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April 20, 2014

Too perfect

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I’m pasting the entire text of the article, in black text, and my responses in red text


I took the ‘How long will I live?’ test last week, the one the Government thinks you should take to ensure you don’t buy a Ferrari, but eke out your pension instead.index

I didn’t even know there was such a “test” but I’d place as much reliance on it as an OKC “are you a slut” test, what’s the chances a government test is gonna say “Y’all got mebbe 12 months left dude, party hearty…”

No, they will all tell us all we will live to be 99

Oh, for the luxury of a pension! I don’t have one, just enormous tax bills, and negative equity.

This is a woman who has lived a singularly charmed life as a high profile high earning journalist, I dread to think what her total income has been over the years, but the only way someone like this could be in negative equity is to be constantly buying a series of very large properties and then spending 50% of the purchase price “renovating” then, and then selling them on, all on mortgages, living beyond their means….  oh… wait… that is exactly what she did.

I don’t have a pension either bitch, when you are too old to work, you die.

Unfortunately, I have never smoked, I exercise every day for at least two hours, am slightly underweight, have parents who both survived past the age of 80, and I’m vegan to boot.

Baby, you were born in 1958, we are fucking contemporaries, I smoke, I used to drink, do drugs, you name it, I eat meat and everything else, and even WITH all the expensive make-up and hairdos and clothing, you still look like a dried up old crone, and you are AT FUCKING LEAST 20 years past the time you had any hope of being seen in public with me.

Quit with the big upping yourself, y’all ain’t all that, in fact, y’all ain’t much of anything.

Apparently, I will live until I’m 100, which is a blow, to be honest, given my heating bill up here in the frozen Yorkshire Dales is £600 a month, which means without food and on only a state pension I will be running a deficit of £200 a month.

Oh how this makes me laugh, my energy bill for the entire year is around 800 notes, that is all electric and all gas, not JUST heating, to keep my place toasty and WARM, I like to sit around basically nekkid see, eg >22 C, that’s all my hot water too, all my laundry, all my computers, everything, yet, your HEATING BILL ALONE is NINE fucking times my total energy bill.

Living beyond your means, profligate waste, and as I said above, your living quarters must be ten times the square feet of mine, minimum, and you like me are single….

If it comes to living long enough to get the state pension, currently around 100 a week, then I guess I’m going to be living in thermal long johns and pullovers and wooly cap indoors, sure as hell nobody else is going to give a fuck about my status.

I won’t pay off my mortgage until I am 79, but I suppose the plus side of this is I will default on my payments and thus be rendered homeless, so will have nothing to heat.

I don’t have a mortgage….quite apart from the fact that housing prices are a bubble which I don’t want to part of, even were I offered the chance, you only have to stand in front of a divorce / secret family court judge once in your entire life and watch the shenanigans where they try to get you kicked out of your own fucking house, but still have to pay for it, to decide that even in the BEST of times, it’s not a fucking asset, it’s a fucking liability.

How anyone with a functioning brain can take this liability and compound it by buying beyond their means and then also getting into negative equity is, well… nobody with a functioning brain would… QED.

Y’all do realise that this horrific and parlous possible future scenario that she described with abject horror is no more than the situation I and many other men find ourselves actually living in, and have been for years, if I want to continue to live here, I have to continue to pay the rent, so I have to continue to work, and speaking frankly the amount I do and can earn dramatically limits the amount of rent I can pay.

Cry me a fucking river, bitch.

Perhaps I could also try to persuade one of my cats to give me meningitis.

Or you can smear shippams fish paste over your cunt and get some oral sex from them too, but the irony here is priceless, cat lady, fnaar fnaar, you really could not make this shit up… words fail me at this point, you either get this or your don’t.. I’m off to bang my head against the wall for a bit…

It’s come to a sorry state if we are all now wishing we could die relatively young, so we are not tipped into penury.

We? You got a fucking mouse in your pocket bitch? Cos there ain’t no fucking “we” in this, you’re on your own, fuck you very much.

Actually, I’m torn, between wishing you and all your ilk and wimminz and niggerz an early death, say by 9 pm tonight, or, hoping you all live to be 110, lives of abject misery and poverty, that serve such a strong example to all others that merely uttering one syllable of feminazi eekwalitee bullshit will get a screwdriver shoved into a kidney.

I am a feminist, I really am (I’ve never let a man pay for anything), but feel the current generation of women in their 60s, the first to abandon the way of life of their mothers, which meant they pursued careers, married and had children late, had affairs then got divorced, all in the name of liberation, are now imprisoned in debt, alcohol abuse and loneliness, wishing they could die, and do it soon.

The moronic microcephalic cretinous arrogance and stupidity, even assuming it were true that she did not allow a man to DIRECTLY pay for anything, in the feminazi state ALL men are taxed to support the lifestyles of these worthless cunts, and artificially raise the ground zero for them, in exchange for being born with a cunt.

DESPITE these incredible and unfair advantages, you now sob that you are now imprisoned in debt and alcohol abuse, wishing you could die.

I got news for you girl, give the paintbrush to me and I’ll paint the X on the ground and chant jump you cunt, so these rest of us can get on with our lives.


Of sympathy, I have none, rather I will pull up a chair and warm the cockles of my heart watching you all weep and suffer… the bill for your lifestyle and arrogance is long overdue.

One of my sisters, who now lives abroad but spent decades as a cardiac intensive-care nurse in the NHS, wrote to me last week asking if I could send money so she could pay her electricity bill.

Grrrrl power, guess she done run out of niggerz to pay her bills for her eh… I was gonna suggest whoring, but if she looks anything like you….

Growing up, it was all about getting a career, and a boyfriend.

Growing up? Something none of you skanks have ever done.

These were our only goals. No one ever sat me down and gave me financial advice. Not a bank manager, or my parents, or a teacher, or a boss, or an agent, or even an accountant.

Nor me bitch, only sales droids, leafleteers, jehovas witnesses and politicians ever make their own way to my door to offer me unsolicited shit.

I learned shit the hard way, when I found that I did not know something that I needed or wanted to know, I had two choices, remain in ignorance, or go out and seek the knowledge I wanted, and that seeking always had a cost attached too.

I have worked since I was 18 years old, never had a day off sick or a spell on maternity leave, and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Which is the ultimate proof you are a stupid cunt, albeit pushing a pen isn’t work in the first fucking place.

I also have fuck all to show for my life, which makes me a stupid cunt too… though I never had the option of maternity leave, I just had to refuse overtime so I could get home in time to actually see my sons before they went down for the night when they were babies, even if it was just for 30 minutes a day.

On the other hand, I have a hell of a lot to show for myself, I am a Man.

Women like me – I’m now in my 50s – have survived mainly on optimism, the thought that one day we will be OK. The thing is, we have simply run out of time.

Who knew? Apart from everyone that is… just yesterday in the Dachau bit I talked YET AGAIN about this, the wimminz delusion that just because the music ain’t stopped yet, it ain’t gonna stop tomorrow.

Waaaaay fucking ahead of you bitch, so far ahead I can predict with uncanny accuracy that no matter how bad it gets, the one thing we will NEVER hear or see from you is humility and contrition, for all those years when you got handed it for free on a plate, or any attempt to apologise, much less make amends.

You are a career criminal, it is all you are and all you know how to be, and now that it looks like you may have to stand up in front of the beak suddenly the crocodile tears come out, but I didn’t meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen to hurt anyone….ALL wimminz walk into the banks of men high on PCP and toting loaded shotguns…

When you are not from a privileged class, which I certainly was not, you are so grateful to even have a job or a book deal you don’t question anything, let alone demand a safety net. You don’t protect yourself.

LMFAO, safety net, yeah, I’ve heard of them, I think they have them in circuses, but I never been to a circus, so can’t say fo sho…

Where was my “safety net” when my psycho skank ho ex decided to FRA my ass and for good measure claim I shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near my sons because I wanted to fuck them up the ass, and by the way Judge, can I have all his shit too, but not the ongoing bills associated with it…

Innocent? That and a couple of bucks will buy you a coffee, assuming you are out and at liberty to do so… that’s how much being innocent of all allegations is worth.

So, yes, I will be rather relieved if I die and, by the way, God, any time soon would be good.

Bitch you already overstayed your welcome, how about trying to atone for some of the shit you pulled, while there is still time… oh… wait… I’m talking about a wimminz, they don’t do atonement, they only do being wescued fwom da nasty man.

You’re fucking media whore, if there was even 0.00001% truth in what you claim to feel all you gotta do is sit down in front of your web-cam and slit your own scrawny throat…. 720p please…

It’s not necessarily your fault if you end up without enough money to see you safely into your grave. In my sister’s case, she gave up her job to care for her son, who was dying of cancer.

Fuck off, being a “carer” such as this, even for an immediate family member, literally pays more than I earn as a wage, this is an absolute fact.

It may not be your fault, but, bitch, you are paying fucking 20 pounds a fucking DAY to heat your mc-mansion…. at 18 pence per kWh that is 5 kilowatts of heating running 24/7

As I sit here it is 9 degrees C and raining outside, the gas central heating is off, and I have one 400 watt bar on in the quartz electric fire, even with the room door open a crack, the ambient room temp is 18.2 C, and me being one yard in front of said fire, I’m fucking toasty…. at this rate of use and all the PC everything else, I’ll use £2 of electric a day… if I turn on the gas central heating and heat the whole place up to 22 C, that’s about £2 a day….


Scratch any poor and ancient person, and you might well find a similar story, even if it is one of misplaced trust and being too busy to read the small print.

Oh, you think?

I’m taking part in a debate at the Oxford Union on May 1.

Fucking students, no sympathy for the bastards, they deserve you.

I am arguing against promiscuity. Oxford has chosen me because I was a virgin until my 30s, not for my brilliant education at Southend Tech, but my point will be this: the sexual revolution did us no favours, really.

Gosh, what next, water is wet, fire burns?

Bitch, if you think it did YOU no good, when you were the cunts it did most for, spare a fucking thought for the men.

It meant lots of us – including men who lost the family home and their children because of infidelity –will be old, and on our own. Who would want 30 years of that?

A final 13 words cast to the men, like alms to the poor, to show your solidarity now the hangmen are coming for your scrawny neck… go fuck yourself.

No, the real story here is the Liz is the apex fallacy, she rode the feminazi eekwality wave for all it was worth, she rode it higher and better than 99.999% of her sisters, and perhaps most importantly, she essentially got in on the ground floor, there were undiscovered lands as far as the eye could see, and you could have as much as you wanted a 5 cents an acre…. and borrow the 5 cents interest free too…

No matter how lucky and privileged you are as a wimminz, if you were not born in 1958 as Liz was, but in 1978, you are now 36, and all those undiscovered lands are gone, and what is left has been strip mined and covered in favelas.

Y’all ain’t never even going to approach the foothills of the majestic and towering mountain ranges that Liz was wafted up… and.. you got an extra 20 years on the grinding downside.

If you were born in 1998, you’re 16, and even the achievements of your sistahs born in 1988 are hopelessly out of reach, y’all already peaked, and it is all downhill from here on in.


The Crimea today, for 99.9% of people it is still pretty stable, despite all the issues, the lights are still on, the shops are still open, you can still buy and use a mobile phone, and yet, with the extremely limited and contained violence that has occurred, since Liz is one of the media, I gotta ask, where are the skanks from Femen?

Did they all go down on flight MH370?


  1. It could be indirect game, Bro. This might not be an article, but a personal ad, casting a wide net, targeting all the aging, Mail reading, codgery white knights with two pennies to rub together, with the added kill-me-now vibe to give it urgency.

    Sign of the end times though when the young blondies like in your last post are ending it and these old beasties are hanging on for dear life with all they’ve got.

    Would have forgotten to say happy easter if I hadn’t seen your cheery .jpg.

    Comment by josh — April 20, 2014 @ 7:25 pm

  2. It appears there’s Fiber cuts in Esteem Anaheim and Aliso. lots of sites are affected. Most of Cox appears to be shitting itself.
    Meanwhile http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-20/means-war-us-target-putins-personal-40-billion-stash.
    The cunt wont end up paying for anything. Neither will you or me. We’re all going to die.

    Comment by Digger Nick — April 21, 2014 @ 12:21 am

    • But hey, at least i got the head gasket and water pump done, mic’d the bores and they’re all good, just in time for a nuclear apocalypse.

      Comment by Digger Nick — April 21, 2014 @ 12:22 am

  3. Only thing that comes to my mind.. http://epicpix.com/youre-welcome/
    All it took for feminazis to fuck up their lives is step aside and hand out the keys to your cars(of life).

    Yeah, it also pretty much wrecked the “normal” sustainable way of men´s lives too.
    But I think it´s almost worth it, just to observe these desperate cries before they hit the wall at terminally velocity. .

    Comment by hans — April 21, 2014 @ 1:01 am

  4. you’re all a bunch of callous bastards, one of you should man up and marry the bitch, before she jumps….lol

    Comment by wimminz — April 21, 2014 @ 1:05 am

  5. This Liz Jones article is a good find, especially as she probably earns over 100,000 per year as a columnist.

    It made me remember this similar article by Petronella Wyatt born 1968 (Thatcher worshipper, ex mistress of Boris Johnson) where she laments that she cannot afford the good middle class life anymore on a mere 80,000 a year in London:


    Another couple of articles article where a married-with-children journalist who is on record as saying that she is too busy on her career to have sex with her husband also bemoans her middle class poverty:


    Comment by whatnews — April 21, 2014 @ 11:09 am

  6. What this world urgently needs more of in mass quantities is justified, cleansing hate.

    Comment by outsider — April 22, 2014 @ 8:47 pm

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