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February 9, 2014

*some* wimminz abuse their power over their children.

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I have at many points in my life been in a position of power and influence over others, this includes those who falsely claimed to be the victims of my abusive and controlling nature.

I have at times as a child, who had just been quite correctly punished for some transgression, wished death and worse upon my parents, this does not mean I did not deserve the punishment I got, or that they did abuse their power over me.

Power is a two edged sword, the other edge is responsibility towards those you have power over, and the fact is at 50 something I have so little desire for that responsibility that I will gladly forgo any power… as a deal, it sucks.

In work terms today at my current gig this could be classed as a lack of ambition, yeah, I guess I never really had much of that, despite having been wealthy twice in my life, and twice, through a lack of forward perception, passed on opportunities to become *seriously* wealthy, but yeah, I will wear the lack of ambition tag quite happily.

Possibly, because at an early age I was exposed to the other side of the blade.

I’m not going into details now, they don’t matter, and the shame is still there, but I still remember one time when I was 19, I had made an entirely predictable set of choices with entirely predictable sets of consequences all hanging off each other in a chain, and the proverbial shit was hitting the fan a thousand yards away or so, and I knew I should get my skinny ass over there and face the music, but I didn’t, I sat there until the staccato high pressure sound waves dissipated, and then I waited some more, and then I went to see what was what…. hey, all’s well that ends well, and thankfully it did, even if I ran away from the responsibility at the time.

That was the first time I ever properly ran away from my responsibilities in more than a childish way, as an adult.

It was also the last.

Much to my own personal cost.

But, I figure it is a price well worth paying, and cheap at a thousandth the cost of not being able to look at myself in the mirror, or worse, looking and denying the truth.

That was why the false allegations that I had abused my power in an abusive and controlling way hurt so much and cut so deep…. yeah, sure, sometimes I overstepped the mark, fucking sue me, I’m fucking human, but mostly I spent 7 years shitting blood 24/7 making sure that I did not, and beating myself up when I did, and making sure I discharged the responsibility side so well that even if I did occasionally transgress, all you could say about it was it was worth it for the “victim” overall.


Power is something that I have found requires constant 24/7 control and restraint, it is a drug, an enemy, and if you give it the slightest quarter, it always always always spirals out of control.

I have met precious few men who understood this, and not one single wimminz, ever….

So the question is not whether or not *some* wimminz abuse their power over their children, the only way they could NOT abuse it is to work 24/7 at ensuring that they are never doing so, and fulfilling and discharging their responsibilities in toto.

Sound like any wimminz you ever heard of?

Me neither.

The original precept came from, for my sins, once again going to the spearhead and reading bill’s latest crap.

So, Bill goes to the house of the po-lice because of a traffic accident where he was rear ended, and while he is there, applies for a concealed carry permit.

Now, we already know the cunt is one stupid mother-fucker who WILL NOT learn, not can not, will not, because he jumped right back in the fire and married some foreign bint who is already pregnant with someone’s child.

Now the cunt is on file asking for (and possibly getting) a concealed carry permit, if he thinks it was rough when the last bitch dropped a dime on him for alleged DV, just fucking wait until this bitch does the same, and po-lice com-pu-ter she say Bill is ARMED.

Clueless on so many levels doesn’t actually cut it, clueless on every fucking level is closer to the truth.

Wimminz and niggerz, and Bill is a niggerz if ever there was one, if they tell you the sky is blue, look up and check, and if it is, remember that even a stopped watch used to be right twice a day, back in the analogue days, in digital, it never is.

And power, it is ALWAYS abused, save for some rare exceptions that prove the rule, not the other way around.





  1. Hey this guy just ran into my car, by the way for unspecified reasons I’d like to own a weapon. Heh.

    Comment by Digger Nick — February 9, 2014 @ 2:46 pm

    • Not merely own a weapon, have a licence to carry one concealed, so nobody else can tell if you are actually carrying or not….

      Comment by wimminz — February 9, 2014 @ 2:57 pm

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