your destination, and back again, hassle free….. sure, you can be 99 point 999 etc confident, but you cannot KNOW 100% in advance.

So, over time, you get to know that thing better, you get to refine your initial judgement call, you get to also make a judgement call on your initial bet, and any subsequent investments… did I throw good money after bad etc.

So, obviously, at the time, the black bitch wasn’t costing me anything, it was just sitting there, and equally obviously it could be fixed up for a *lot* less than buying the FXST above, and it wasn’t an either or, I did not have to get rid of one to finance the other, it wasn’t a point of no return as far as the black bitch was concerned to buy the FXST.

But, when el banco said nyet, it disappointed me for as long as it took to shrug my shoulders at the sales guy in the dealership.

I wasn’t any worse off.

Not because I still had the black bitch.

Because I had *NOT* made a 7k bet on the FXST.

Meanwhile, as far as the black bitch is concerned, it may not be cherry, but there are no surprises left there, and it doesn’t owe me anything, but it also has that indefinable something that anything that accompanies you for years acquires.

Today, I just threw out a leather (riding) jacket that I bought when I was 17, I kept it for so many years in defiance of all the truthful comments that it looked like it has been pulled off a corpse, that was dug up, after being killed going through a gravel mill, and that corpse prolly stole it from another corpse…

I kept it because it had that indefinable something.

I threw it out today because even that something is history.

It has passed into legend, a legend that nobody else on the planet is even aware of, just me, so it is a legend that will die with me, but one that will also live as long as I do.

The black bitch, well, not a lemon, but certainly not cherry either… indefinable something, for sure, legendary status? No.. it just hasn’t been involved in enough yet.

At the risk of making myself a hostage to fortune, I have some time ago decided that the black bitch needs to run again, is it economically viable? Nope. No way.

In fact I have zero chance of ever even getting back the money I am spending NOW, much less what went before or the purchase price or anything else.

I am, in the language of the last post, making a very large bet on the black bitch.

I have no good reason to believe I won’t get it running again, much less on the road, but the fact is, it ain’t run for 9 years, so I do not KNOW I will get it running, my budget and commitment is limited, even if it is out of all proportion to any likely returns.

I’m making the bet because, in the language of the last post, seeing as I bought it used, it wasn’t a type 1 question, it was a type 2 question, and the bike itself as it was then, and the previous owner, gave me enough confidence, I was 75-80% sure I wasn’t buying a lemon, and the price was good enough for that, so I made the bet.

Again, in the language of the last post, in several years of storage and ownership and use, the black bitch never gave me any reason to revise that confidence downwards.

On the contrary, everything it has done has served to support my initial “faith” placed in it, even if my *confidence* rating hasn’t gone up, given it is a non runner at the moment, my confidence IN my initial confidence rating has… IYSWIM…

All of which finds me, like DMJ says, sitting at my lemon stand with nothing on show for sale, I ain’t selling anything, and I ain’t buying anything either.

Yet, as the black bitch shows, it isn’t because I am a cold heartless calculating mercenary bastard, on the contrary, I am more than capable of maintaining my faith in and loyalty to something, long after there is any actual current observable benefit to me for doing so.

In part, this is because there IS a benefit, it’s just one of those weird ones that just happens to make a *really* good test of whether you are a man, or a wimminz or niggerz, and it’s an easy test, did you nod and smile to yourself back up there when I talked about my jacket becoming a legend?

Whether or not the black bitch runs, the fucking around and fettling I am doing to it right now is a huge positive benefit to me as a man, I am exercising the “let’s see if we can make this legendary” muscle, and I can tell you quite honestly that since I started fucking with the black bitch again, I tidied the fucking workshop *properly*, the compressor electrics are on the to do list, I’ve just ordered a new USB breakout for the CNC as the parallel port thing and associated PC with parallel port was getting old and obsolete and it needs sorting anyway, I’ve purged a load of old crap, *everything* is going through the washer and dryer, and I’m generally being more active, instead of vegging in front of the giant screen watching some shit I’ve downloaded or surfing or playing some naff game.

You wanna ward off depression and old age and the boogeyman and everything else naff in life? Go work on seeing if you can make something legendary.large

You don’t need loads of time or money or a workshop or anything specific, even a jacket will do.

Hell, all you fuckers who kept asking me why I kept sticking my cock in assorted sluts, y’all never really got a good answer, just “I like sex”, but who knows, maybe I was seeing if I could make my cock legendary too (in the same way as my jacket, only to me) or maybe all of it, the whole shooting match, in fact the whole fucking lemonade emporium, is just my way of not letting anything the skank ho ex or anyone else could do beat me, maybe I’m just working on making myself legendary… lol



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  1. One of my greatest regrets in life was letting a cherry go.

    My old MX-6 – bought her on the cheap because of a leak in the power-steering (which the woman who owned it didn’t even recognize – topped it off, and didn’t even bother repairing that piece for six months), used to go like stink, and was great on mileage to boot, I chirped the tires on every corner and she stuck to the road while coffee-cups were flying around the compartment. Then the clutch started to go. Like an idiot, I forgot that I don’t have my own garage and took on a project that was utterly beyond me, given that I had to borrow space from my folks. Got halfway through the disassembly (clutches on the second-gen are a bitch to access), ran out of time, and sold the poor girl for scrap. My penance is the rusted, racing-striped Stinkmobile I currently ride in.

    Was there a woman behind this decision to rush myself? You betcha. Was I old enough to know better? You better believe it.

    You can’t rush quality – and a good cherry automobile will last you longer than most women.

    Comment by Davis M.J. Aurini — May 3, 2014 @ 10:54 pm

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