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April 28, 2014

The WORM that didn’t turn…

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Back in the day, me and a mate turned up at this guy’s place.

The guy did not know that I had a mate who once shared a flat with one of the main guys who developed the CD for Philips, nor did he know when I started with them blanks were 50 quid a pop.

So he pulls out the CD-R and starts enthusing, you got to remember, back in the day it was quite probable that the CD had a larger capacity than the HD in the PC, indeed for a time this very factor was one of the strings of anti-game piracy… that and deliberately created bad sectors so most early CD copy software would fall over.

So, like I said, he was enthusing, here was a single disk that that could either hold a complete multimedia encyclopaedia, or dozens or even hundreds of programs, not just the one… both of these abilities were brand new.

It was interesting, it was fascinating, it was exciting, it was 450 floppies…

So the guy, geeking out in his enthusiasm, drops this acronym on us, and because it was new, he expanded it too.. this is a WORM disk he said, Write Once, Read Many, and then he went on to incorrectly claim that there was something nested and serpent-like about how the data itself was stored, but that’s beside the point.

Also, in that era, given the relatively HUGE capacity of CD-R compared to a PC HD, there was an element of 640k should be enough for anyone, no normal sane individual could ever generate enough material (emails / documents / spreadsheets etc) to fill one… if you had one of the new fangled digital cameras, yeah, you could eventually generate enough data, but at less than 100k for a compressed 640 x 480 pic, you’d still get an astonishing 7,000 of them on a disk.

The point is, I realised something today.

Wimminz brains, they are fucking WORM media.

This doesn’t mean they cannot learn, far from it, but the storage capacity is finite, and while adequate for cave living, is inadequate for a modern technological society, disk full…. which is a problem if you are running on write once media.

You know, last night I listened to a mid twenties wimminz who has literally, moments before, told me she was not “easy” and she “loved her kids more than n-e-fink” and then watched her giggle like a loon when her 5 year old daughter said mommy is a “fuck slut“, she then asked the kid what other names mummy has, and the kid says “cock jockey” and a few more that I now forget.

An information retrieval system does not process data, it just retrieves and regurgitates it, so the inherent dichotomy in what I witnessed is simply not even apparent to it.

An information retrieval system just needs to be efficient at what it does, storing and then retrieving data, at least until the disk is full.

The 5 year old from last night was well on the way to archiving the essential data.

The 25 year old skank ho single mommy has been “disk full” for at least 10 years.

The implications of this, if correct, are nothing less than profound.

It means that Wimminz are in effect just a biological information storage and retrieval machine able to pass the Turing Test.

It means that wimminz are information storage and retrieval machines, not information processing machines, which means wimminz will not be inventing anything… oh.. wait…  Marie Curie, the exception that proves the rule…

It explains every argument I have ever had with a wimminz, and their uncanny ability to respond by listing various events that have no connection whatsoever with the issue at hand.

It explains why wimminz are literally incapable of processing any retrieved data, ALL retrieved data has exactly the same value, it was retrieved, end of story. Accuracy or truth? Irrelevant. That is a processing question.

It explains why as the disk fills up the archiving algorithms get ever more selective in what gets written, they have to be bigger and bigger events, and the compression is higher and higher.

It explains why wimminz have an atavistic attraction to anything that offers to assist in information archiving and retrieval, cf iphone and fuckbook.

The vote? The cunts aren’t even HUMAN, not by the lights of the Turing Test, that there is INTELLECT there.


  1. I need this fuck slut’s details…

    For…marketing purposes…

    Comment by Tim — April 28, 2014 @ 3:20 pm

  2. “watched her giggle like a loon when her 5 year old daughter said mommy is a “fuck slut“, she then asked the kid what other names mummy has, and the kid says “cock jockey” and a few more”
    The little bitch is already well on her way to her future stripper career, monkey see monkey do.

    WORM media, hmm.
    So that´s why I´m having such an impossible time of explaining the usage of a simple fold cell phone to my 65 year old mum.
    Naturally she really want´s a smart phone. /facepalm-through-head

    Comment by hans — April 28, 2014 @ 3:28 pm

  3. From what I have seen many humans wouldn’t pass the Turing test.

    Comment by God is Laughing — April 29, 2014 @ 4:36 am

  4. Afor,

    There are still millions of people here, at least in the States that are convinced women are more intelligent than men, because they are intelligent in the sense a CEO is over a nerd. The CEO uses the nerd’s emotional and social weakness to enslave his intellect into his mission essentially; much like a housewife enslaves a husband through twisting and turning his own morality and social standing and “do you love me.. (cue that post where you discussed covet)”

    And as you already know they are EXCELLENT EXCELLENT chameleons at BLENDING in by using a succession of hot words sprinkled sporadically to allude as if they know what they’re talking about; hence the light-hearted “witty” conversation wimminz have traditionally provided within a table of men.

    And they also EMOTE in terms of LANGUAGE and ASSOCIATION straight from having a larger corpus callosum and grey matter, but are still utter fail when it comes to the classic Abstract Notions of Truth, Reason, Justice etc.

    IIRC you had mentioned a post a few years back back which discussed women psychology.as when faced with an item to retrieve, they’d respond as a function of what they don’t want… process of elimination type stuff (thus alluding to their indecision and lengthy shopping trips)

    If you could do me a favor, and ponder on that a little bit more; I think you’re on to something VERY VERY fukking profound.

    If the world gets to see them for how they think/operate… then I’m sure [at least the sensible people] of the world will once again [try to] demote them to second citizen status.. step by step.

    Comment by dave — April 29, 2014 @ 9:35 pm

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