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February 22, 2014

We are what we see

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A very clever man and writer of science fiction, Vonnegut, said that people project their own beliefs upon the canvas, but, what he didn’t talk about, was how those beliefs got there in the first place.

I can take absolutely no credit for the fact that by the time I had hit my teens, I had seen and been immersed in more cultures than most people see in a lifetime.

This alone made things that were invisible to people who had not travelled, absolutely blatant to me.

Let’s take http://shtfschool.com/

The guys makes some very valid points, 99% of people don’t see him as dangerous, thanks to Hollywood and society.

Those who are seen by the rest of society as very dangerous, I see as merely very annoying, because the fact is it is only my reluctance to go against the mores of society, and bring shit down on my own head, that allows them the freedom to be what they are, which is basically asswipes.

There are also those who are not, per se, dangerous themselves, but who manage to manufacture all manner of trouble and strife, again, society protects them and allows them to be what they are.

The Bosnian tells a story about a building coming down around them and one guy getting trapped by the legs/feet, the Bosnian himself didn’t know what to do, another guy did, either GTFO and leave the trapped guy to die, or do what he did, step right in, hack his legs off, and drag him out.

With the greatest respect to Americans, they got this disease first, then it got exported to the rest of the west, and it is no surprise the yanks got it first, that’s where Hollyweird is.

The disease is thinking you have to be built like Dwayne Johnson to be dangerous, or covered in tats, or both, or infamous in some other way, like Ralph Moat here in the UK, or Dale Cregan.

To be sure, people like Moat and Cregan may well have a propensity for violence, but, being brutally honest here, they aren’t any fucking good at it… Harold Shipman on the other hand, now there was a dangerous fucker.

Charles Bronson (the prisoner, not the actor) is widely labelled as the most violent prisoner in Britain, really? He never killed anyone, never even put anyone in a wheelchair, but Peter Sutcliffe killed 13.

Of course, all these people got caught, which is how we know about them, and it must also be said that to be dangerous, a person does not have to physically attack you, they can quite easily see a small chain of events, watch it happen, and watch you drown, or burn, or bleed out, and do nothing, because while they may not ultimately be the *cause* of your demise, if they can watch it and do nothing to intervene, they are also quite capable of causing it.

In a different time and in a different place I had a conversation with a guy I used to hang with now and again, he used to do reps with the full Olympic set of weights, from memory 37.5 stone, or 525 lbs, so of course the assumption was he was the “bodyguard” and I was the “client” eg he was the one to tread lightly around, so there has been a couple of close calls, which invariably mean you ignored all the warnings to not be there, no matter what your reasons were or how “good” they were, there were plenty of hints if you didn’t mind looking like a chickenshit…

… so the conversation came around to shooting the shit, and I admitted (vino veritas… ) this one time this guy nearly drowned, and I was banging his wife, and I thought about just doing nothing, and then did something, and hauled him back on board, I was OK with banging her, I didn’t want to be stuck with her…. it was a mistake to be honest, because it soon swings to bullshit about if you did that to my wife, and then to recent events, and he said something about “you ever think about wasting me or letting me croak, you better thing twice..”

So, vino veritas, told him, “Oh, I already faced that dilemma.”

Huh?” he says, “what do you mean?

Told him, vino veritas again, “You alive ain’t ya.” and grinned.

That was the last time he ever spoke to me.. odd huh.. lol.. but the fact is that is what I had learned by the time I hit my teens, fuck Hollywood, piss someone off and they will get even by putting a knife in your kidneys, in a dark alley, while you are drunk… with no witnesses, that way even if you got crew, they don’t know who did it.

When I was a boy it was the Chinese, they would put bamboo shavings (if you ever get to see wild bamboo, grab it and try to slide you hand down it, it will hurt, thousand of tiny needles will break off in your skin) in your food, rip your stomach lining out, bleed to death internally, slow and very painful and messy, and no cure, so it was a great lesson, pour encourager les autres…

This is why I act chickenshit, I grew up knowing how easy it was for a dangerous person (nota bene, I make no distinction between males and females) fuck your shit up beyond repair, and of course it makes me all fucked up, because I can’t quite get rid of the constant amazement when I see self declared or publicly perceived hard men pull their shit, and not get wiped out…. but still, I figure better to be wrong this way, than the other way, eg being like them when / as / if the shit does hit the fan.

Like the Bosnian says, most people simply had no fucking idea how to behave, and when you encountered those few who did, they came from the most unlikely places / roles you’d expect to find such a person.

The chances are, if your date of birth is any time after 1960 and you have lived in the western world all your life, you have never actually been exposed to dangerous people, there was cancer and accidental death, apart from that you were golden and immortal.

So all you have seen, are false and misleading representations of what is dangerous… you’ve all seen the putin vs obama images… http://www.murderuk.com/serial_killers.html

Really, so that would make putin more dangerous to the average western citizen than obama?

Is it mere coinkydink that the messages, the programming, that has been shoved into every head in the western world, is so at odds with reality?

Is it pure coinkydink that everything those who fought in the last war about dangerous people and survival has been turned on its head today?

Bosnia wasn’t that fucking long ago, and apart from outliers like the Bosnian guy, there is no reporting of what really went down on the ground, despite plenty of people being there, despite plenty of journalists, all we ever saw were alleged massed graves and that dangerous and evil Slobodan Bastard, but no actual reporting.

Of course “they” learnt that lesson in Korea / Vietnam, there were reporters who did report what actually went on, and that completely undermined support for the “war” in question, so that could never be allowed to happen again.

Pure coinkydink that modern history isn’t taught any more either, just propoganda, all the recent shit in the MSM about Ukraine, not a single mention of the historical east/west ethnic split, or the current and proposed gas and oil pipelines running east to west connecting russia to china and europe… no siree.. pure coinkydink..

I was at Bovington (the UK tank museum and base) recently, and off the record there are plenty of guys there who will freely admit the one thing they do not want to oppose, and they pity any poor fucker who does, is the Russki T90 tank…  and unlike the youtube armchair army, most of these guys have seen them in the flesh and some have seen inside and ridden them.

Pure coinkydink that almost everything you see and hear in the MSM is like the magicians’ “flourish” hand, the one he wants you to watch, so you don’t see the other one palming the budgie.

Or maybe I’m just a paranoid delusional type, and you are better off ignoring me, and being afraid of teh big bad wooluf


  1. That site made me appreciate my bus rides a lot more. And made me depressed about humanity for quite a while…
    Especially in the comments when some of the preppers (usually “´mericans”) start spouting of about Jesus.
    Might as well just buy a T-shirt with “VICTIM” in bright red letters across it.

    Comment by hans — February 22, 2014 @ 1:34 pm

    • Yeah, found myself scrolling from Selco to Selco after a few posts.

      Comment by josh — February 22, 2014 @ 5:55 pm

  2. Luckily the fact that I was born post ’60 was offset by growing up in a 3rd world country (one of the “better” ones) and a lot of travelling in my 20ies; I have seen some misery and how people cope with it. So when relatives or friends were visiting, there always was the moment when the misery would force itself into their sight. They always recoiled and wanted to go somewhere else. Mind you, that was just misery, not violence.

    I call those idiots the “cotton ball” people: it is as if they had spent their whole life in clean, bright, fluffy stuff and cannot even imagine the existence of a dirty, dark, hard edge; much less one that will be thrusted into their flesh. So when SHTF, they will first be taken advantage of, next they will panic overreact, they will become more radical than necessary. For example, many of those believers of “diversity” and “muticulturalism” once (if!) they survive the initial shock will turn into vicious thugs and hunt those very same people they defend and praise right now.

    And yes, the USA are the cotton ball people’s true home. The last time the country had a taste of reality was the civil war. Nobody remembers what it was like, most know war from video games and Hollywood only. Rough awakening ahead, plenty of overrection in store too.

    I always go back to LiveLeak to remind myself of reality, lots of raw footage available. Just an example – when riots become lethal:

    Comment by Wake — February 23, 2014 @ 6:32 pm

    • Hey old man, ever noticed how in prison racial gangs form. What if ‘civilised’ society became so much of a PC prison, people needed to form racial gangs to survive.
      A slow genocide is still a genocide. And those vicious thugs might be a neccesity to get rid of the factors causingi t. Maybe those radicals are neccesary after all.
      Most of us grew up fighting off niggers trough our childhood, then laughing at 1guy1jar for a pasttime. Misery, now there’s a joke worth laughing at. It’s not misery facing the youth
      it’s complete and utter despair at an entire race being destroyed by organized jewry. They know fuck all WHY they’re hated, they just are. Think that breeds people that actually feel shit about violence?
      Or feel shit at all?
      Heh. There’s no emotions to violence, it’s just bussiness.

      Comment by Digger Nick — February 23, 2014 @ 9:29 pm

      • Thing is, if it’s bussiness, there has to be a profit made, know what I mean?
        There’s no profit for people like that to rioting. Or shooting people you don’t give a shit about.
        There’s just risk. And why take the risk when you aren’t getting paid?

        Comment by Digger Nick — February 23, 2014 @ 10:04 pm

  3. The link to the video: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=58b_1392877307

    Comment by Wake — February 23, 2014 @ 6:33 pm

    • If on finds himself in the middle of that crap it may be just academical knowledge as to the why or even how.

      But it pays to keep all types of channels open for surveillance of the situation.
      Especially when the moron middle-management in the White House, Berlin/London/Paris/Bruxelles gets told to poke the Russian Bear some.
      What could possibly go wrong?
      Well you enlisting of your own free will in their goon armies, for a start.

      Comment by hans — February 25, 2014 @ 1:40 am

      • What I have learned from Libya, Syria, Ukraine et all is that the cabal has become quite good at engineering destabilisation and fucking up whole countries.

        One day the other side will play the same games against the West. It’s best to be ready.

        Comment by Wake — February 25, 2014 @ 7:20 pm

        • In order to destabilize a country you need an unhappy populace, and an incredibly corrupt legal and political system.
          And once you find a country that could allow you strategic leverage over a hostile nation, that is easy to destabilize, you just send in a few agitators and hack away at the minds of the people.
          Some of that is happening, however the discontent neccesary for agitating the west has not been reached yet.
          Why do you think the feds are grabbing as many anti-riot measures as they can?

          I think that ukraine was a class act tough, the operation was a great fucking success, hell the US Might even be able to trade ukraine’s port for syria’s. Let them keep running the petro-shekel for a while longer.

          Comment by Digger Nick — February 25, 2014 @ 11:50 pm

          • Only problem seems to be that the “stupid” Ukrainian masses don´t seem too keen on CIA puppets like that Timochenko bitch or Dr. Fistfuck. Instead lots of svastikas in the air and Jews fleeing like bats out of hell.

            BTW the only thing “the US” is going to trade is airborne intercontinental ballistic missiles if they continue badly reenacting the 1914ies a hunderd years later.
            I put “the US” in parentheses because I hope the majority of ´mericans actually don´t associate the plutocracy in Washington with being actually American but in fact nothing but corrupt(ing) traitors.
            Here´s hoping for small wonders. 😉

            Comment by hans — February 26, 2014 @ 12:38 pm

          • “…the discontent neccesary for agitating the west has not been reached yet.”

            Get those pink glassed shades off your face. For most of the West:
            unhappy populace: done
            corrupt legal system: done
            corrupt political system: done

            Add to this decades of divisive fag-worshipping, wimminz-pedestalising, immigrant-privileging and other policies aimed at fragmenting society. The powder is dry and action ready.

            Comment by Wake — February 26, 2014 @ 9:03 pm

  4. The thing is, hans, you can see the global economy much like a giant supply network. Input, output, input dependencies.
    Basically everything is chained together, and dependent upon oil and the trade and transport thereof.
    What happens if the US were to collapse? Well, that entire supply network now fucks up in major ways, and since everything
    is basically interconnected those fuck ups affect everyone.
    So yeah, those plutocrats represent you, because them actually maintaining their monopolies stands between you and certain death.

    But hey, what do I know, right?

    Comment by Digger Nick — February 26, 2014 @ 5:52 pm

  5. First of all I want to sayy awesome blog! I had
    a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was curious to find ouut how you center yourself and cclear your tnoughts prior to writing.

    I have had a difficult time clearing my mind in getting my
    thoughts out. I truly do enjoy writing butt it just seems like the first 10 too 15
    minutes are wasted just trying to figuure out how to begin.
    Any recommendations or hints? Thank you!

    Comment by stress — February 28, 2014 @ 10:44 pm

    • I don’t.

      Some days / times I get the urge to get something down in writing.

      I don’t even proofread as I type, I can edit after to catch the worst errors

      Invariably I drift from what I started saying

      I stop typing when it’s dried up

      I guess that isn’t going to help any, but there isn’t a method, except having me time and thinking and observing the world and trying to remember when something does pop in my head long enough to get to a keyboard.

      Comment by wimminz — February 28, 2014 @ 10:53 pm

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