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January 24, 2014

The make-your-own-paedo kit

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Yes, it’s a contentious title…


“My friend Clare was one of the first to voice her opinion loudly and clearly. ‘Haven’t you heard of independent thinking, woman?’  she snapped. (sic***)

I was taken aback. After all, I wasn’t asking Richard who I should vote for, or getting his permission to drive the car.

The irony is that if I told my friends that I was growing my hair at the suggestion of my daughters Ellen, 22, and Elise, 20, no one would bat an eyelid.”

It’s all groupthink*** and shades of Chomsky’s manufacturing consent… which brings us to the contentious title.

I have said this before, here, and in real life, and to wimminz, there are two reasons a person does not do something “wrong”, and let’s take a contentious example like fucking an underage wimminz, reason 1 is “it is illegal” and reason 2 is “I have no desire to”, of course, both these reasons are condensed shorthand, it is not simply a lack of desire in the sexual sense, it is far more complex than that, but the glib summary is good enough.

My position has always been that reason #2 is the more trustworthy, as it is the more enduring, I wouldn’t do it even it if became legal, and reason #1 is the least trustworthy, not only might you do it if it became legal, you might do it if you believed the chances of detection were small enough…

Nevertheless, reason #2 stood alone all by itself has become socially unacceptable and inadequate, one must now wax lyrical and at length about all the reasons why such a thing is “wrong”, and of course since this is itself manufactured, there is the danger or doth protest too much, so you feel angst, and that makes you vulnerable to manipulation, because no longer is it good enough to merely not do a wrong thing, you must justify it.

The truth and your inner and innate nature becomes a casualty, we can no longer say things like “I’d quite happily shoot the cunt” about someone we were never in even the slightest danger or actually killing, we were just expressing frustration.

Which leads us on to unnatural behaviour, I look around me and see all sorts of people, not just men, behaving in ways that I find completely alien, we dismiss it by calling it gay or faggy or pathetic, even though it is none of those, except perhaps pathetic, the one thing it absolutely is not, is manly.

Back in the day, being manly about something meant you controlled your actions, you didn’t need laws to coerce you to do this, you just did it, because to do otherwise was to open a can of worms on a slippery slope and then start dancing.

Some of you may be ahead of me here….

So, sticking to our contentious subject of fucking the underage, although the principle we are talking about here applies across the board, so it is stronger in everything else with a lower social taboo and tariff, which is everything else, just about…

Reason #2 is being systematically destroyed, for any and every subject you care to name.

What’s left?

Reason #1, and fact is, reason #1 was never much use, it was little more than window dressing and a fancy pint job for reason #2, so once you destroy reason #2 you start to find out just how fragile reason #1 is.

Straying away from the contentious issue of paedos…

Last night I’m talking to this slut with comedy (huge) tits, her husband is in the services deployed abroad, and when the cat is away the mice will play, her interests include , but are not limited to, Toys, Watersports, Threesomes, Taking Photos, Swingers Clubs, Spanking, Soft Swing, SM, Separate Room Swapping, Same Room Swapping, Safe Sex, Role Play, Rimming, Oral, Making Videos, Group Sex, Fisting, Dogging, Cybersex, Blindfolds, Anal, Adult Parties, and so on, and oh yes, there is a 4 year old kid, so she can only accommodate after 7pm or during the day when the kid is in nursery…

She has no intention of giving up the swinging, or ever letting her husband know anything about it, as to the marriage itself, does she see it lasting? Fuck no, but she doesn’t want to bail out just yet as being married is a lot more comfy and secure than being a single skank ho single mommy slut.

You see what happens when you destroy reason #2 and are left only with reason #1, it just isn’t strong enough, it doesn’t actually prevent anything, it just makes people sneaky and deceitful… and slides them into the gutter, which is where we would all have been without reason #2

Getting back to the contentious, I’m not a paedo, so I have no idea how effective it ever was to hang out near primary school playgrounds with a pocket full of lollipops, but I do know that I have not enough fingers on one hand to count the number of skank ho single mommies who have explicitly offered me their underage daughters for sexual purposes.

Thanks to #2 being eradicated there was no safe way for me to ever even fucking consider going to someone in authority and reporting a child at risk, think about it, you know this, there are a million ways that could turn around and bite me on the ass, big-time, and the ONLY POSSIBLE upside is it might, just might, improve the lot of a child I have no genetic relations with, this is ITSELF irrefutable proof of how reason #2 gets destroyed, right there…

My only possible option is to do what I have always done, exit stage left, WITHOUT antagonising the skank ho in question by telling her what I think of her for pimping her own fucking flesh and blood, you know how that will end too..

And so, in shades of a rising tide lifts all boats equally, a falling (moral) tide not only exposes the mudflats, but it makes what were previously dark and hidden depths no more than wading pools.

If 4 wimminz have openly offered me their daughters, then there are 400 who would have, but for reason #1, they can’t be sure there would never ever ever be a price to pay, or their image would never suffer, the lostprophets guy sure had no problems finding wimminz quite capable of participating and providing their own children and babies as victims, and there is no other possible conclusion when there are text conversation recorded in which he says as plain as day words to the effect of lets fuck your 2 year old baby, and the wimminz in question are still talking to him six months later.

Reason #2 was why I oh so nearly got fucked in my own FRA, I was there, I had in my own head a 100% perfect videotape CCTV record of every moment since I met the bitch, I knew how totally and utterly false and malicious and without basis the whole fucking thing was, but, thanks to reason #2, I could not conceive, and I mean that most literally, I could not conceive of the type of mind and morality required to tell such awful fucking lies, and that “stunned into insensibility” thing nearly cost me everything, because if you treat it all as some terrible mistake in some way, and not deliberate enemy action, you lose.

I learned.

I learned my lesson.

Reason #2 still exists within me, but unless the scenario in question is actually illegal, a breach of reason #1 in other words, reason #2 is given the response “Duly noted” and ignored.

It’s not illegal to fuck some slut while her child is asleep upstairs and her husband is off in Afdiggastan, sure, it’s immoral as all get out, but so fucking what.

*****I***** didn’t marry the poor bastard or make him any promises, and at least I won’t give the bitch a dose which she can give him as a coming home present, and I am keeping electronic records, if he ever says anything to me I hand him a USB stick, there you go jack, there it is in her own words, literally, and she joined fucking sites and met plenty of guys long before I came on the scene. (and in all her holes)

Dude, he is gonna kill you, people say, no, he ain’t, I have heard that one so fucking often, and then the guy steams up and looks me in the face, and it ain’t because I am 6 foot 10 and 300 lbs of pure badass muscle, because I ain’t, it’s because I am looking at a fucking loser who isn’t even man enough to either control his own bitch or kick her to the kerb, and he knows it, and I didn’t do it to hurt him, because I don’t give a fuck about him, or his bitch, but, I kept digital records, which prove that throughout, well, you will wish that everyone else who cuckolded you was as straight and decent and honourable as me, which ain’t a fucking lot, to tell the truth, but at least I went into a crooked game and made sure I was the fairest and most open player there.

Small mercies bro.

I’ve been in your shoes, my empathy is genuine.

Reminds me of an old (biker) tee shirt I had in the early 80’s

As you are now, I once was.

As I am now, you will never be…

That shit will fuck you up or make you stronger, I said stronger bro, not nicer…

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  1. Reminds me of this case over there in the UK:


    I had people back then call me various names (anti-social, paranoid etc.) for defending the truck driver’s actions.

    Comment by JFP — January 24, 2014 @ 5:39 pm

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