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April 23, 2014


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When it comes to individuals generally and individual wimminz specifically, people pretty much have no problem getting on board with the following;

1/ Judge them by what they DO, not what they say they will do, are doing, have done.

2/ What they DO is governed by their TRUE intentions.

3/ Where what they say and what they do differs, then what they say is part of the strategy to make the doing easier and less effort on their part.

However, when it comes to groups of people and institutions, suddenly people have much more difficulty with this idea, until you make the groups and institutions so vast they they become “them” and “the government”

“The state” has been, according to what they say, “waging a war on / against drugs” since at least 1965, that’s what they say.

And you cannot judge the vast amounts of manpower and money and materiel and time expended in this as being an example of DOING either, if you are having a war on drugs, the only example of doing that counts is winning that war.

If you are NOT winning that war, they you are not DOING, so what are you doing instead?

You’re growing a vast and powerful and intrusive branch of state “security” that can go anywhere it wants and do anything it wants.


Again, down at the individual level, if the bitch is not ACTUALLY MAKING THE marriage / relationshit work, and succeeding, then everything she says about love and trust and commitment and family is bullshit.. the reality is it is a job with better terms and conditions than waiting tables at the diner.

It’s the middle ground in between where people have difficulty accepting this.

Which is insane, because the middle ground is fucking HUUUGE, it’s like a guy stood on the primordial plains in hunter gatherer mode.

He looks off 20 miles into the distance at the horizon, and says that is all bullshit, but it don’t matter, cos it is out of reach.

He looks at his hands and a yard around himself, and says that is all bullshit, but it don’t matter, because it is all in reach.

He looks at everything in between, ah, there lies opportunity, it’s all potentially in reach, so I don’t want any of it to be bullshit.

The secret family courts have been secret since the mid seventies, to protect da chiiildwun, and despite two full generations passing, no kids have been protected by this secrecy, but a lot of iniquitous larceny and family breakdown has… QED.

THAT IS WHAT IT IS THERE FOR, the secret family courts are working EXACTLY as intended.

So is the political process that sees whores like Blair and Obama rise to the top.

and yet, time and time and time again, like junkies returning 3 hours later for the next fix, I see people going back to these delusional bullshit descriptions of what things are, and wondering out loud why a local policeman is not held to the same standards and rules as a local car mechanic, for example.

Everything, everywhere you look, is doing EXACTLY what it was intended to do from the outset.

Does the “customer service support” process singularly fail to treat you as a customer, or deliver any service, or support you, despite progressing through 20 different people in seven different calls?

Then WHY, dear fucking god WHY, do you think, for even a fucking INSTANT, that it is somehow broken, and not working EXACTLY as it was designed to do.

The more sacred the cow, the easier it is to tell a lie that will push the desired trigger, so they bigger the lie you can tell.

Fucking some 7 year old up the ass, that’s fucking Amex Black Card buddy, you can get away with ANYTHING in the name of that, and not one fuck is given about any individual 7 year old getting their ass reamed… not one.

In fact, sometime the opposite is the case… “Mission Accomplished” is fatal.

I knew people who ran drugs, on a fucking industrial scale, and let me tell you, EVERY cunt knew, they HAD to, for it to work.

You CANNOT run a distribution network that large and far reaching, no matter how loosely, and have it any more obscure than the exact same sort of network for tobacco, or coffee, or sugar.

So instead every few weeks some asshole patsy is lined up, set up before they even appear on the scene, like a corporation deciding to advertise for a vacancy, here are a few tens or dozen of K, maybe even a ton or so if we had a bumper harvest, go sleepwalk into this trap we set up.

Back in the 80’s I saw, I’m talking touching distance, one of these little vested interest groupings having their own little power struggle, all very genteel and polite like, none of the hollywood masked gunmen and cattle prod to the testicles, that shit is for the gutter level recruits.

This was more along the lines of Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld having a dispute about who has the best collection, so Jerry gets one of the executives from his collection to go visit Jay’s collection and take a shit in the Bugatti.

No people were harmed, just money, which is just a way or keeping score, and some pecking order points.

So, one guy decides to push the envelope this way, lawyer wise, and weasel words accounting holding to the letter but not the spirit of the business arrangement with another guy, so less cash and product flows through the other guy.

The other guys smiles, sends his minions (la policia) out, and they seize the first guys 30+ metre yacht, and move it from the marina to the government quay.

The first guy doesn’t blink.

The other guy tells his minions to move on board, start storing 45 gall drums of diesel on the teak decks, start relaxing there, treat it as a clubhouse.

The first guy doesn’t blink.

The other guy tows it a scant 3 Km out to sea, where it is still *very* visible, and has his compadre in the navy use it as target practice for the 12.7 mm and 3″ main popgun… 5 million dollars (in late 80’s dollars) worth of yacht blown to shit and sunk.

And the difference it made to availability or price on the street?



  1. Goebbels once said, paraphrasing: The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.

    Comment by freeman — April 24, 2014 @ 1:51 am

    • http://bytwerk.com/gpa/falsenaziquotations.htm
      Meanwhile what their own literature states about the greatest lie is that it is a jewish propaganda technique.
      Fascists found that their propaganda had to be founded in truth, so that it would be universally accepted.
      The more you know huh?

      Comment by Digger Nick — April 26, 2014 @ 7:52 am

  2. Word.

    Comment by hans — April 25, 2014 @ 8:32 pm

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