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February 10, 2014


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It’s a bit like the sketch where they are only just getting to know you, so don’t want to be too open about everything, and then some time later they have got to know you, and possibly could be open about everything, but they aren’t because it would be too late, why didn’t you tell me this shit before we got involved…. bitch…b7965a0b007c1c7813616472e41b326a411f06c168f0994ef16db72295e077fa

Why can’t you walk around your own house naked, well, you have small children, so that would be wrong?

Why would it be wrong, small children are innocent, they won’t see anything sexual about it, or, if they do, then maybe the mantra about pre-pubescent children being asexual isn’t true, all very awkward questions, so best avoided by shaming….. hell… it worked on no less a man than Socrates…

I got news for you, if you live in the west and your kid is ten years old or over, and ten is pre-pubescent for 99% of kids, then they not merely have access to, but have actually seen pornography, probably quite a lot of it.

So maybe not just walking around the house naked in front of the kids, maybe you can fuck in front of them too, well, fact is them watching you fuck is probably a whole lot more wholesome than the porn they are watching, I mean, even if you are a swinger, you’re unlikely to hold a gangbang and bukkake party in front of little Johnny and little Suzy, but that is the shit they have seen.

Today’s job is in a school, a primary school, kids aged 5 to 11, so while I am waiting for some doofus in a remote HQ site to get off his ass and add these new machines to the DHCP pool, I decide to have a smoke, and think of the children, that means going outside and off the site.

So I am stood on the road / pavement side of the school wall / chain link fence, having a chilled smoke, and there is a group of kids the other side, all about 9 I’d guess, and one of them has her mobile phone out, and is showing something to the rest of the group, and they are all laughing.

Maybe I’m just an old fart, but the cynical side of me was thinking yeah, there you go, the must have device for the little shits, because they neeeeed one mummy, little bastards are probably watching vines or whatever the latest shit is.

When this little boy pipes up… “wow… she is peeing…

The girl holding the phone looks at him like he is a complete luser, sighs, and says “No Simon, it’s not called peeing when they fuck, it’s called gushing…

and they continue watching..

Next thing I know I’ve burnt my bloody finger on the cigarette, drop it, suck my finger, and wander away in search of something, I dunno what… I find myself at the corner shop 100 yards away, buy myself a packet of cigars, go outside and light one up.

Just as well I wasn’t in a car with the little bastards, they are trying to bring in a law making it illegal to smoke in a car with kids present, for the chiiiiillldruun yew see, we must pwotect them.

I just was left with this weird feeling, ok, I know I’m not a paedo because I’m not sexually attracted to them, but, given that I was into penny dreadfuls at that age, achtung spitfire shit, I’m wondering, is it paedophilia still if everyone is banging ten year olds, and if they do start, will I be the last one to get the memo that it is now acceptable, spongebob is the new black, donchaknow.

I wonder if their parents know when they pick up little Johnny, oh, and can Jane come to tea, her mummy said it is OK, that they are picking up a guaranteed guilty charge should anyone decide to stop the vehicle and look at the kids phones.

Cos the jury is really gonna buy that line about knowing nothing about it, so little 9 year old Sarah must have downloaded Gaping Greta all by herself.




  1. Pretty fucked up, no? But things are probably about to get a lot more interesting:

    Just wait until computer-aided graphics technology gets to the point where you can create fake images that are forensically *indistinguishable* from real life photographs.

    All those little 9 year old photoshop wizards making hardcore porno shoots of their classmates, and with no easy way to determine if they’re genuine photographs or not…

    My money says all hell will break loose with that one lone development that’s nearly here – just look at video game graphics today vs. only a decade ago; the system will well and truly be fucked, with no reliable way to prove photographs are real or fake the “justice” system will break in about three hours… there’s no way to prove anyone is guilty of raping little kids, if anyone on their home computers can cook up a perfectly reasonable set of alibi “photographs” of you taking that kid fishing. And the opposite is also true; there’s no way to prove that an innocent older guardian who took his kids fishing, didn’t actually rape them, when some angry twisted fuck brews up a series of “photographs” of that guardian forcefully raping the little bastards…

    I mean, there are some really good fakes now. Just add another decade or two, and *boom* VERY interesting times.

    How many people would fuck kids if they thought they could get away with it?

    How many people would fuck kids if they **knew** they could get away with it?

    How many people would fuck kids if they knew they could get away with it and photograph the whole thing for extra voyeristic attention?

    And to imagine what those kids will do, thinking that making hardcore porno is normal, and all their 9 year old classmates are doing it.

    … I’d like to see all the social services do-gooders “sav da childwen” then…

    Comment by RogueFinker — February 10, 2014 @ 4:11 pm

    • A couple of years ago a guy here in the UK was prosecuted for having a humorous video on his phone, of tony the tiger from kellogs frosties box, shagging some bint, and saying the punchline it’s greeeat… extreme pornography allegedly…

      so imagine the furore if you are done for an imagine that contains no actual living people, but is nonetheless photorealistic.

      and just by happenstance

      Comment by wimminz — February 10, 2014 @ 6:46 pm

      • Will be a very interesting development to watch.
        I bet some cuntries *coughUS will go the “punish everything” route until Kafkaesque doesn´t even begin to describe the crazyness.
        Bet they will be the first to abolish the legal status of child.

        Childhood is after all only a recent “invention”. There´s single room mud huts, yurts and igloos all over the world, and when mom and dad start rutting the little shits just turn their backs annoyed at being kept awake.

        Comment by hans — February 10, 2014 @ 11:15 pm

        • How can you say that about the coughUS? In the state where I live taking a piss in an alley counts as exhibitionism and will put you on the sex offender registry. Not a joke. That is even more recent an invention than childhood.

          Comment by josh — February 11, 2014 @ 12:29 am

  2. Off topic, but: Nacho closes the doors on MGTOW forums.

    I know some of you all were members there. I was too. I had my differences with the place, but it was like this blog, in that I could go when I needed a dose of raw, unpleasant truths, sans the gilding and fancy frames.


    Comment by Boxer — February 11, 2014 @ 5:14 am

    • Meh, he banned me yonks ago, and nothing of value was lost…. except all those donations motherfucker… lol…. man with a daughter H^H^H^ pwincess, what can I say.

      Comment by wimminz — February 11, 2014 @ 7:01 am

      • I never got banned, but I did wander off and quit posting. IIRC I had had enough of the “vote conservative down the line to defeat the feminists” tripe that many used to constantly post. (Yeah, the government, they’re always a big help… lol). I remember when you got banned.

        Anyway, I have dug around there. I always enjoyed the boys who posted deconstructions of POF profiles. lol

        Incidentally, there are warnings going ’round about the place at this point. Apparently people are claiming that their malware detectors are starting to go crazy when they go to the forums. True or not, I do not know.

        Comment by Boxer — February 11, 2014 @ 6:53 pm

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