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February 15, 2014


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Well, it appears many from the old moderators team at nacho’s mgtowforums have set up shop at http://www.mgtowhq.com/

I see some rather obvious comments along the line of what I was saying when I set up http://men-going-their-own-way.net/ and http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/index.php in that one man holding the trigger was ridiculous, but…..

1/ I see, already, comments praising the new team for doing such a sterling job in setting up a new domain and phpbb forums in 24 hours, see above, I did it myself in odd spare moments WHILE AT WORK, it is fucking trivial both technically and financially… it ain’t 1995 any more boys and girls.

2/ I see already, comments about FUNDING the fucker and donations.

But what I note most is the fact that “something is going to be done” to prevent any one man from shutting it down, but nobody has a plan as to what that is, and everyone else is just taking it on trust, welcome to the new bosses, same as the old boss(es)

I note also that despite these guys being mods of the old forums, as far as I know, I am the only one who has taken the time to provide an archive, incomplete as it may be.. http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=20

In short, I’m not seeing any DOING, just a lot of TALKING, and talking is fine and I have nothing whatsoever against it, after all I am blowing my own trumpet here, and the more cynical part of me says that “what did you expect” when the team of moderators in question were not thorny enough to either get banned by Nacho or walk.

The real problem, which wasn’t addressed, with Nacho was that he was psychologically incapable of not being the “big boss” of anything that he put significant effort in to, and he did put significant effort into it, and the old mgtowforums undoubtedly did *vast* amounts of good to vast amounts of men, but, to the “big boss”, all that is merely a vehicle to support their own esteemed status.

Which is the problem I see already rearing it’s head at the new mgtowhq, (oh yes, it is the HQ by fiat) instead of one “big boss”, now all are pledging fealty and respect to the new “big boss committee” which just happens to be the same setup as the old place, once the head was cut off the chicken.

A lot of people in a lot of countries have seen this, yes, dear leader has been deposed and beheaded for becoming a bourgeoisie enemy of the revolution, but the various department heads are all the same, and so is your fucking lot in life.

There is an analogy here to the western economies, lots of people quite sincerely and earnestly doing their level best and honestly believing that they are making a positive contribution, and lots of other minions saying well it is a shitty job anyway and none of us are competent enough or have the time and skills, and still, the whole thing always slides inevitably in the same direction.

That is why I threw a small amount of money and time at http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/index.php it is an experiment, clearly I have the ability and skill and money to make this blog a domain, or host in on a wordpress script on the http://men-going-their-own-way.net/ domain, or do any one of a million other things, but, I do not do these things.

If http://men-going-their-own-way.net/ turns into the North Korea of men’s rights stuff on-line, so be it, it won’t affect anything else I do… already there is far too much of me there and not enough of not me, so it is drifting rapidly the way of many of my other bookmarks and commonly visited sites… I have done enough, it is not a question of I must stand by what I said and take a back seat, I just can’t bring myself to be anything more significant than an occasional bit player. If everyone else feels the same and it dies a death of apathy, so be it, the experiment is still valid, as is that data generated by it.

Nobody wants a true meritocracy or technocracy, they want to be sheeple and they want to be led, and deceived, and used, and told how and where to worship, and they wonder where they attract “big bosses” like Nacho, you fucking breed them by demand, you assholes.

I sit down at the PC, fire up firefox or chrome, it pops up with a list of the dozen or so most popular sites that I visit, and I just feel all meh, you know what, I can’t be bothered clicking any of those links.

I’ll just kick back and watch some zap4u https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOFfBLQ_cdQ

It’s like Steam games, tens of thousands of games a click away, and I just look and think I have seen it all before, hell, even GTA-V, by the time it comes out on the PC I will have seen enough youtube of it, I will probably be all meh, unless it is 4.99, which it won’t be… there are no new games, no new game engines, when they come out and start featuring BeamNG engine and stuff, maybe I’ll take another look, where the fuck is Half Life 3 anyway..

The internet, same thing…

Forums, I dunno, they can work, things like the XDA forums, but men’s rights, I genuinely do not know, that I why in http://men-going-their-own-way.net/ I said quite specifically, here is a fucking domain, not just a forum, do with it what you will, stake out your own territory, build what you will… because foums, meh, compuserve and bbs’s mate, been there, done that, tick it off, then the revival that was usenet before the www took off in ’95, I don’t have all the time in the world, I would rather read a blog like DMJ’s at http://www.staresattheworld.com/ because I can absorb that, middle ground like the spearhead, I can absorb that, but I don’t want to, because of the big boss there… forums, if it is small and condensed enough, yeah, in short the exact opposite to what Nacho was trying to build, and what the new old bosses are trying to do in the replacement… where value and import is directly related to popularity and page views.

To me, sport was always something you DID, not something you watched, hence always describing myself as non sporty, MGTOW to many seems to consist of going to a comic con and chanting in unison, we are all individuals…


  1. Weird, how the thing just exploded in 4 days.
    Guess they sent a forum message to their “customers”.

    Why have something for free when you can pay for it? Well, hopefully they actually won´t go that far.

    Comment by hans — February 15, 2014 @ 3:53 pm

    • I believe in self selection.. >;*)

      Comment by wimminz — February 15, 2014 @ 4:21 pm

  2. Well, I am already loving the forum, and don’t care about quantity or the presence of rubberstamper yes-men to “you go girl” me with every post.

    It’s an ideal place to archive some of my, shall we call them, “less palatable” ideas on social theory and women. Most people do this on a wordpress blog, but I’ve always been too lazy and shiftless for that. The forum is an ideal solution. I can post a short article every week, at least, and get feedback from men (no wimminz allowed) that will help develop my thought. If no one responds, it’s fine.

    Comment by Boxer — February 15, 2014 @ 5:06 pm

    • then by any definition I care about, the experiment is already a success…

      Comment by wimminz — February 15, 2014 @ 5:18 pm

  3. Ha ha. if men should just do this, why are you advertising your own site once per paragraph? And those guys are the losers? Check yourself.

    Comment by hasmat — February 15, 2014 @ 11:08 pm

    • ohh, check my priviledge, where have I heard that before…

      But let’s give FACTS an outing hasmat, it is not my site, I went to GREAT lengths to specifically make this point absolutely clear….

      THIS is “my” blog, and I can and do type what I want, promote what I want, link what I want, and while all are free to comment, as you have done, none are free to post original material per se.

      http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/index.php however (see what I did there, I dared to post a link on my own fucking blog, the sheer nerve eh..) is not my site, I’m not even a moderator there, sure, I stumped up the cash and built it in a day, and then deliberately went out and recruited others to be moderators, and guess what, they are free to moderate me, and there ain’t a damn thing I would do about it.

      http://men-going-their-own-way.net/constitution.html (god, I’m on a roll, posting links from my own blog) spells it all out, as do the posts I made in the lounge forum to get it going.

      http://www.mgtowhq.com/ (shit, another link from my own blog, somebody stop me…) which you could have linked to in your post, and you did in your sig, and you’re more than welcome to here, I can’t speak with authority, just as a member, for http://men-going-their-own-way.net but I feel sure you’d be more than welcome to post links to http://www.mgtowhq.com/ there too, is however a place where you are an admin… not just a mod.

      You see hasmat, one thing posting actual fucking links every paragraph does, is remove any possible confusion about which fucking mgtow website or forum I am talking about… it’s for fucking clarity dude.

      One final fucking point in closing, I did not go to http://www.mgtowhq.com/ and post links to this blog, or anything else, nor did I go to anyone else’s blog, and post links to this blog, or http://men-going-their-own-way.net/. Nor did I go to any of these other places and tell anyone to check their priviledge.

      You might want to use the search function on this blog, and find posts about elam and bill at the spearhead and nacho

      Comment by wimminz — February 15, 2014 @ 11:47 pm

    • Hasmat: Nobody cares what you’re doing. We’re “going our own way”, which is not your way. I’d hope you’d respect that.

      Comment by Boxer — February 16, 2014 @ 4:52 am

  4. Hey hasmat

    From my stats…. lots of people coming here from http://mgtowhq.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=282

    Guess what, its SEEKRIT, y’all have to register and shit to even see it, yet anyone can read http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/index.php they only have to register to POST, not to read.

    Can you see the fucking irony here?

    One is open and unashamed and all are equal.

    I thought hans was being ever so slightly paranoid with his comment about mandatory outing yourself in introductions, but maybe not, no cunt ever needs to furnish an email address to read http://men-going-their-own-way.net/4ums/index.php so no cunt is ever at risk of anyone doing a nacho


    Comment by wimminz — February 15, 2014 @ 11:57 pm

  5. ‘mgtow HEADQUARTERS’ ? … Sounds a bit like ‘MGTOW Central’ that Elam was trying to push. Elam was universally criticized (and rightfully so) that MGTOW can’t be centralized.

    I’m very glad the forum has been archived. If Nacho finally pulls the plug, at least the content won’t be lost. As long as that content is available to seekers, Nacho’s implosion is not a win for feminists and manginas.

    Comment by ClanDest — February 16, 2014 @ 12:30 pm

    • well the more people grab a copy and keep it for posterity the more likely it is to be preserved.

      you know, back in the day when the www first started and what search engines there were weren’t worth shit, we had webrings, you click next and see the next site dealing with that particular topic, nowadays it seems everyone wants to be whatever the fuck it is central

      all your base are belong to us.

      Comment by wimminz — February 16, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

  6. the deification of nacho was honestly disgusting and tiresome. his one job was to keep the forum running, and he shut it down over a hissy fit with another random member who had been posting for all of 3 months.

    the old forums were good because of the rank and file users who contributed good content, not the fucking admin who banned a quarter of everyone that signed up because he didn’t like their punctuation.

    Comment by patriarchal landmine — February 18, 2014 @ 12:58 am

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