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March 13, 2014

Vote for Kim Jong Putin

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I dunno, maybe it is a function of age, or intelligence, or experience, or all of the above… but I am finding myself more and more in favour of the devil incarnate, wherever he walks and in whatever guise he wears.

The Lostprophets paedo was wrong about being invincible and untouchable, but like Putin and Kim Jong and all the other anti-christs, he was apparently quite open and honest with those he made deals with for their offspring, and he did not lie to them or blow smoke up their asses.

It comes to something when the Devil is the only one who will not lie to you, in 99.99% of cases because he cannot talk to you, too many firewalls in place, too much other noise drowning him out, and, oh yeah, all those firewalls and all that shit drowning him out, yeah, that’s all lies and bullshit.

For the 0.01% of cases where you do actually get to converse with the Devil, he ain’t lying to you, but everyone else still is.

When I first saw the May-tricks and Morpheus pulls the red/blue pill thing on Neo, I was instantly reminded of Bill.

Bill was his real name, but almost nobody knew that, and nobody called him that, he had a handle too, doesn’t matter what it was now, but he was a drug dealer, back in the day when most of the heroin addicts in the UK got hooked by being given opiates for pain relief, and most of them were ex-services.

Bill would sell anything to anyone, but like the Devil and Morpheus, he’d warn you, I heard him, first hand, many a time, so often I can almost remember it word for word… “This shit will fuck you up, your life will change and it will never be the same again, you will never be able to go back to what you are now. Are you sure you want to buy?

Of course everyone else said he was just saying this in some cynical attempt to absolve himself of moral agency, and if he actually believed any of that shit he wouldn’t be a drug dealer, and in reality he was evil and degenerate and the devil incarnate.

Bill for his part never sold anything fake or adulterated, if anything was cut, he made sure he knew by how much and what it was cut with, and what it was cut with better be bland and innocuous, so Bill only sold quality.

Bill was also a grass, before you think I am praising him, every drug dealer who stays in business longer than 6 months is BTW, because contrary to what Bill’s critics would say, you can’t run either the input or output side of being a drug dealer without any involvement at all by various agencies of the State, such as Po-lice and Customs…. and far from being strictly business goods in exchange for cash, it always always always involves the exchange of information and power broking and favours and suchlike.

I was an occasional customer and friend, some times I’d buy that shit, some time he would lay it on me man, because dealers don’t got no friends or people they can hang out with, just people out for some action and a slice of the cake.

Google “Operation Julie” well all that shit that was “seized” was back on the streets quicker than you can say damn, maybe 1% got “destroyed”…  nobody samples the shit as it is about to go in the furnace…. a thousand blotters neatly placed inside an LP cover next to the vinyl in the dust sheet, you got the latest Tull record yet man? Yeah, just came in this morning…… the only ones who ended up in the dock being charged were the only ones who were not on the take, so Bill was now buying from the boys in blue, and not direct from the manufacturer, whoa, bummer…

It’s been 35 years since I gave up drugs, not because they were fucking up my life, which they were, but because I really did not want to be dealing with and being known to a supply chain that comprised the same people who fuck your life up, convict you and put you in prison, thank loads of acid and paranoia to scare me off that one.

So recent revelations / confirmations of the level of dirty tricks the NSA / GCHQ / EVERYONE ELSE have been getting up to with everyone’s private, data, communications and hardware really don’t surprise me, one iota, it’s the new drug dealing man.

And of course it’s the same as it ever was, those who understand the medium and give a fuck about quality get elbowed out of the way by those who don’t understand the medium and don’t give a fuck about quality, but do see how all this can be used to garner power and influence and all that good stuff.

And with this phase change all those who told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, become the Devil incarnate, and 99.99% of you will never have any contact with him again, you will only get the “good” guys, who lie about everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Bill or Putin et al are decent people, but at least you could get a handle on them, these other fuckers are like trying to nail jelly to a wall, nothing sticks unchanged for more than 5 seconds at a time…. Putin may be a Devil, but at least it is possible to get to know him, and he becomes the devil you know, Obama (or Cameron, or any of the others) change their views and opinions more often that I make a cup of coffee, and unlike my coffee, there is no common theme or flavour running through the various iterations.

Thirty / thirty-five years ago, it was at least possible to give up drugs, I have never imbibed of Fuckbook, so I don’t have to go cold turkey on that, but the internet as a whole, the network itself? Who can realistically give up on that?

Try living in the UK in 2014 with no net access of any kind ever, never send or receive an email, no ebanking, no web browsing of any kind, no iplayer, no netflix, no steam, no OS….

Closest I can go is running my own router and firewall, in between my LAN, and the ISP provided cable/xdsl modem, which is set to modem only mode.

The management console of which can *only* be accessed by a physical connection from a local PC to the management port.

Back in the day, I used to test every new system against Steve Gibson’s Shields Up, still do, as a matter of fact, everyone else seems to have forgotten him, he is still doing good shit though…


For example my ISP cable modem, when set to modem only mode, CANNOT be made to stealth DCE endpoint, Netbios, or Microsoft Directory Service ports, to be sure, they are CLOSED, but that is not the same as stealthed, no Sir.

Enter my own personal firewall and router (which it itself is denied any ability to make any outgoing connections) you may compromise and bypass my ISP cable modem, but you’re getting no further incoming.

I am the Devil, but at least I won’t lie to you, all the Saints lie all the time.


  1. Fuck, I´ve criminally neglected checking on Gibbson´s site!
    Time to catch up.

    Comment by hans — March 13, 2014 @ 2:21 pm

  2. Oh and very much agreed on the Putin bit.
    And frankly I always just shake my head whenever I see that x-KGB fucker who also enjoyed special STASI education under their mastermind Markus Wolf.

    But our “news reporting” has turned into pre-war anti-Russian propaganda on such ridiculous levels, it´s almost physically revolting to anybody with more than two braincells to bang together.
    Which sadly is only a minority of the people, but that´s another bag of dicks to worm through.

    Comment by hans — March 14, 2014 @ 1:54 pm

  3. Yeah, no, thing is your modem is a computer.
    And all those modems, at least from US manufacturers, have government backdoors to facilitate owning your shit.
    Because it’s mandatory. And backdoors help resolve customer issues, see?
    So eh, enjoy that modem.

    Comment by Digger Nick — March 16, 2014 @ 12:38 am

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