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February 21, 2014

I *know* she is on-line…

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… so why doesn’t she message me? He said to me…

Dude, WTF, there is only one possible reason, she isn’t messaging / responding to you because she does not actively want to respond to you.

Yahbut, why not?? See this conversation / thread, there is *nothing* there to suggest that, quite the opposite… He said to me..screen-shot-2013-11-04-at-3-42-55-pm

Dude, again, there is only one possible reason, there are a whole load of things she doesn’t want to say, 99% of them because in all probability is it total bullshit and she knows it, and those things will just generate further unanswerable (by her) questions, so when you have eliminated all the bullshit and lies that she could tell you, what is left, some true things, and if she doesn’t tell you true things, there are only two reasons.

What are they? he asks me

Reason one is there is no upside for her that she can see, reason two is that there is no upside for her that she can see, but a definite downside for her that she can see.

So what should I do? he asks me

Stop fucking checking whatsapp and websites and shit and looking at her “last seen online” status, and (after archiving to the cloud) delete the fucking messages, and forget it.

And buddy

Forget it means finding something else to occupy your time and mind so you do not sit there and think about her or check her status and shit, ANYTHING is better than that, shit, EVERYTHING is better than that.

If the skank has a use for you at some point in the future, she will be in touch.

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