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February 26, 2014

Just a little bit..

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so, just as you cannot be “just a little bit” pregnant, nor can you be just a little bit of a thief, just a little bit disloyal, just a little bit disobedient, just a little bit dishonest.

Sure, there are degrees of all of each, a wimminz who is 6 months pregnant is more advanced than a wimminz who is 3 months pregnant, but she is not *more* pregnant, nor is the wimminz who is 3 months pregnant less pregnant, as in not pregnant.

It’s a conversation I have had over and over and over with wimminz, they will pull some shit, I will call them on it, and they will say something, and I will call them on that, and then they all say a variation of the same thing.

Well, what am I supposed to say, what can I say that will make a difference?

You could try the fucking truth bitch, as in the whole fucking truth and nothing but the whole fucking truth, none of this just a little bit of lies shit.

For variations of little that are as meaningful as the differences between being 3 and 6 months pregnant, compared to being not pregnant…. eg not a fucking lot.

Just a little bit corrupt, just a little bit of espionage, just a little bit of fraud, just a little bit of war in the Crimea.

Just for shits and giggles, I’m currently running a bet with someone, so I posted a genuine sounding personals ad in a Romanian website, not a dating website, just a general one, and the advert tells the truth about me.aupair_3d0078be1fb68344405fc4d253fcd7d0

His bet is I will get several answers from Romanian wimminz eager to get away to the “rich” west and have a new start.

My bet is I will get sweet fuck all, and the obvious scams are of course excluded from the definition of contact or answers or replies.

We have given it six weeks to run, so y’all may have to remind me nearer the date, as I suspect, getting no answers, I’m likely to completely forget about it.

My excuse is that if you buy me beer and then show me pikcherz like the one above saying things like, how bad can it be dude, even if you lose this is the booby prize, go on, have another beer… it weakens my resolve.

He thinks they will be clamouring to get out, not just because of the poverty, but all the shit going down next door in Ukraine.

My reasoning is under the terms of the bet, to even *see* my advert they have to have regular net access, so right away we are excluding all the dirt poor ones, and in any event, I know for a fact that the western employment agencies have been setting up camp in Romania for months, looking for cheap labour for jobs back here in the UK, which they can now work in, legally, so the visa bait is removed from the table as well as the economic one.

All that is left is a fresh start in a new and more prosperous country with a guy in his 50’s in decent shape but no illusions about the true nature of wimminz.

I’m betting on AWALT you see.

He is betting on hypergamy, I don’t believe it exists, if it does, I am for sure higher status and wealth and standard of living than your average Romanian buck, I know, I’ve met and worked with a few of them, being exploited by IBM at the time they were, guys whose whole weeks wages wouldn’t pay one night in a shared twin room in a motel here, brought here from Romania to fulfil an IBM UK contract, because they were cheaper than IBM UK staff, even including flights and motel costs.

So I know for a fact, if hypergamy exists, I am damn good bait.

Not just a little bit, either…



  1. You want to court the possibility of ending up with a Carpathian bloodsucker in the sack?
    You´re a braver man than I.

    Or much too horny for your own good, but we know that already. 😉

    Comment by hans — February 27, 2014 @ 9:03 am

  2. I still can’t believe you don’t believe in hypergamy. Thought your blog was Exhibit A.

    Comment by josh — February 27, 2014 @ 7:53 pm

    • Not trying to put words in his mouth, but hypergamy seems a too logically sound and intelligent strategy for wimminz to pursue willfully.

      Implying that wimminz do thinking with their brainz while in fact the center-computer is located actually.. http://i.imgur.com/Y3f2aHv.gif

      Comment by hans — February 27, 2014 @ 10:54 pm

      • So it isn’t that they aren’t hypergamic, it is that they are so incompetently hypergamic, it might as well be called something else?

        Comment by josh — February 28, 2014 @ 8:19 pm

  3. Hypergamy – http://www.thefreedictionary.com/hypergamy

    Marrying some guy for money, or more money than the last guy had, is not hypergamy, it’s whoring.
    Marrying some guy to change your social status, that is hypergamy… the classic UK example was “Lady Docker”… knew her son…

    As Hans alluded to, hypergamy when seen is *usually* arranged by the father of the bride, or guardian, or sponsor, or protector. the latter being code for people who she fucks in exchange for continued space on the invite list.

    Docker (both of them) was a classic example of the difference between “status” and “class” a concept that I am aware almost all former colonials find as confusing as the rules of cricket.

    Comment by wimminz — February 28, 2014 @ 8:35 pm

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