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January 30, 2014

Gather round….

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…for I am about to tell you a secret.

You know all that giving it large I am this that and the other hear me roar wimminz bullshit, yes, of course you do, you are as sick of hearing it as I am.

Well, that’s not actually what wimminz think… oh no…

The secret, that must be kept secret at all costs, which must never be spoken, but which keeps whispering to the old hamster wheel, thing that wimminz think to and of themselves is…

I am a totally worthless slut, good for fucking, maybe, and nobody who was worth anything would have anything to do with me.

There, that’s it, and I guarantee that for 99.9% of wimminz this is the absolute truth, and this is at the core of their being, they are either trying to run away from it, or trying to prove it to you, personal like…

For my sins I spent some time living in a popular holiday destination, every week the planes would disgorge the new lot of bleaters and take away the old lot, and every week there was a percentage of those who were not on a two week holiday, but had just sort of gone off to “find themselves”

A small proportion of them would turn up at the bar, and I would always ask them the same question, what are you running away from? yourself perhaps? It broke through the forced jollity and was a quick way to cut to the chase, is she going to spread em for me or not.

You know, looking back, my ex wife was the same, that marriage would have lasted a lot longer and she’d have been a lot happier if I had beaten her regularly and taken her out to gang-bangs, like all wimminz, she had “a story” that hints at the truth above, back when she was a teenager and living at home with her miserable Victorian dad and downtrodden mum, and some guy does the traditional and asks her dad if he can marry the bitch, and daddy says “Why would you want to marry her?”

Which is in fact a perfectly reasonable question, what are your intentions, why would you wish to marry my daughter? But of course she took it as a personal insult, what do you want with this piece of dog-shit?

If you live long enough, on incredibly rare occasions, you’ll hear a wimminz give voice to this inner demon, in vino veritas or whatever, but there will just be you and her, no witnesses.

Of course the greatest possible distance any wimminz can put between this truth and her day to day life is to act like she has the money of Jackie Onassis and the looks of a young Bardot, and who the fuck are you to think you have a shot at the hallowed labia?

But alpha fucks and beta bucks right, well, not when it is the canary in the economic and social coal mine, and it is.

I’ll admit I missed this, but all the billionaire werewolf porn chicklit stuff was the writing on the wall, Dennis Hopper had a line about the 80’s were going to make the 70’s look like the 60’s, but it is going mainstream, the female students at the local university and signing up en masse for sugar daddy websites “to help pay the bills” and the chicks on the swinging and fucking sites are all hosting “parties” where you have to pay to play, but it ain’t prostitution, oh no, because you aren’t *guaranteed* a fuck.. no…

Actually having money or the ability to support the bitch no longer counts, because they have sussed out that we have them sussed out, and that shit is a tap that can get cut off with no warning, it’s not THEIR money see, they don’t want access to your money, they want their own money.

I think this is also behind the recent upsurge in every celebrity with any money being accused of historical rape.

I do see a lot of wimminz suddenly getting serious about getting qualifications that will get them a job that pays better and with a better future than stacking shelves.

Even if you are living relatively fat off the State tit, a life in the gutter is a lot more credible to someone who thinks of themselves as written in red above, especially when it is hard to open a MSM article without seeing something about state benefit cuts and banks and ATM’s not working with increasing regularity and the economy generally heading to the shitter.


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  1. Are they even that good for fucking?
    How many have you met who actually had a clue about their PC muscle..

    Comment by hans — January 30, 2014 @ 12:42 pm

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