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April 21, 2014

Fuck like an easter bunny.

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So it was one of those strange bizarre and unpredictable things that you couldn’t set up if you tried.

Thanks to the FRA and a couple of other things, there is this reputation that follows me like flies on shit, that I’m partial to younger wimminz.

Of course if it is a cougar wimminz, that’s all well and good, but when a man pulls that shit, it soon gets called cradle robbing or worse.

Generally, now that I am in my mid fifties, “younger” means mid thirties, OK, technically, yes, young enough to be my daughter, but they themselves often have teenage kids, so cradle snatching , not quite.

But, there has been younger, about a year ago there was a chick who was 21/22 at the time, and I don’t have to tell you guys that the extra ten years off a wimminz makes her so much more fuckable, nature’s Viagra in spades, and I have to admit to it being a few years since I had a teenager.

But, there’s the thing, some skanks in their twenties look like they are pushing forty, and some skanks in their twenties look like they are pushing 15, despite the fact they have dropped two womb turds.

And so it was, there I was sitting outside a caff having a smoke, and bump into a couple of people, people who know about the FRA stuff because they were round then, so they know the story, and while they got no time at all for what the skank pulled, they also think that my own morals left more than just a little bit to be desired, banging a mother and her daughter and all… disgusting perv..

So, some years after the FRA, they were kinda OK with my lifestyle, banging a series of mid 30’s chicks, not ideal behaviour for a mature man, but what the hell.

And yeah, I know this is all as judgemental as fuck, but I’d been through an FRA, I no longer gave a fuck, even if I did before, I sure didn’t now, these people, they were blessed, never been exposed to this stuff, so yeah, they were judgemental but I dig where they were coming from, and we weren’t so close it was an issue.

So about a year ago they saw me with this 21/22 year old on my arm, and they were fairly shocked, and when they found out she was a low rent porn star, they were fucking horrified….. but throughout it all there was this underlying belief that there was something wrong with me, and them, because hell, why else would a young chick bang and old guy, and vice versa.

To which the porn slut kinda fits in with… broken people innit..

So, back to the caff and my smoke, they wander up, we chat for a bit, what you doing here, because we are all 70 miles from hometown, oh I say, just visiting a mate.

They sigh, another woman huh….  oh aye…

And then she walks out, having visited the toilet, 24/25 and looks 18 if that, but this one ain’t the usual class of slut, this is the quiet country girl from the small village where everyone knows everything, including the fact that she got pregnant by and married to her first ever boyfriend, and they only just split up…..

Now I am the most cynical and experienced mother-fucker out there, but this chick, I doubt her lifetime cock count is three, including yours truly, just like my rep follows me like flies around shit, she has an auru too… sweet young thang…

…and it blew their fucking minds… does not compute.

… and then the inevitable happened, their wimminz walked up.

Took it all in, looked fucking daggers, not at me, but at the chick, which just made her move closer to me and put her arm around me, which made them even more daggers, which they then turned on me.

And then one of them says, what on earth are you doing with this young girl?

Fucking, mainly..” cos, like y’all know, best aphrodisiac on the planet, and the young chicks can go all night too, it’s all double plus good shit.

So one of the guys winces and tries to pour some water on the flames and says “jeez mate, why sooo young” cos, see, he don’t know her actual age, he just know she looks 17 or 18.

So, for only the second time in my life, I was able to utter the words I first heard from a friend back when I was 18, and I didn’t think this shit, they just came out of nowhere.

She don’t know I’m a pervert, she just thinks it’s stuff she ain’t learnt yet.

That totally fucked it, “WE are LEAVING!” says the wimminz, stereophonic sound, hitting the guys in the shoulder, imperiously like, MOVE, slave…

Thing is, none of that is really the point of this story, nor the fact that those two couples have now crossed the line, history.

No, the thing is after, we are in bed at hers, and she starts talking about it, and I got to say, the girl NAILED it.

She didn’t use the same words I use here like wimminz vs women and skanks and feminazis and all that, but she fucking nailed it.

Did you see how rude they were to their men’s friend?
Did you see them hit their men?
Did you see they didn’t even go into the cafe, or even ask the men, just ordered them about like children?

and the icing on the cake

It’s wasn’t you they didn’t like, it was me, because I’m not like them.

Where the fuck was she when I was 21… OK, her mother was still in junior school, but y’all know what I mean.

This follows on from the too perfect story, this chick was born in 1990, so didn’t hit 16 until 2006, and by then, all the feminazi lands were strip mined to death and covered in favelas.

Sure, she still grew up in a toxic culture, and sure, she still wants many of those things, the difference is, all those clubs are full, no new members, no admittance, your name ain’t on the list and you ain’t coming in.

And that ALONE is enough to generate a Them and Us mindset in her, between her and older wimminz, and city wimminz, she knows, instinctively, they ain’t got shit in common.

And THAT my brothers is the point of this story, that is where the hope for the future lies, to give a bad analogy, it’s like Sunni vs Shia Islam, the Buddhists ain’t got to do shit except grab some popcorn and sit back.



  1. Beautiful…

    Comment by hans — April 22, 2014 @ 1:58 am

  2. Lol this blog is a riot. Thank god I haven’t been in a life of dysfunctional relationships like you, but ya know, white trash attracts white trash, and you sound like white trash

    Comment by Taryn — April 27, 2014 @ 9:17 am

  3. “technically, yes, young enough to be my daughter”

    I figure that as long as I’ve never actually supported a kid, no woman is young enough to be my daughter – regardless of the fact that I’m mid-50’s and she’s mid-teens. Hey – Feminists say she’s a woman – so why shouldn’t I enjoy her like one? It’s her right to get plowed by any man, any where she wants it. So all I’m doing to helping her be “empowered”… 🙂

    Comment by Living Well — April 28, 2014 @ 8:09 pm

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