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April 3, 2014

Stepping stones to hell.

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It is fact, and it is truth, that from place A decision A1 which leads you to place B is a perfectly valid and sane and optimal decision, and from place B decision B1 leads you to a place C, and so on.

It is also fact, and also truth, that you can find yourself in place W, the only options you can see are more valid and sane and optimal decisions, which will lead you to X, Y and Z….

and yet….

… simultaneously, you can find yourself in place W, and find that only a morass of insanity and stupidity can possibly explain how you got there, from place A.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

Sadly we have also come to a place where the person in place W can all in their defence the fact that none of the decisions A1 to V1 inclusive, when taken individually, which is they way they took them, were perfectly rational and normal and legal and it’s really not my fault so help me out here.

And in truth, it’s hard not to have some sympathy for that argument, or the person who finds themselves in place W, but there is a difference between feeling sympathy, and excusing.

 You and you alone must carry the responsibility for being in place W, and all those decisions A1 to V1 inclusive.


If “place W” is the cell you spend your last night in before heading out to see madam guillotine in the morning, that text in purple will be applied to you.

If “place W” is a senior position in government or finance or service industry, it won’t.

I have long maintained that if you are hit by a bullet, it makes not the slightest difference to you, or the wound, or anything else practical, if it was a deliberate enemy act or an accidental blue on blue chance in a million.

But there comes a point when it comes to mitigating risk a, so Nukinnd consequences  where you go from “I guess it is *possible* that could happen” to “It’s only a question of time“, and that fact is if you make decisions in succession as described above, A1 to V1 inclusive, then it is only a question of time.

It only becomes I guess it is possible if each subsequent decisions factors in ALL the previous positions and places, and the additional overall command choice is made, is this going to move me nearer to A or to z, if things go wrong?

We are essentially describing the difference between men, and wimminz and niggerz, I’ve talked before about decision trees.

Even if you have NO other information, simply choosing the option that maximises the future possible choices is always the best option, so nuking Milford Haven in September is better than nuking it tomorrow, something may arise in June that makes me want to go there, I can’t imagine what right now, but that’s the whole fucking point innit.

The options in case of course have to be real, not illusory, so giving me the option of passing up on a fuck with the local village bike, and passing up on a fuck with some gorgeous billionairess Ukrainian sex bomb are not the same thing.

Similarly the offer of a fuck now, and a fuck tomorrow, are not the same thing.

Invariably, when hindsight says that, for example, decision H1 was a bad choice, what it really means is that neither were all the options actually considered, nor were all of the options that were considered unweighted, and considered only on their own merits, and not on a perceived end goal.

You may have seen the video doing the rounds of an Aventador ploughing into a small cheap french car in London, sure, the Lambo driver was clearly exceeding the speed limit, but also clearly the other driver cut across the traffic.


Neither of these are uncommon in city traffic, indeed you can argue that if you tried to do everything properly you would not make any progress at all, but, it doesn’t affect the fact that neither driver actually thought that their current actions had about 5 seconds to get them into an “accident” and a situation that neither one of them would have voluntarily chosen.

In common with most if not all of the infamous Russian dash cam car crash videos, once you replay events there is a crushing inevitability about them all, and yet, none of them deliberately set out to wrap it up.

I was always “lucky” riding down the roads on my motorsickle, I’m still here with two arms and two legs, but you get lucky by always having as many options as possible about where on that road you were going to go…. this is not an analogy to the text in red above about even if you have no other data, always choose the thing that gives you the most future options, this is EXACTLY that very same thing, just one of millions of actual practical applications of it.

If you leave yourself the room and therefore time to go left or right or just put it down and sit on it, you got so many more options that the other guy who crowds the offside rear of the car in front looking to overtake.

I know, I’ll get on my mountain bike and do this 10 foot jump on to concrete, I mean really, just how many options are you leaving yourself, bike meets nuts, face meets concrete, arms meet street furniture, etc etc… oh yeah, and that one chance of “I pull this stunt off”




Did these cunts not grow up playing and injuring themselves and so learning the lesson that some “stunts” are just plain fucking stupid????

Apparently not.

Rand is quoted as saying something along the lines that you can deny reality, but you can’t deny the effects of denying reality.

Rand was wrong, because there is a difference between denying reality and actually putting it to the fucking test.

I must have been six or seven when my dad warned me that a knife I was playing with was sharp, I said no it isn’t dad, and proceeded to prove it by drawing the blade across the palm of my other hand, and watched with horror as it opened up and blood flowed out and it started to hurt, a lot…

Sympathy my ass, he just looked at me and shook his head in disgust and said “stupid boy”

Same shit with falling out of trees and shooting each other with bows and arrows and air rifles and throwing stones and cutting down trees and setting fire to things and building dams and all the rest.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to fuck up in small and unimportant and painful ways, you didn’t learn just how much fucking up could hurt, or how much longer that hurt lasted than any short term wins of gains you got from doing the thing in question anyway…

You know, like, It’s not my fault that based upon my (truthful) answers to 300 OKCupid questions, it has decided that the only thing that gets an 80% or greater match is 16, slim body, blonde hair, pretty face, and monster tits, or that no black chick ever scores more than 0%, or that all the chicks with red dyed hair or hoopy earrings come up as 99% enemy.

It’s just that I made enough mistakes along the way to learn some lessons, so now my answers aren’t what they once might have been.

I’ll level with you, there is a reason that the man (me) my psycho skank ho ex described to the secret family courts as violent and dangerous and aggressive didn’t go from being fucking angry but in control to losing my temper and getting medieval on her ass and basically fucking up all her shit for life.

The reason was the stepping stones of reasonable response and escalation to her response and escalation would soon see me at a place where only a morass of insanity and stupidity can explain how I got there, from where I was 24 hours earlier, and the reason I could see that was I had already learned the smaller and less expensive lessons.

My psycho skank ho ex, she’d have wound up a T5 paraplegic, and regretted it, and not understood how it could possibly have happened, because she never ever learned the smaller and less expensive lessons, and the big lessons only come by and by now and again, and then it is too late.

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