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March 23, 2014

whores charge too much

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If the national minimum wage is £6.31, and you get get asked to do pretty much any job for that, from dirty manual labour to skilled labour to 12 hours on your feet charging around an amazon warehouse, tell me why fucking is worth more?

I’m being utterly serious here.

Lots / most of the MRA sites whine about the feminazis don’t like whores because whores offer an alternate supply of access to cunt.

Sure they do, but it is way, way, way fucking overpriced, so it’s not really access is it.

No whore is worth more than £6.31 an hour, which is, by government standards, a basic living wage.

You cannot POSSIBLY be assigning a greater value to it than that, and not be a blue pill cunt worshipping simp, because after all, it is just sex, and not exclusive sex / monogamy / relationshit / marriage / mother-of-my-children sex, but JUST sex.

In fact if I am going to book you for longer than an hour or two, eg overnight,  then you’d better be spending the rest of the fucking time cooking, cleaning and scratching my balls, because otherwise I can just hire a maid to do that shit and hit on her for free.

You see, lacking the ability to OWN a wimminz, like a chattel, a slave, personal property, every postulated longer term relationshit / benefit / extra is just dust in the wind, there is no way, literally not a single fucking way, that I can enforce it.

In fact hiring you as a whore, either on an hourly basis or on a regular weekly / monthly contract, gives me so many MORE benefits that every other method on offer, if I house isn’t cleaned adequately, you’re fired, if my food is not on the table, you’re fired, if my balls haven’t been drained, you’re fired, it’s basically the same deal I get offered by my employer, do these things or get fired, want the job?

If you are my employee and you produce a new idea thanks to the environment I provide and input I provide, I own that idea, you do not.

If you are my wife and you produce a child thanks to the environment I provide and input I provide, you own that child, I do not.

It is sheer fucking insanity.

I’m in my fifties, jelly and comics and playing cowboys and indians no longer has any appeal to me, it’s not that I have forgotten these things, or can’t get them or do them, they just don’t have any appeal any longer.

Same with wimminz, I just lose fucking interest in 99.9% of them within 5 seconds of the cunts opening their mouths and saying something.

It’s a game I have played so fucking often I have seen and heard every possible permutation so often, so very fucking often, that it is about as interesting as watching a coin toss, really, you expect me to still keep avidly and frantically watching every single one, on the off chance that one of these days one of them is going to do something different, develop antigravity at the top of the arc, then develop inertialess drive and zap off at 100,000 Km/sec before returning and turning into a bacon sandwich and a pint of brown ale?

Property, it’s the same shit really, if it *can* be taken from you, then you don’t own it, and I’m damned if I can think of anything that *can’t* be taken from you, at a whim, at the stroke of a pen, and that includes life and liberty and your own flesh and blood. Property is indeed an illusion.

Trawl social media and there is an endless supply of wimminz who think the earth is bigger than the sun, creationism has a place in schools, jealously is healthy and not forgetting that old standby that art is *much* more important than science…. all typed out over the fucking internet…

I have to tell you, against such a backdrop of arrogant and profound stupidity, I find myself coming over all “Meh”, no matter what the supposed atrocity, 5 year old girls forced to endure full penetrative sex, meh, wimminz and children left homeless and without heat or food, meh, people imprisoned for crimes they did not commit, meh, entire countries and economies raped and pillaged, meh, Putin annexing the Sudetenland H^H^H^H^ Crimea, meh, I don’t give a fuck.

In the last 24 hours I have seen;

  1. A wimminz bundle a child into a front wheel drive car with a flat nearside rear tyre, something that causes sudden rapid and uncontrollable loss of control at speed.
  2. A wimminz and child with a flat battery outside my front door, me with workshop full of tools, battery charger, jump leads you name it.
  3. 2 wimminz with their lives coming apart at the seams due to their own actions.
  4. A relative who has had two of her family diagnosed with terminal cancer in the past six months, to add on to the kid who is a fucking professional victim
  5. A truck prop shaft lying in the middle of the fast lane on a dual carriageway.

My reaction to all of these was to note them, go “Meh”, and carry on as if nothing ever happened, because being brutally honest it didn’t. If it doesn’t involve me, it doesn’t count.

There are no fucking innocents any more, if it happens to you, it’s your fault.

Plenty of shit is going to happen to all of us, it’s how you react that counts.

30 years ago, hell 20 years ago, fuckit, maybe even 10 years ago, I’d have been first responder to all of these, not for praise, not for thanks, not for remuneration, not for karma, just because it was obviously something that needed doing, and I was there, and I could do it.


It’s a bitch, what’s in it for me, and payment better be up front.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

My dad was fond of grinning and saying “Adolf was right”, it used to upset people but because he grinned he got away with it, just a non-funny joke in bad taste eh, yeah well, he’s been dead 25 years now, and I no longer think he was joking…. so we were talking over a coffee, Huwaei, the company that had every western guvvmint up in arms about because of the security implications of using their routers and switches and shit in our networks, turn out not only have the NSA hacked us, the NSA hacked them years ago… so Huwaei stole IP from Cisco and made a cheaper and better clone, which made them evil, even though Cisco are the ones who handed over the keys to the system to the NSA, because being chinks they can’t be trusted, get hacked by the NSA, so now everything is trebly untrustworthy, and I say “Adolf was right” and get looks like I have said something wrong.




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