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March 1, 2014

All my life’s a circle.

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To my mind, The Register lost the plot about 12 years ago, it went from a tech blog / news stand site to a commercial enterprise, that of course employed wimminz… people like Guy (Kewney, not Goma, lol, inside joke there) was a pretty good guy, knew his stuff, but it didn’t take long for his daughter to get a seat at the table, and I can’t say the same about her output.

So, resident smartarse A Dabbs pens this


So you’re a tech journo, and you don’t know anyone who uses WhatsApp, nor can you even be bothered to go and find out what it is before you wrote the article.

Much like the MSM, who rant on about Zuckerberg / Fuckbook paying 19 billion for whatsapp, ah well, at 45 bucks per user that gets them phone numbers and such so maybe not such a bad deal.

Speaking personally, I have used whatsapp for years, simply because you could send attachments such as pictures and video for free, unlike MMS, yes, whatsapp is popular for dating / swinging, so is kik.

The other thing whatsapp did out of the tin was multiple messaging / group messaging, not something I used personally, but I know people who did.

So, what are Dabbs and the MSM missing, what does that big sack of stupid Zuckerberg know that makes Whatsapp worth 19 billion.

Take a look at Microsoft Lync, which came out in force last year (2013), and Whatsapp, and compare the two.

One notable difference is Fuckbook could not buy Lync, it wasn’t for sale, it was also mainly targeted at corporates, who wouldn’t be too keen on integrating Fuckbook into day to day operations, oh, if only there was a CONSUMER version of Lync…. hello Whatsapp, wanna suck my lollipop?

I’ve been sitting here for a week now, waiting for someone, anyone, to make the connection between Lync and Whatsapp, they just did, in a nerdy tech blog you probably never heard of, but still no mention anywhere else, not even mainstream tech media, so what the fuck.

Lync / Whatsapp is the killer app that makes things like Google Glass work, in the same way that optical media (Red Book) and optical fibre are the killer app that made lasers work.

Think Alien2 where the guy in the command module is directing the movements of the troops, which are monitored through helmet cams…

The physical object, and the guy with the expertise in that physical object, no longer have to be in touching distance of each other.


Got a UXB you need defused? send in the drone, wanna clean up Fukushima, send in the drone, wanna bring Telefon to the 21st century, send in the drone, wanna undercut the other plumbers, send in the drone.

Dabbsy and other scribblers, fuck drones, send in some monkeys, they are as relevant.

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