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January 28, 2014

The nature of things.

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You can watch a youtube fail video, and, partially because you just clicked a link on a video that announced it was full of fail, pretty much be able to predict every fail in it, and sit back and say to yourself what dumbasses they were.

I have discussed before that 90% of the ship sinking takes place in the last 5% of the time period from when the incident started to the last bit of the hull disappearing below the surface.

What we have here are two different sorts of fail, riding a pedal bike at a massive jump is the kind of instant fail where consequences follow actions within 60 seconds, we tend to call this sort of stuff stupid and foolhardy and crazy and irresponsible.

The other sort of fail is more like the ship sinking, it is a process that can take many hours, or even days, or weeks, or months, or years, so in theory there is plenty of time, but in shades of the frog being boiled slowly, there nevertheless comes a point where the end result becomes inevitable, even though it may still take hours or days or weeks or months or years to actually happen, you have gone beyond the point where mere actions could have prevented the final outcome…. you are past the point of no return… your plane may have 3 hours of fuel left, but the nearest safe landing / refuelling point is 3 hours and 5 minutes away.article-2337012-1A2DADA3000005DC-997_964x612

Nobody builds groups of houses already collapsed hanging over a cliff edge, they build them thinking they have all the time in the world, and fact is if the house lasted there 70 years it may have seemed like all the time in the world, especially if you looked at the annual observed erosion for the first 10 years..none… but erosion doesn’t work that way, it goes in fits and spurts. One day the apparent cliff edge was 100 yards away, the next day that whole section starts sliding south.

The house arrowed sold at auction for 100,000 US bucks, AFTER the fucking cliff collapse started, but a mere 6 months before the house itself started to drop into the sea, nobody local would have bought it, had to be someone non-local that thought the erosion was done for another 70 years.

Just had a skanky cow on the phone to me, she likes talking to me because I don’t talk bullshit, the love of her life that she met 6 months ago, well, its coming apart in tears, booo hoo, I’m like WTF, it was obvious it was doomed on day fucking one, then on day 17 you tell me X, day 31 you tell me Y, day 44 you tell me Z, and quite frankly any single one of those should also have set alarm bells ringing…now you are sitting there blubbering acting like some shit just SUDDENLY happened…. WTF…  dumbass…

I could sit here and listen to dumbasses who bought new build houses built on flooplains whining about how stupid the yanks are for living in tornado alley, well, I could, if they hadn’t been cut off for three weeks by the flooding, so I am saved their hypocrisy in that at least, and ok, buying a house on a floodplain isn’t as “instantly” stupid as riding a pedal bike as fast as you can at a monster ramp, you may well go years before facing the consequences, but just because the pain isn’t instant doesn’t make it any less inevitable and stupid.

There is this skank, I have told her to her face, she could be, if she chose, the perfect bitch for me to own, and she knows this and agrees that I am right and all the rest of it, and the only problem and reason it don’t happen is she is herself her own worst enemy, and she knows this and agrees that I am right and all the rest of it, and what she desperately needs is an older and wiser man like me in control of her life to prevent her making a series of poor decisions with ongoing consequences that ripple out on the sea of slurry that is her life, and she knows this and agrees that I am right, but no, she is her own worst enemy, and she knows this too and agrees I am right, and she is going to go on exactly the way she has been, because like the stupid bitch who bought the house on the cliff, she manages, contrary to all the evidence, to convince herself that any consequences are small enough for her to be able to cope with, and far enough away for her not to have to worry about them yet.

If a wimminz or a niggerz buys a car for 250 down and 250 a month for 48 months, they don’t think about that 48th payment and being able to make it, the only payment on the radar is the next one, and frankly that is a bridge they will cross when they come to it, no point worrying about it now.

That’s the common thing, “worry”, worrying is bad, so you label something as worrying and you have an excuse not to do it, cos worrying is bad see, it’s amazing what you too can achieve when you go around and start re-labelling things in your life, this is no longer financial planning, its financial worrying… and since worrying is bad, we don’t do that, no sir…  wow.. result..

“Worrying” is what “boring” people do.

Years ago in the early days of the intertoobz there was a bunch who has a motto something along the lines of “we are the bikers who say DILLIGAF and LAGNAF” where of course that is do I look like I give a fuck and lets all get naked and fuck.

Dilligaf is a word I have used since at least the seventies, and I use at as a word, not an acronym like cee pee yoo, but like laser or radar.

So only boring people worry, fine, I’ll get my slippers, and as sure as summer follows winter, sooner or later the cunt is back, oh dear I have a thoroughly predictable problem that is now biting me in the ass, can you help… I just shrug and say “dilligaf” except if it’s fuckable, hey come on in baby I’ll make it better, then shrug and say “dilligaf”.. that shit is outta my league, me being a boring old worrier and all…

Of course, I am lying to all these people when they announce their natures to me, what I actually think and feel is “you are fucking dead to me” not as in I’m gonna kill you, but as in you are already dead, but since saying those 6 words takes more effort than not saying them, and since it slams several doors shut, I don’t say them…. hey, I might get another free filthy fuck out of it by keeping my mouth shut, but my semen is the only thing I am ever going to give them.

I will help *anyone* who is trying to get ahead, but the instant I realise that that person is fucking dead to me, because they have made a conscious choice not to “worry” or whatever, I won’t piss on them if they are on fire.

Ultimately it is all about MY choice and MY life, I use the youtube fail video at the beggining as an example because it has an important difference, I can wince and curse and anything else, but no matter how often I click on the link, it doesn’t affect my life or involve my life.

On the contrary, if you watch several hours of Russian dash cam videos you can see quite clearly that excessive speed caused 95% of everything, and then when things started to go wrong 50% of them could still have avoided the worst of it, by aiming behind the other vehicle, and not trying to swerve away and pass in front of it.

Whereas these people I talk about it is real life, and if you are stupid enough to NOT think of them as being fucking dead to you, they WILL involve you in their own ongoing failures… and more often than not that is a deal where you get the pain and none of the pleasure.

I wish the world was different, but it isn’t, I wish people were different, but they aren’t, hell, I wish there was an illuminati in control, but there isn’t, just a seething chaotic mass…. evolution works on political and financial and social levels just as well as it works on species.

The most compelling argument for change I can come up with is the fact that we haven’t had enough change recently, too many things have been too stable for too long, shades of John Glubb, but the very definition of evolutionary change is that THOSE ALIVE NOW DO NOT CHANGE, they are merely different to the subsequent generation, and so on.

For those of us reading this, that means you might indeed find a NAWALT wimminz, but she will be 3 years old, so it ain’t gonna do you much good…. on the contrary if you try to go looking for her you’ll get branded a paedo and thrown into jail.

I really *do* understand that many of you are desperate for a change, you hate the way your life is right now, your country is right now, your society is right now, but it will change, just don’t be so busy finding fault with what you see, that when the change comes, you are standing on the wrong bit of cliff.

Take an hour out of your life, and even if Kenneth Williams / Carry On isn’t your cup of tea, stick with it, it is a history lesson too.

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  1. The only cure for stupid is death.
    DILLIGAF .. LOL excellent!

    Comment by hans — January 28, 2014 @ 6:53 pm

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