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March 29, 2014

It’s a common theme…

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…in post apocalyptic books, such as DMJ’s As I Walk These Broken Roads, that there is some character who basically traverses a route, a hooks up with the same other people, maybe once or twice a year, maybe once over three or four years.

Alternatively this person may be a postman, or a trader, or a caravanner.

I have news for you, this is the life I lead now, in the pre-apocalyptic world.

I bump into people I haven’t seen for a long time, there is no song and dance or hail fellow well met, just hey bro, maybe we’ll talk, maybe we’ll trade, maybe we’ll exchange some shit or undertake something, and then the ways part again, and who knows when, or even if, I will ever see that person again.

Doesn’t mean these relationships are shallow or meaningless, they can actually be very profound, very real, very deep, just none of that shit needs saying.

I can have conversations with them that I would not dare have with anyone else, let’s take an example, one I had very recently.

Sometimes I will deliberately take a difficult position, just to question and analyse, OK, we all know that X is so, but why is it so, why is it self evident, where is the evidence?

So I was discussing a skank I was with for a bit last year, and the subject came up about kids, yeah, she is raising mini skanks, and the blues brothers sketch intrudes, how much for the wimminz, your little girls, I want to buy them.

So the boot was on the other foot, and I had to answer the question, why is a sexual relationship with a child inevitably and always going to damage that child.

I’ll tell you now, in debating terms, I did a lousy job, “Because it just is” doesn’t cut the mustard, and frankly I only have myself to blame, because we had been discussing the Christopher Nuttall books, the space marines of the 27th century, sic, and of course the space marines are all semper fi and kick ass, and of course lots of the space marines are wimminz, and of course the space marines are all anti rape and totally anti child rape, but killing and burning and destroying anything that moves, hooyah.

I was commenting on the uncanny valley of lack of credibility between the whole picture painted of these space marines by the author, it just didn’t hold water, my mate said ok, what would they be like, and I said they aren’t gonna give a fuck about rape or child rape, and they aren’t gonna have wimminz in the ranks, not and survive against the alien hordes and all the rest of the shit.

So he says why should they, you tell me what is wrong with these things.

And of course he is right, it is all ideal world stuff, I’d really rather none of that stuff happened to me, or my kids, or those I care about, but bad stuff happens to people all the fucking time… and I’m cast back in time to the time someone asked me the theoretical question, would you rather your 6 year old child got raped once, or contracted terminal childhood leukaemia, you must choose one option.

Of course it all rolls back to the myth that rape is a fate worse than death, and da wimminz would rather die than be raped, but, having seen atrocities go down in various places around the planet, I have never actually seen any evidence of that, first, second or third hand…. in fact the only times I have heard any evidence to the contrary it wasn’t, cases where women were raped and mutilated and killed, and they knew up front that that was what was going to happen to them, *they* called upon all the gods and fates to rescue them, but it was the inevitable mutilation and death that they were trying to avoid.

So back to the present and the present subject, and I am left with the uncomfortable situation that fucking children is wrong because even discussing it makes you a social pariah, and doing it makes you sick sensation of the week in the MSM, and no, because of all these factors, I cannot actually give you any evidence that it is per se always damaging to kids, especially given that for most of English history it was quite legal and normal to take a wife as long as she was 12 years old, which most certainly qualifies as a child today.

It’s in the nature of these “ships in the night” encounters to sometimes go into strange and dangerous territories, so I don’t really question how the subject arose.

Then he hits me with it, and I had completely forgotten, the day I visited would have been the 13th birthday of his daughter, if she has ever lived, if she had ever been born, if she had not been late term aborted by his psycho ex, who, I learned for the first time, apparently said to him in spittle and hate, that aborting the kid was at least going to prevent him or any other man from ever putting their cocks in her or raping her.

He still loved his daughter, his child, even though she had never been born, he wouldn’t have loved her any less if she was alive and 13 and had had sex, or been raped, or abused in any other way.

It hit me, had this strange feeling, I really have no idea why on the one hand having sex with children is such a boogeyman, but on the other hand, one parent, the mother, unilaterally deciding to kill a child, refusing the child the opportunity to live, refusing the other parent the opportunity to raise that child (even if the mother wasn’t interested) is not merely morally acceptable, but an inalienable legal right… a legal right which everyone else must pay for, and defend, and uphold.

That is a question I cannot answer.



  1. Harvard psychologist raised issue of how sexual contact with adults ACTUALLY affects children, finds no fear, terror, horror, rather confusion, and that the trauma comes from how the professionals treat them when they find out. Roundly dismissed as a hater and a pedophile:

    Comment by josh — March 29, 2014 @ 5:44 pm

    • imagine if a male shrink said that…………..

      Comment by wimminz — March 29, 2014 @ 5:55 pm

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