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April 11, 2014

Letters to the Ephesians.

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I went to one of “those” schools, expensive, so you had 11 year old boys running around calling each other cretins instead of shitbag.

Every sunday one unfortunate inmates H^H^H^ pupils would be selected to go up on the altar and read the gospel, you were told a few days beforehand both that it was your turn, and what gospel you were expected to read, so you could practice.

Mine was supposed to the the letter to the ephesians, whoever the fuck they were, but on the morning in question I was told no, that one isn’t being done now, it’s going to be teh letter to teh cretans….. so I got dared to stand up and say the letter to teh cretins… no fucking way I said, I’m already in enough trouble and second in the all time school league table of corporal punishments in one term.

But, the human brain is a funny old thing, and so there I was, desperately telling myself to say cretans, not cretins, and so the words pop out of my mouth, St Paul (or whoever it was) letter to the cretins… much tittering from the assembled, except for the warders H^H^H^ teechers… oh shit…

For some reason today I was taken back to that time, I said the thing I was telling myself not to say under any circumstances.

It was about morals, and ethics, and standards.

These fuckers running stuff, they have none, so any that we have a merely a hindrance.

“What’s worse, one child being raped or one thousand children dying?”

Obviously it’s the thousand dying, it doesn’t require any thought or computation at all, in fact the only time the answer is any different is if the one in question is my own flesh and blood, and the thousand are in some far off land.

I dunno, maybe it is a function of increasing age, but all the sacred moral and ethical cows are dying like plump piglets in a biafran village…. and fuck you and everyone else who rode in on the horse that tries to gaslight that question above into me being pro-paedo.

I’m just not anti it so much…


You know, we all have bigger fucking fish to fry, and bigger cunts to hang from trees on the village green.

If I hadn’t been separated on pain of imprisonment from my own children, I am 100% confident in my ability to protect them from any hordes of wandering paedos…. protecting them from our glorious leaders, not so fucking much.

Of course if your kids are dead in shallow graves from the socio-economic collapse and world war three, they have nothing to fear from paedos, it just seems a little extreme to me as a countermeasure.

Come a global collapse, say a friend asked me to care for and raise her daughters, as in hers, no ours, none of my DNA in there, what’s in it for me? If I don’t get to fuck them?

I’m not asking this question from a paedo perspective, I’m asking it from a purely mercenary perspective.

The *reason* I am asking it from a purely mercenary perspective is to highlight the hypocrisy, our western (which decreasingly means US foreign policy) attitude to the Ukraine is after all a purely mercenary one, as was our attitude to Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc etc etc.

And if it is all hypocrisy, then surely hypocrisy on a grand scale involving tens or hundreds of thousands is worse than hypocrisy one small child at a time.

Which is the greater evil?

And then ask yourself, what policy at home allows our glorious leaders to continue that, with our tacit blessing, while also rendering us unable to compete, as the man armed with morals and ethics will surely lose to the mercenary.

I was already given the choice of sacrificing myself futilely, or simply walking away, either way my kids are taken from me by force by the state.

You think any other child on the planet is worth more to me?

They are not worth anything to our glorious mercenary leaders, so it is you, dear reader, with your morals and your ethics and your standards, who is out of fucking touch.

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  1. It is amazing what outrages most of the sheeple will put up with just because it is socially mandated.

    Comment by outsider — April 23, 2014 @ 11:43 am

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