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March 8, 2014

The markets can stay irrational….

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…. longer than you can stay solvent.

Sage advice, and observant.

But, it also applies to wimminz, for this post, I am thinking of a single individual wimminz, and the fact is, she can continue to be irrational and slowly erode her life, because being irrational at present only presents a slow erosion, there is no sudden cliff edge and wil-e-coyote.

In other words, people can continue to act irrationally, as long as there is no immediate and severe penalty for doing so.

Back when I was a lad, there was a certain balance. If you got your ass shot off in Beirut, the first question anyone would ask is WTF were you doing there?

It didn’t mean, for example, that being raped was any less pleasant or against your will or wrong, but there was an acknowledgement that no matter what the event, the person it happened to shared a varying proportion of the responsibility… if you do not want your ass shot off, do not go to Beirut, thus dramatically reducing the likelihood of it happening.

The wimminz I was thinking of above, mid thirties, which means, given that this is 2014, born late seventies, early eighties.

Let me tell you this, anything after the mid seventies, you’re fucked, you have no idea what the world is about, you have been living in disneyland, where wil-e-coyote moments don’t matter, it’s not the stepping off the cliff edge, it doesn’t matter, because the fall won’t kill you, it won’t even injure you, ten seconds later you’re back.

Back then, part of the fun of watching the coyote and the roadrunner was the knowledge that IN REAL LIFE a coyote can run over twice as fast as a roadrunner, 4 legs beats 2 for speed, always has, always will.. eg if the roadrunner left off with the daft schemes and flaky ACME products, and just chased the fucking roadrunner, he would win every time…. THAT was part of the joke.

But, like Tom & Jerry, it “evolved” into something utterly alien, and like Tom and Jerry the “idiot” took on more pronounced male characteristics, and the “winner” took on more pronounced female characteristics…. for you sanity’s sake, don’t ever watch Pippa pig.

So the wimminz I talk about here, she *knows* she is fucking up left right and centre, but because the penalties are not both immediate and severe, she continues to do so while living in a sort of denial, like a child playing hide and seek who covers their eyes, if they can’t see you, you can’t see them, right…

So anyway, this wimminz has kids, plural, boys and girls, and as we all know wimminz can’t raise boys for shit, and as the boys grow up they get all confused, one minute they are in effect the man of the house, next minute they are looking at pictures of mummy sicking various random cocks on a night out at a swingers party when she left her laptop open and unlocked… but, the wimminz are worse at raising mini skanks, actually, let me re-phrase that, they are GREAT at raising mini skanks.

So this skank ho has a couple of mini skank ho’s, who despite being in primary school are totally out of fucking control and rule the house, and I said one of those things, where you think “did I just say that out loud” and then you see from the expressions around you, you did.

So bemoaning her status, somehow the subject drifted on to what sort of man would be acceptable to her, and since none would be foolish enough, she naturally says none, she prefers her freedom and single life…. yeah right bitch, all you do is complain about everything that is a DIRECT consequence of you being a single skank ho mommy.

So tiring of the usual man bashing I say any guy who did want to get involved and take you all on as a family needed his fucking head examined… well, those little bitches of yours, (the bitch in the states suing her parents for money was discussed, as was the lostprophets paedo/singer, etc etc etc) I said, if I was involved with you, it’s only a matter of time until the little cunts accuse me of molesting them or something, so if you’re gonna be hung for it you might as well do it, so are they being offered along with you?

This draws the expected indrawn breaths and shock horror outrage shit, but that ain’t what causes the thing I mention above… no… that was when they start talking about little girls and innocent children and how could I even imagine they would condone such a thing or go near a man who was capable of such a thing.

You would if there weren’t any immediate personal consequences for YOU

That was the did-I-actually-say-that-out-loud bit.

But I stand by it. Sure, the person most likely to sexually abuse a girl child is the stepfather, not the single man raising some other person’s girl child alone, the guy who is living with the girl childs mother, in the same house.

Like Beirut, he got fuck all chance of doing that if it isn’t acceptable to the mum, provided there are no immediate personal consequences for her…. trust me, I have fucked a lot of single mommies, not one of them has any concept of inappropriate behaviour in front of, in sight or, in earshot of, in smell radius of, in the same house as, etc, their kids.

I have been sat on a sofa, three seater sofa, me at one end in a dressing gown having come in, got showered, got comfortable, and the wimminz 3 year old child is at the other end of the sofa, watching cartoons, so she brings me in a coffee, all good, kneels on the floor in front of me, all good, leans forward, opens the dressing gown and starts sucking on my cock… it is ME that is freaking instantly and internally and my peripheral vision on the side of HER FUCKING CHILD is going in to overdrive, and I grab the towel I was using for my hair and use it to conceal things.

Skanky sluts, if you do not want your children sexually abused, make sure they are living under the same roof as their father, otherwise it is Beirut again, like the wimminz in question here, *I* got no biological relationship to the little sluts, and if they are in *my* presence and acting in overtly sexual ways, and frankly it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference if they know what they are doing or just copying what they saw mummy doing, and *you* aren’t doing a damn thing to moderate either your behaviour in front of them, or theirs, it’s Beirut, some fucker is getting their ass shot off.

Hence http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=117

There may not be immediate and severe penalties for wimminz, because they have externalised all the consequences to men, that don’t make the streets of Beirut safer, it makes them MORE fucking dangerous, because frankly speaking, anyone with a clue, anyway familiar with immediate and severe penalties for irrationality, already got the fuck out.


  1. And if you think you are doing something wrong because you can’t seem to find a woman who loves you for your own fucking sweet self, remember you are dealing with a creature who can consider something bad happening to her own child as separate from something bad happening to herself.

    Comment by josh — March 8, 2014 @ 5:53 pm

  2. “they are GREAT at raising mini skanks”

    Yes, they are. And for that – I thank them every weekend when I am enjoying them to their fullest. 🙂 During the week I have a few that I enjoy doing things with, during the weekend I want them for one thing, and they are always ready, willing, and able… Gotta love em for that. They are the greatest f**k-toy ever…

    Comment by Just Saying — March 11, 2014 @ 1:24 pm

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