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January 31, 2014

well, that was a pleasant surprise

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Wasn’t planned, but on the way back from a rellies last night I got a call.

I guess you’d call him an acquaintance, he moves in the same fucking circles as me, but we have hardly talked, anyway he got my number from someone, he did tell me but I forget who, he’s got a PC problem, lost all his data, irreplaceable shit, pics of his kids and stuff, kids he no longer gets to see.

Turned out it was a software issue, eg the data was corrupted on the hard disk, there wasn’t a physical issue with the hard disk itself, so all it took was a copy of R studio and a USB SATA dock and a couple of hours.

So what do we do for a couple of hours? We got talking…Ariel-Sharon-Dead

So the subject comes up of the ones you have been fucking and it is all apparently fine and then suddenly they just stop having anything to do with you, no warning, no explanation, no data at all… I get the message, but I’m naturally inquisitive, so it does run through my mind for a time before she falls off the radar.

And I dunno how or why, but he was a very easy guy to talk to, so I rattled off a few names as examples, and he is just grinning at me.

He goes through each one, asks me, can you tell me when this was that you were with her, and how she was at the time and what she was doing at the time and what her life was like… just humour me bro he says.

4 of the 6 names he knew, and knew the stories for.

So he filled in some gaps, gave me information I didn’t have.


She had a kid, kid wasn’t well, often in hospital, but there you go, we were going great, one day she drops by for a few hours for kinky sex, we text back and forth a bit, she has met a guy, she drops off radar…. that was two years ago.

Well it turns out she made some bad choices, everything she touched turned to shit, he doesn’t know if the sick child is still alive, he doesn’t know if she is still alive, he does know she completely dropped off the radar about a year ago, as in completely vanished, and no updates on any of the social media sites (which I avoid like the plague anyway) she just vanished, presumed dead in a car crash or something.


This one apparently made bad choices too, I hooked up with her at point X on some slide into shit, at the time I thought she was a fair way down the slope, turns out I was wrong, she was just getting up speed.

Turns out she was crashing in a pad with three black immigrants, who were giving it to her in all her holes, as was any one of their friends who stopped by, but apparently she was such a nightmare that despite the unlimited anything sex she was offering, she’s steal their shit and drink their booze too, so they throw her out, and which point she starts screaming and kicking the shit out of everything, she is throwing rocks through their front door, which is now hanging off the hinges, the po-lice turn up, and she accused the black guys of raping her and kidnapping her, and this is all done in the street, and this is the point that your man’s current at that time FB turns up, as she is a friend of this wimminz, and this wimminz called her friend for help.

Tells you something about the situation that the po-lice simply ignored all the rape and kidnapping allegations being thrown out (I guess it wasn’t the first time this bitch cried wolf eh…) and arrested HER for criminal damage, and then assaulting a police officer, and then damaging a police car.

Last he heard she was somewhere up country with a relative, nobody knew anything, and good riddance.


This was a funny one, because I actually liked her at the time, before she wore out the welcome mat, she is still around doing the same shit, but less of it, on some course or other, but finding it a struggle, and that was the summary really, life itself all over was getting harder for her, so everything in life got harder and less and less time and effort available for anything else, the light in the tunnel is the train coming towards you thing.

Yeah, cry me a fucking river, but talk about self inflicted wounds, this was a chick who coulda… ah WTF, just another anecdotal instance of yet another wimminz able to make the wrong choice and choose the wrong man every time, and never learn the lessons.


This was of course the most recent, as I’ve done these is chronological order.

Shades of #3, tick fucking tock, you get older and no wiser, everyone else gets older too, some start dying, your support network to enable you to be a pwincess starts drying up, you’re a fuckup and you know it… it’s like watching a junkie slowly circling the drain, telling you how much they have fucked up and how much they hate themselves and how they have plans to beat this shit, and by god they are gonna do it… they have plans… all sorts of plans…move, new house, get a job, get healthy, get this, get that, get the other.

But they ain’t, the enemy within, so they go through a succession of “enablers”… white knights trying to craptain save a ho, I think I got canned for not playing according to the expected script

This one hung in my head for a bit because she made a great thing about never having told me a lie, and I can’t actually say I caught her out in a single lie of any significance, and yet she was one of the most dishonest people you are likely to meet, perhaps  an MPD, who knows.

Anyway she thought she found another Craptain save a ho so forgot I existed, turns out he wasn’t, and apparently white knights are getting thin on the ground now, and her life generally is springing leaks all over and the pumps now need manning 24/7


I can’t say any of the stories really surprised me, they were all pedestrian and predictable and senseless and faintly sad.. I would like to be able to conjure the effort to shrug and sigh and say “What’s the point?”….

And yet… I’ll admit to feeling a certain amount of smugness, it must have set in overnight while I slept like a baby after finishing his data recovery, but I do, I feel smug, stupid fucking bitches, walking away from me was a bad choice, just one more in a lifelong series of bad choices to be sure, but none of them profited by walking away from me, they’re all further down the slope than they were.

It’s a Roman Holiday, the gladiator is torn to pieces in the arena for the pleasure of the peasants, I really have no issues with seeing all these valiant and independent and empowered wimminz seeing themselves as gladiators, provided I can be the peasant, the one who is entertained, the one who is the peasant, not craptain save a ho or craptain gives a fuck.

In fact, this peasant takes much pleasure, and yes, it is *smug* pleasure, from noting that combat in the arena does not cease when this spectator’s attention wanders elsewhere.

Me “What happened to Gladiatoress #4?

Fellow spectator “Oh, she got consumed by fire ants a couple of horae ago… or was that #7?  No… #7 was killed when the wall fell on her, so it must have been #7..

Me “Cool, now where is that cake vendor? I’m feeling peckish

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  1. Saw this VERY female mental dynamic, in real time, on a video yesterday, one bad decision after another, consequences piling up, and yet they just can’t stop, can they? You have every right to feel smug. Lol.

    Comment by josh — January 31, 2014 @ 4:50 pm

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